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It's official! Reality TV show The Cheltonians to be filmed in Cheltenham

By EchoJoe  |  Posted: October 31, 2013


The Cheltonian

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It's official – a new reality TV show called The Cheltonians will be filmed in Cheltenham.

Production company Teen Star TV says it is accepting applications for the programme, which will be “ a melting pot of Cheltenham’s somebodies and wannabes” and “the most talked about reality TV show to date”.

It could be based on the same kind of format as programmes like Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex.

The Echo broke news of the show when the idea was first made public via Facebook yesterday.

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Tom Thurlow, the show’s executive producer told BBC Radio Gloucestershire filming would start in the New Year.

“I’ve got all of November for people to go to The Cheltonians website and fill out an application form.

“In January we will hold auditions and in February we will be filming it.

“To all the sceptics out there, this show is happening.”

More than 6,000 people have already posted “Likes” for The Cheltonians Facebook page, showing the growing levels of excitement in the town.

The advertising blurb for the programme promised it would showcase the lives of a diverse cross section of people living in the town.

It said: “The Cheltonians is a brand new reality show being produced to document the lives of some of the most extraordinary people who are living their lives to the fullest in Cheltenham.

“Cheltenham is a beautiful Regency town with a lot to offer. And living here doesn’t come cheap. Our cast members know what they want in life and what they have got to do to get it.

“The series will follow a diverse set of people who represent Cheltenham each in their own very different way.

“We will showcase young and old, rich and want to be rich, social climbers and social outcast – the lot.

“The Cheltonians will be a melting pot for all of Cheltenham’s somebodies and wannabes and the series will follow them to see what it takes to make it in this affluent and fast-moving town.

“It will be the loudest and most talked about show to join the UK Reality TV roster to date.”

For more information and to apply go to www.thecheltonians.com

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  • Glos_Lad34  |  November 01 2013, 9:24AM

    Sounds like a lamer version of TOWIE.

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  • joegilly  |  October 31 2013, 4:28PM

    More reasons for people to hate cheltenham and more reasons to hate the ever growing ***** on British television! The makers should be ashamed to promote such formulaic detritus. **** off you cash cow cocks.

    Rate   12
  • julianw  |  October 31 2013, 10:43AM

    If you read the FAQ* on their website you'll see that it hasn't even been commissioned yet by any tv channel and there's no certainty that it will be. It may never actually make it to air. They are simply producing a pilot episode. I wish them well, but for it to be commissioned it's going to need to be unique, and different to what's gone before. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *WHAT CHANNEL WILL IT BE ON? The show producers will develop a 'pilot' episode with the successful cast members early next year. The producers will then be submitting our final proposal to a selection of interested broadcasters. At the moment it is too early to say which channel The Cheltonians will air on.

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  • Lecorche  |  October 31 2013, 9:55AM

    Halloween just became truly frightening.

    Rate   13
  • Davesmith123  |  October 31 2013, 9:28AM

    What ever next

    Rate   7
  • Matt1006  |  October 31 2013, 8:27AM

    Please tell me this is a mis-placed April Fools article, and it will mysteriously disappear at mid-day. Oh dear.

    Rate   21