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I am still cutting myself: 80% rise in Self Harm

By GailAdams  |  Posted: March 18, 2013

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"I am still cuttingmyself" This has become a familiar cry from young people who areengaging in the very destructive act of self harming, researchers inGlocestershire released new information on the numbers of people selfharming and there has been an alarming increase. According to theNHS, Between 2011 and 2012 there was an 80% increase in the numbersof incidences related to self harm as opposed to 2010 and 2011. "Iam still cutting myself" said one 25 year old woman who has battleddepression and self harm for many years.

Rising dissatisfaction

There is a rising dissatisfactionamongst the young, some mental health officials blame the economywhile others believe the break down of the family is a major cause,whatever the reasons are the bottom line still remains that there arethousands of young people who are purposely hurting their bodies,this is a dangerous practice, many of those harming state that theyare not suicidal but a recent report from Ireland showed that over 40percent of people who were self harming thought often about suicide.The stretch from self harm with a blade to suicide is not very far,in fact many self harmers have at attempted suicide at least once.Ann, a 25 year old female admitted that she still self harms, "I amstill cutting myself, I know it is wrong but sometimes it feels sobad inside that cutting helps. I know it is sick"

The issues that lead a person to hurtthemselves are varied, one thing that is clear is that the personharming does have an emotional stress that builds up and they useharm as a way to release this buildup, harm is a way to address thisdissatisfaction. As the numbers of teens and adults continue to hurtthemselves, doctors are prescribing more anti depressants, it isclear that a person saying " I am cutting myself" needs help, wemust address this very serious issue in Glocestershire and the world.


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