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  • Profile image for Katie Maughfling Yoga
    Katie Maughfling Yoga  |  Wednesday, January 28 2015, 10:18AM  |  Report

    Called Ollie when my key got stuck in the front door. The lock was always a bit dodgy. He was able to figure out the problem and give a quote whilst we were on the phone. He arrived within the time he said he could, refitte a new lock and took time to sort out the rest of the problem. He's very polite and professional. A really nice bloke. Would recommend him highly.

  • Profile image for mark_green200
    mark_green200  |  Tuesday, January 13 2015, 8:40AM  |  Report
    Quality locksmith with quick and professional solutions

    I've had a fantastic experience every time I need Ollie's Locksmith. They are efficient, fast, and provide excellent service. When I moved to my new house they did the whole lock installation. It was PERFECTLY done and I've had no problem at all. I also had a few emergencies in my previous home and their emergency response was ALWAYS nothing but excellent. Will recommend to friends and family, and anyone who needs a quality locksmith won't go wrong with them. Absolutely recommended.

  • Profile image for Lexie28
    Lexie28  |  Sunday, August 03 2014, 11:16AM  |  Report
    Great service ! thank you Ollie !

    We went to our summer house in Cheltenham for a few days holiday, holidays which ended up being spoiled when someone broke into the house where we were out ! Luckily thanks to internet I found Ollie's Lock and Safe phone number, Even if I had to call late at night, Ollie came and helped us. He was with us in half an hour and had changed all the locks and added extra security an hour later. One less thing to worry about in a very stressful situation and he honestly saved our holiday by taking that stress of us ! Would recommend to anyone!

  • Profile image for Ollie's Lock & Safe Locksmiths - 01242 573446 - £50.00
    Ollie's Lock & Safe Locksmiths - 01242 573446 - £50.00  |  Monday, July 14 2014, 1:54AM  |  Report
    Brilliant guy and a great business A+

    Supplied and fitted me a safe very informative and knowledgeable, great service at a fair price. Would Recommend.

  • Profile image for romonthne
    romonthne  |  Sunday, July 06 2014, 12:28PM  |  Report
    Highly Recommended

    I'm so glad by their performance. I called them for fixing my door lock and they came in 30 minutes. They also took so less time to make it okay. It was a great job done by Ollie. He is an expert and I liked his professionalism. It was a great experience with these experts and I will definitely recommend them.

  • Profile image for lilyd02
    lilyd02  |  Sunday, June 15 2014, 4:01AM  |  Report
    Service in a pinch

    After hours, I needed a locksmith in a pinch...Ollie was the only 24 hour locksmith to answer my call (and work in the area) he arrived in a matter of minutes after I explained my situation. He was a pleasure to work with at such a late hour, efficient, and at a great rate. I highly recommend his locksmith services to everyone!

  • Profile image for TomS2
    TomS2  |  Friday, June 13 2014, 4:01PM  |  Report
    Highly recommended!

    I had a little emergency and called Ollie straight away to sort it out. It was on a Sunday morning, and he not only answered the phone himself, he also told me he would be there no later than 20 minutes and he arrived precisely 16 minutes later and helped me out! Top service!

  • Profile image for Auraone
    Auraone  |  Wednesday, May 21 2014, 11:42PM  |  Report
    Very professional service

    Ollie services are very high class for very affordable prices to anyone. Reliable and with great communication skills. Emergency service is very fast and friendly. I am a very satisfied customer and I would definitely recommend Ollie services to anyone!

  • Profile image for Hilaryed1
    Hilaryed1  |  Monday, October 28 2013, 4:45PM  |  Report
    Agree with all other postings!

    Ollie is friendly, polite, comes out at short notice and does the job efficiently and at a low cost. He is obviously an expert in his field and I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you Ollie!

  • Profile image for sarah19742012
    sarah19742012  |  Thursday, September 19 2013, 11:24PM  |  Report
    Friendly, trustworthy & reasonabe what more could you want!

    Called Ollie on a Friday evening, I had left the house and realised my keys were still inside. Ollie gave me a cost over the phone and was at my door in within 20 minutes from when I called. Was very friendly within 5 minute I was in. Great service! and he even charged less than he quoted over the hone. Thank you Will be recommending you. Sarah

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