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'We want Asda in Cinderford' say protest marchers

By citizenmike  |  Posted: November 24, 2012

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It might have been battering down with heavy rain but feelings were running high in Cinderford today as residents marched through the town centre in support of Asda's plans to build a supermarket there.

The supermarket giant wants to rival the Co-op in the town - but that store doesn't like the idea and is challenging a planning decision to allow Asda's development.

Residents - led by campaigners Adrian Lane and Amanda Watkins - braved miserable rain to don costumes and carry placards supporting Asda.

Their march took them past the Co-op store.

Mr Lane said: "It was nice to see so many people here despite the weather. It just shows the strength of feeling on this."

For the full story see Monday's Citizen.

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  • eyeopener  |  November 24 2012, 10:35PM

    @thomas1996 Ethics do matter to many shoppers, hence the increasing success of the Fair Trade Foundation and the increasing influence of animal welfare on shoopers habits. Best value instead of lowest price is always the most effective way to buy, and there is no point in buying bread at a lower price if it goes stale much earlier. You just end up with wasted bread and a higher cost per usable slice. If you really want "quality fresh food and a nicer store", don't go to any old store as the advert says go to.... The prices of basics are the same as Tescos and last a lot longer. Your slogan "Well done people of Cinderford" seems a bit extravagant. The town has a population a little over 8,000 and I there were only 9 protesters in the photograph. Where were the other 7991?

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  • thomas1996  |  November 24 2012, 4:19PM

    eyeopener, many people don't really care about all that but DO care about low prices, better quality fresh food and a nicer store, larger choice of food and many new jobs for school leavers and older people. Anyway what about British workers? This week Co-op cancelled a huge contract with Hovis resulting in 2 large Premier Foods bakeries to close, one in Birmingham of which most of it's production was for the UK-wide Co-op contract. No doubt Co-op wanted lower prices but would it mean't lower prices on the shelves or an even higher profit margin for them? It's a scandal what Co-op charges for most of it's groceries, if you look at the things on the shelves that aren't on offer in dump bins, around 20% to 50% more. Well done people of Cinderford.

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  • eyeopener  |  November 24 2012, 3:52PM

    Many people refuse to shop at ASDA/Walmart because of the conditions its Chinese workers have to endure. Some have committed suicide. the US National Labor Committee found workers for Wal-Mart suppliers in China's Guangdong Province working 130 hours per week for an average 16.5 cents an hour. In America its parent company Walmart is known for its predatory pricing in small American communities, displacing small independent stores, until finally only Walmart and an empty town centre remain. A survey of Wal-Mart's impact in the first 12 years of its operation in the US state of Iowa found that 50% of clothing stores, 42% of variety stores, 26% of department stores and 30% of hardware stores had all closed. Its American stores are also known for their anti-union policies, and discriminatory behaviour towards women employees or 'associates' as they term them. n 2004,Asda put forward a massive £400 million blueprint for an expansion which will cost an average of 276 jobs for every new supermarket, according to the British Retail Forum.15 Unlike local businesses, which reinvest profits in the local community, profits made at Wal-Mart stores are flown back to Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville,Arkansas every night. ASDA's goods are cheap for a reason. Do you really want to be part of that?

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  • DG9999  |  November 24 2012, 3:16PM

    Tesco tried to stop ASDA in Cheltenham-and failed. Good luck Cinderford-and shame on you, over priced Co-op!

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