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I deny rape – ex-boxer

By This is Gloucestershire  |  Posted: October 01, 2009

  • ON TRIAL: John Cadogan outside Gloucester Crown Court.


FORMER boxer John Cadogan attacked and raped a David Bowie look-a-like leaving a New Year fancy dress party 'to humiliate and punish him', a jury was told.

Cadogan, 26, from Blakeney, subjected the victim to the brutal sex ordeal because the 20-year-old man had earlier had a row with his sister, Gloucester Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Anna Vigars said: "We say this offence was committed not for sexual gratification but for humiliation and punishment."

It happened in the early hours of New Year's Day after the victim, wearing Seventies-style pop star fancy dress, left the party at The Swan pub in Lydney, she said.

"As the man approached Lydney Rugby Club on his way home at about 3am, Cadogan pounced on him from behind and attacked him," Ms Vigars alleged.

"Cadogan pulled him around and punched him in the face.

"He was then pulled along for some distance towards the rugby club. He realised that the person was John Cadogan who was doing this to him.

"When they got a bit further along what happened to this man was that he was raped."

Ms Vigars said the defendant told his victim he was Anthony Cadogan and he had been paid a 'grand' by his cousins John and Sarah Cadogan to 'do you over'.

Cadogan allegedly told the victim: "If you do anything about this, 10 people will come after you. You won't be able to live your life again."

Said Ms Vigars: "These were powerful threats at 3am in the morning immediately after a rape."

She said the victim had known Cadogan 'by sight and reputation' before the incident but had never had any dealings with him. He had noticed him at the pub earlier that evening.

Ms Vigars said that a couple of weeks before New Year the victim had been involved in an incident with Cadogan's sister Sarah at a club called Harry's.

"John Cadogan, when later interviewed, admitted he had a temper and was not beyond using his fists to sort out family problems.

"He said he had been a boxer and he accepted he was useful with his fists."

Ms Vigars said he insisted that he had not touched the victim either physically or sexually that night.

"Although this was a sexual offence the prosecution say the motive behind it was to punish the man for what had happened between him and his sister a couple of weeks earlier.

"This defendant, we say, is not someone who has any particular desire to get involved in homosexual encounters but is someone who is prepared to use that as a form of punishment."

Ms Vigars said that the following day the victim told a woman friend what had happened – and she told his father.

He was persuaded to go to the police and was examined by a doctor.

On January 4 Cadogan was arrested and interviewed and denied he had done anything to the victim.

Cadogan was then picked out from an identity parade by the victim.

Later, the fancy dress trousers the victim was wearing were tested and Cadogan's DNA was found in the inside back of them.

Cadogan was interviewed again and claimed that he did have a sexual encounter with the victim, but it took place in the toilets of the pub after he gave the victim a small amount of cocaine.

Cadogan stated that following the sexual encounter the victim spoke to him 'in a way which was provocative' so he took hold of him and threw him to the ground.

Ms Vigars said Cadogan had admitted assaulting the victim causing him actual bodily harm in relation to that incident.

"However, he still denied doing anything was non-consensual. He said what happened between them took place after an exchange of cocaine in the lavatories at the Swan."

Cadogan, of All Saints Road, Blakeney, has denied raping the man on January 1.

The trial is expected to end tomorrow.

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