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“The 'bumping' issue seems to have been fixed on the discussions page, if not the news pages, but as the article about this offer by the county council/Highways is long gone now, I thought it would be useful to highlight it here. I can't even find the article in search, so her's the council's page:


And this is the link to the page containing (a little ways down) the list of what is available to residents to buy with the £10,000 being offered for road improvements.


Readers will soon appreciate that the cash doesn't go very far. Maybe it's just me, but this appears more like the previous consultation by the (city?) council, which mainly seemed to be about showing us what an arduous task setting priorities was, rather than really giving us a say. In this instance, the aim seems to be to demonstrate how even an apparently big sum of money doesn't go very far when the real costs are known.

So the question I'd ask is, are we better off accepting this offer, and using the money for a traffic island and some road markings, if we're lucky, or splashing out on 200 (new) signs? Given that the consequence are that we lose out on some basic services that, as the word 'basic' implies, used to be standard, not something we had to buy into with limited funds?

Or should we reject the offer, and just request/demand whatever it takes to keep our streets safe and tidy? It's always seemed to me that Gloucester residents are not very motivated about calling for action, so maybe that isn't such a good idea and we should settle for something rather than nothing, even if it is the county councillor who chooses, because no-one else wanted to be involved with deciding how to spend the money either...”

By Ysedra Posted: January 24, 2013


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