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  • Profile image for tmroberts
    tmroberts  |  Saturday, April 25 2015, 8:38AM  |  Report

    Rendcomb is a fantastic school! The comment in the article that says Rendcomb ".....has a strong ethos of achievement, self-reliance and honesty....." could not be truer. Our 3 children have been part of the Rendcomb 'family' for the last 3 years and the impact on their self-confidence and academic achievement has been tremendous.

  • Profile image for Kippy
    Kippy  |  Thursday, February 05 2015, 12:09PM  |  Report

    We’ve found Rendcomb to be excellent. It’s raised the academic performance of our child from average to very high in 2 short years as well as offered opportunities to fully engage in drama and sport that a large school would struggle to deliver.