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“Whose stupid idea was it to direct diverted Tennyson Rd traffic along Byron Rd? It is narrow, heavily parked and generally unsuitable for the buses.

Hopefully, the disruption will be brief. Meanwhile, a message to drivers of taxis, skip lorries, 4x4s and buses. SLOW DOWN ON THIS ROAD!”

By vosixyn Posted: January 28, 2013


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  • tishwash  |  January 28 2013, 6:11PM

    What other road could they possibly use?

  • tishwash  |  January 28 2013, 6:11PM

    p.s. it's still a 30 on that road, do you speed in other roads?

  • vosixyn  |  January 29 2013, 4:34PM

    A bit of common sense. Firstly, there are traffic-calmed routes. Also, wider routes. My thoughts would be Devon Ave, Alstone Lane, Brooklyn Road. Alternatively, get the developer of the old Spirax site to pay for temporary calming in Byron Rd. I understand this work needs doing, and that there will be some disruption. Fine. A tad miffed at the lack of notice or consultation.

  • tishwash  |  January 29 2013, 6:44PM

    current diversion = 0.3miles, your propsal = 1.4 miles. I'm sure you can cope :) I've no idea why it's closed I haven't even bothered to try going up there on a bike, I take the diversion if I go that way anywhere.

  • tishwash  |  January 29 2013, 6:45PM

    also your diversion goes past a school, extra traffic on the road next to a school at rush hour isn't a brill idea

  • vosixyn  |  January 30 2013, 8:57AM

    Tishwash. I accept your point about the school.

  • tishwash  |  January 30 2013, 7:05PM

    better notice of course would of been good though


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