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“Some questions emailed to Martin Horwood MP regards Israel/Palestine...

(1) Do you agree with your own government's assessment that "although there is no permanent physical Israeli presence in Gaza, given the significant control that Israel has over Gaza's borders, airspace and territorial waters, the UK judges that Israel retains obligations under the fourth Geneva Convention as an occupying power"?

(2) Assuming you have answered "yes" to (1), do you agree that application of a framework in which Israel is the "occupying power" and the West Bank and Gaza are "occupied Palestinian territories" is in accord with the generally accepted facts of the matter?

(3) Assuming you have answered "yes" to (2), do you agree that, morally speaking, the manner in which the "occupied" resist occupation is secondary to the "occupying power's" obligation to end its occupation?

(4) Do you agree that selling weapons to the "occupying power" directly facilitates its military activities against those it occupies, and is thus completely at odds with (3)?

My answers are: yes, yes, yes and yes. What are YOURS?”

By Joe_Sucksmith Posted: November 29, 2012

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