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“I did what I said I was going to do, I abstained from this PPC thing - Pathetic Police Commissioner.

If the turnout is below a certain percentage, shouldn't it be scrapped - the public would then be saying no. This is an absurdity.

Of course if they did this, the elected candidates would want compensation. It is ridiculous.

Hope the turnout was low.”

By honslknjklyt Posted: November 16, 2012


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  • wildman  |  November 16 2012, 8:21AM

    this is the 1st time since I was eligible to vote that I have abstained or voted with my feet, not 1 of the candidates sent any info in the post, I've seen the tv ads saying go to this website to get more info about the candidates, but why should we bother voting for any of them if they cant be bothered to inform us?

  • Bonkim2003  |  November 16 2012, 9:04AM

    Have to agree with wildman that apart from a few news releases, and posts on TIG by some, the local candidates made very little effort to research their roles and campaign to attract the electors - how they will make any difference to the police of better safeguard the public. Little wonder people are not that excited.

  • honslknjklyt  |  November 16 2012, 9:06AM

    I get fed up of being told go this website go to that website.

  • halfdome1  |  November 16 2012, 9:29AM

    The best thing you could have done to show your opinion would have been to spoil your ballot paper. Not doing anything = silent voice. Writing your thoughts on the paper, would have attracted MUCH more interest for those responsible for counting

  • honslknjklyt  |  November 16 2012, 9:34AM

    Spoiling a ballot paper still adds to the turnout. That's why I wouldn't. It would be interesting to see if they declare how many were spoilt and what the angle is on that reporting.

  • Ysedra  |  November 16 2012, 9:43AM

    Given the government's unwillingness to provide candidates with funds to distribute leaflets by hand or send them through the post, I think Martin Surl did the very best he could, while the others, if they didn't actually receive funds directly from their parties, had the benefit of a network already geared to aquiring donations. Ironically, this has actually forced candidates to make more use of the internet than they might have done, which has forced them to be more accountable. Strange, then, that the first winner apparently has no Twitter account or website...

  • Alfredo_  |  November 16 2012, 9:52AM

    If you abstained from a vote on PPC, you abstained from the wrong thing.

  • Dr_Hfrrrrr  |  November 16 2012, 10:12AM

    Well done you. Instead of voting for someone who could make a difference and change things for the better, you decided to throw your toys out of the pram and then come on here like you have done something clever or morally justified? I've always thought that people should have to take some sort of intelligence test before being allowed to vote and you have confirmed that would be a good idea.

  • PengiPete  |  November 16 2012, 10:23AM

    "by Bonkim2003 "Have to agree with wildman that apart from a few news releases, and posts on TIG by some, the local candidates made very little effort to research their roles and campaign to attract the electors - how they will make any difference to the police of better safeguard the public." I'm not sure there was that much "research" they could do. It's a new post with a broad remit. In practice, the nature of the role and the result of taking it - for both the person and the police force - will not really be known until this first batch of PPC's has served for a year or two. The best you could ask for at this stage is to find people of reasonable intelligence and "good character" who are willing to learn as they go along and get the right balance of authority and diplomacy so as not to impede the police whilst adding checks and balances where none previously existed. For the record - I'm not great fan of the idea of having PPC's in the first place but since that's what we have got, I would not waste my right to say WHO gets that job. As they say, if you don't vote, you can't complain - and I like complaining ;)

  • IsitJimKerr  |  November 16 2012, 10:32AM

    Dr_Hfrrrrr...............................who exactly is going to make a difference? Are you saying then, that at the moment, the Police are doing things wrong? So if we have a 'politician' that opposes something they don't like, for example the badger cull, which at the time, was the law of the land, we then get someone not willing to 'send her boys' to administer HM's law. This would lead to anarchy. Much better would have been to alter the terms of reference of the Police Authorities. What can be more democratic, a committee of volunteer lay people, or a politically driven single person?

  • Lecorche  |  November 16 2012, 10:33AM

    I'm with Dr.Hfrrrr on this,although I've just read that the Government spent 100 million quid on this. That's £100,000,000. Or 20 years protection for Abu Qatada. ( A subject,among many others,that I will be raising with whoever wins the election).

  • honslknjklyt  |  November 16 2012, 10:37AM

    The only difference I believe this candidate will make is £70,000 per year or whatever it is of taxpayers money. That will apply whoever gets the job.

  • Dr_Hfrrrrr  |  November 16 2012, 11:24AM

    So by your logic you would rather that £70k went to someone you had absolutely no opinion or knowledge of as you decided to NOT exercise your right to vote and chose to sulk in the corner instead? Presumably in 6 months time you will be here moaning loudly about how the PCC was rubbish and useless. Pathetic argument.

  • honslknjklyt  |  November 16 2012, 11:31AM

    It is rubbish and useless whoever we vote for. Does a turkey vote for christmas or easter?

  • GlosYap2  |  November 16 2012, 1:36PM

    Hons, GOOD FOR YOU! For those berating you for not voting: i have asked 5 people this morning why they voted for who they voted for and not one person did so based on anything relevant to the post or the policies of the individuals. To all those Sheeple who turned out out of some sense of obligation to this democratic farce I would ask: Which is more dangerous to society? Deliberately not voting, or Uninformed voting? I would argue the latter!

  • FreeRadical1  |  November 16 2012, 4:57PM

    £100 million down the drain. Still, at least the Tories didn't get their way in Gloucestershire. That's some comfort.

  • wilburv  |  November 17 2012, 7:40PM

    I didn't vote either, the first time I have abstained from any vote since I was 18, which was more than a few years ago. I had no idea who to vote for as there was so little to go on. Most people I know, from all over the country, who did vote had no idea of any candidates policies either. They simply voted for the candidate who was independent of a political party and/or had some previous experience of police work. I really cannot see how anyone can claim to have a mandate to do the job when so few people voted.

  • honslknjklyt  |  November 17 2012, 11:46PM

    Thanks GlosYap2. I think people who have voted Martin Surl (congratulations to him, sincerely, I think the best man for the job due to experience) have voted for an independant purely because they don't want a political person, and others have voted for their political favourite.

  • Bonkim2003  |  November 20 2012, 9:16PM

    PengiPete - the job spec was there in the legislation/Government pronouncement, and as is normal in positions of community leadership, it is for the candidates to set up their stall and tell everyone how they see the bigger picture and what they will do change today's ill and make a better tomorrow. So no coaching or waiting for events to blow you over before deciding how you will tackle any perceived shortcomings of the service vis a vis what citizens expect. The PCC is not expected to micro-manage the police - but set down broad principles what the community expects and to make sure there are no bad apples and the force performs to expected standards.

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