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“Dear TiG.
Why are most recently commented on posts not being bumped to the top of the feed any more? I thought that worked well? (Big cats and pierced school girls being an exception.)”

By MistyBuff Posted: January 15, 2013


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  • Hubert1841  |  January 15 2013, 8:29PM

    TiG is still drunk on Xmas Sherry, and a got a bit of a hangover, methink. Abnormal service will probably resume in March; maybe October.

  • Hubert1841  |  January 15 2013, 8:29PM


  • MistyBuff  |  January 16 2013, 5:58AM

    Well I wish they'd bally snap out of it! I honestly think this site gets worse with each 'improvement'. TiG!!! I'm waiting? Does anyone navigate this site AT ALL?

  • Matt1006  |  January 16 2013, 7:11PM

    Not just me then. Noticed it had changed. Agree that it's not as good (if that word can ever be applied to this website) as it was before. Please sort it out, TiG. Once you've released it's changed / broken, of course. So possibly by Easter.

  • Ysedra  |  January 17 2013, 12:40PM

    It is a ridiculous change (glitch?). Now, readers/commenters have absolutely no say in what stories get top page attention. Is marginalising us even further really the way to go?

  • MistyBuff  |  January 22 2013, 9:23AM

    Y'know, if everybody shared a Gallery, or added a discussion to the main news feed, any important news could slide off page 10? Wonder if they'd realise it was a better system before they dabbled about with it then?



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