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'I'm no angel' says Gloucester mum who faces eviction from home at centre of 35 reports of antisocial behaviour

By The Citizen  |  Posted: April 16, 2014

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HER neighbours say her behaviour left them “worried for the safety” of their children, while police link her to half of all antisocial incidents on her estate since 2012.

But while single mum Marie Smith concedes she is “no angel”, the 38-year-old from Hempsted claims she has been made a scapegoat for all the problems in her street.

Marie and her family face eviction from their home on Soren Larsen Way which officers say has been at the centre of 35 reports in six months.

The mother-of-two said she has lived in that street since 2003 and added: “I am no angel but I am not as bad as they make me out to be – I can’t step out of my door without being verbally abused.

“I see and witness things that go on all of the time that are not right; there are all sorts of things from vandalism, theft and drug offences.

“Living here is like being in a comedy version of EastEnders.”

Police say between October 2012 and November 2013, nearly half of the 77 incidents of anti-social behaviour in Soren Larsen Way, from nuisance children, criminal damage, stolen property and general noise complaints, related to Ms Smith’s address.

Her family has been reported several times for fighting with neighbours which Ms Smith claims are a result of her eight-year-old daughter being bullied. She also has a 16-year-old son.

Ms Smith said she and her son have both been assaulted while living at Soren Larsen Way but says she is the first person neighbours turn to when they run out of milk, sugar or tobacco.

“They paint me out to be the bad one and the only thing I am guilty of is sticking up for my family when they are bullied,” Ms Smith said.

But social landlord Guinness Hermitage took Ms Smith to court last month and secured a possession order for the home following complaints about her and family members.

A number of residents have spoken out about Ms Smith, but would not give their names for fear of reprisals.

One said: “The whole neighbourhood is relieved action has been taken and we are now able to look forward to a quiet summer with no hassle.”

Another claimed she tried to support Ms Smith but added: “Her behaviour left me feeling worried for the safety of my children.”

The eviction is being served after complaints were made that Ms Smith had been verbally and physically abusive to neighbours and allowed groups of youths to gather at the property.

Complaints were also made about graffiti, children blocking the road and annoying motorists, erratic driving, domestic arguments and a noisy party.

A Gloucestershire police spokesman said: “Many of the problems relate to the fact Ms Smith and her family kept the home as almost an open house to teenagers her son knew. The led to complaints of noise, fighting and mess.”

Tenancy management and enforcement officer for the housing provider Rachel Stafford said: “We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and will take the necessary action to tackle the problem, occasionally having to apply for eviction which is a last resort. We hope the action will help residents to enjoy living in a peaceful community again.”

The Incidents

June - Nov 201323 November: ASB outside house

November 16: noisy music in car

November 13: children causing ASB

November 1: fighting in street

October 4: noisy party

October 4: bottle thrown

September 20: argument outside home

September 10: argument in street

August 27: damage to cars

August 25: nuisance youths

August 24: football in street and graffiti

August 23: children blocking the road and annoying motorists

August 11: four separate police logs relating to fighting with neighbours

August 5: ASB

July 29: erratic driving

July 28: domestic argument

July 22: driving incident

June 30: football in street

June 8: two police logs relating to fighting with neighbours

Anti-social behaviour and the law

The Antisocial Behaviour Act came into force in 2003 and Labour said it would allow the police to come down on yob culture ‘like a ton of bricks’. It gives:

Police powers to issue on-the-spot fines for noise, graffiti and truancy

Police powers to close down ‘crack houses’

Allows easier ways for social landlords to evict anti-social tenants

Police powers to disperse groups of two or more youths

Considers dog fouling and dumpish rubbish as antisocial, as well as threats of violence

The new Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act received Royal Assent last month.

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  • timmy0811  |  April 19 2014, 3:50PM

    I have yet again seen this beastly thing - Driving a fully loaded Citroen Saxo of kids along Coney Hill road ..FOR REAL what got my attention was the hair, and unwashed scabby look - It's far worse than the above photo. I glanced just slightly enough for her to notice my shock and received the f off word. "Watch out Coney Hill she might just be looking for a new home down your road."

    |   1
  • GlosMum  |  April 17 2014, 1:56AM

    She gladly lets countless underage kids have sex, drink, take drugs, and sell drugs from in and around her home, encourages her primary school age daughter to steal the phones and belongings of these people while they're asleep to sell on, drives them around to shoplift in tescos for her, etc etc etc, it's a wonder she hasn't got in to more trouble, either with the police or angry parents of said children. She is vile, as is her 16 year old son. Attacked in the street? She's lucky she and her son haven't had much worse happen considering what they've done.

    |   11
  • spindles12  |  April 16 2014, 8:06PM

    Perhaps a developer could build a special housing estate for them, gated and with security on the gate, (that is to stop them getting out not anyone getting in). they could all live happily in their little slum, playing together, fighting together and letting the decent people of this world live in peace in THEIR worlds.

    |   14
  • jackson99  |  April 16 2014, 5:44PM

    Social housing and private housing dont mix

    |   9
  • bonzaharris1  |  April 16 2014, 1:28PM

    She say's she is no angel, yes she is .... a hells angel !!

    |   9
  • THFC1882  |  April 16 2014, 12:21PM

    Ricky Hall, Guinness legend !

    |   7
  • NibNobs  |  April 16 2014, 10:36AM

    Giving Hempsted a bad name.

    |   12
  • Douglasknows  |  April 16 2014, 10:26AM

    she's right about thing, she's like a character from eastenders…………………..Mo!

    |   7
  • spindles12  |  April 16 2014, 10:18AM

    I remember reading years ago about a brand new housing estate where all the "vulnerable" were put. Lovely houses, newly built, little gardens etc. etc. but within a few months it had been turned into a huge slum. No matter where some people live they will always drag it down to their level. It's no wonder that a few years ago I heard about a developer in the Gloucester area who deliberately kept the number of apartments down so that they didn't have to provide some for social housing. I wonder why it's called social housing when some of the people who live there are totally UNsocial.

    |   21
  • timmy0811  |  April 16 2014, 9:47AM

    I saw this thing only just the other day having an argument in the street. She makes Vicky Pollard look like an angel. She is just a beast.

    |   21