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One in five children miss out in school admissions race

By This is Gloucestershire  |  Posted: March 02, 2010

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​The wait is finally over for anxious parents in Gloucestershire who have now been told which secondary their child will attend in September.

A total of 81 per cent have been offered their first preference by Gloucestershire County Council - 6 per cent fewer than last year.

The majority of children - 91 per cent of the 7,326 pupils who were waiting to be allocated a place, have been given at least one of their preferred choices.

Parents now have until March 15 to accept their designated place.

Charlotte Jones, Gloucestershire County Council’s senior access manager, said: “Year six children in Gloucestershire have now heard which secondary school they would be moving to in September. Letters were posted to all parents to arrive yesterday morning.

“We know it can be stressful for parents and children waiting to hear whether they are going to be able to go the secondary school of their choice and we are pleased we’ve been able to offer six in seven children a place at their preferred school.

“Those parents who have been unsuccessful in gaining a place at their preferred school for their child still have the opportunity to ask for their application to be reconsidered if they respond to us by March 15th. This second stage of the process is designed to help more parents find a place for their child at one of their preferred schools.”

Every parent has been sent a letter explaining the reason for the decision made. They are being urged to keep their allocated place to ensure that whatever the outcome their child is guaranteed a school.

If parents ask for it to be reconsidered they can request  their child be placed on the waiting list for the school(s). If places then become available, they will be allocated in strict accordance with published admissions criteria.

The admission criteria and more information about waiting lists for every school in Gloucestershire is available on the county council’s website www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/schooladmissions or within booklets that are available at all schools, children’s centres and libraries. 

Individual copies of the booklets can be obtained by ringing the Access to Education Team on 01452 425407.

The Access to Education Team will write to parents with the result of the reconsideration after March 31.  Parents who are still not satisfied with their allocated school will then be advised of the appeals procedure.

Did your child win a place at the school they wanted to go to? Email your story to our education correspondent, Fiona Dryden at: fiona.dryden@glosmedia.co.uk



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  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Get over it, Glos  |  March 03 2010, 9:48PM

    REMOVE THE STATE YOLK - ummm hello reality check please! if every school had to accept every pupil that applied do you not think the top schools would be somewhat oversubscribed. Even if it did happen in your little narrow minded world, say there were 10 schools all filled with students that actually want to be there by choice 50% of those statistically would be failing compared to the other 50%.....there will always be schools less achieving than others regardless. Yes there are some 'not meeting standards' schools in glos but all have amazing support in the school to bring it out of the position it is in. All schools have sucess stories. Alot of social issues affect 'under-achieving' children and some are just not capable. its not their fault its just fact. As for the education dept being closed - if that were to happen then it would go externally to another company - yes comany who would not have the foggiest idea about local schools - hmmm not such a good idea now is it??? stick your comments. Besides if they get rid of the education dept it would mean i'd be out of a job aswell as my colleagues..,,which really is not ideal! LA does the best job with the tools they are given from the government. HOORAY FOR THE LA!!!

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    devastated mum and dad, Brockworth  |  March 03 2010, 4:46PM

    My son found out on Monday that he did not get any of his choices. We have been offered a place at a school we did not put on the list. He is absolutely devasted. When told he started crying. We will be doing the appeal etc but my son is dreading going to the school allocated. Not only do we not have any intention of taking up the school offered , I' dont think we are going to get him out the door to get there!!!

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Kathy, Charlton Kings  |  March 03 2010, 12:16AM

    To Proud Mother, Hesters Way "Well done to my daughter getting Pates, considering we are from Hesters Way and always have been!!!! " Your child is what Pates should be about - state education at it's best. The right school for the right child. Not pay to get in by tutoring or private education that gives a child continual experience of the entry test and, therefore, an advantage. Or having the financial clout to move into the catchment area of a well performing school - even for a few months to get 1 child in and any others to follow as siblings (granted one thing Pates don't do). Give your child confidence in herself to hold her head up high when she puts on that uniform and walks through the gates for the first time. She will have more right to be there than a lot of the others. This comes from an ex-parent whose children excelled there academically but walked away without a backwards glance. In hindsight, not what I would have wanted for them, as it was not the best years of their lives, but we pulled through as a family and they are now following their chosen careers. No school is100% right for every child but all schools should have the expertise to bring out the potential, whatever that may be, of all their pupils. It's not just about league tables.

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Happy parent, gloucester  |  March 02 2010, 9:19PM

    So happy my daughter got her first choice i was so happy, the admissions restrictions is such a nite mare i note the fore gone comment about the school in gloucester merging to be an academy, wat makes me laugh is the school is the is under achieving why are parents still sending there children even so that the school as over subscribed as i understand a child of the same faith was refused admission to the school (bishops college) because the child lived to far. just goes to show, the school was over subscribed. please remember a few years ago finlay road primary school went into special measures and no one wanted to send there children there and look at the school now they are no1 in primary school in gloucester. So remember that even though bishops college and central (may be merging) also the govt will inject a lot of money into the academy being the first in gloucester so all you parents slatting the 2 schools may have to swallow your words. at the end of the day there are good and bad in all goods, and it all depends on the child whether they want to learn etc.. I to logged my preference online, so was able to check before my child went to school that day. thank you bishops college

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    What if?, Cheltenham  |  March 02 2010, 8:16PM

    Pates have done very well from themselves in Cheltenham. Is this down to good management or possibly they choose the ELITE students in Cheltenham and then nurture them. I wonder how a school like Pitville and Pates would get on if they did a complete "student swap" or "teacher and management swap" Interesting idea? So we got to ask ourselves is a successful school down to the calibre of teaching staff or the calibre of student intake?

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Remove the State Yoke, Gloucs  |  March 02 2010, 7:52PM

    "Remove the State Yoke - I've got a degree of sympathy with what you say - except when you get to "School must accept child" That is mental. If 5000 children all decide to go to Pates obviously there isn't room to accomodate them - certainly not without jeopardising teaching standards. " No, it's not mental - what would then happen would be that the successful management of Pates would be able to take over less successful schools, as in business, and implement changes to bring their new schools up to scratch, preferably including removing all teachers' unions from site.

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    David Walker-Jones, Cheltenham Spa  |  March 02 2010, 7:51PM

    Can you imagine it. Riff raff from Whaddon getting into Balcarras. Heaven forbid!!

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Proud Mother, Hesters Way  |  March 02 2010, 7:37PM

    Would like to draw attention to the ignorance and sheer stupidity of the disappointed disgruntled parent! Well done to my daughter getting Pates, considering we are from Hesters Way and always have been!!!! Well done to the LEA, one in 4 have got in to their 1st Choice.

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Kimberly, stroud  |  March 02 2010, 5:56PM

    Patelvis Presley - I've lived in st marks and hestersway all my life and i too went to bourneside, not everyone that lives in that area are scum!! i think thats very narrow minded of you! I passed all my GCSE's apart from french as i wasn't interested, im a trained nurse, ive got my own house in stroud, happily married and due to have my first child in april! My best friend also lives in hesters way (not out of choice but all the council would offer her - after all not everyone can afford their own house) and was hoping her daughter would get into bourneside as they went there too and her young son goes to st marks school, she got into pitville... now how is a single mum meant to drop both children off without either of them being late?? its ridiculous!

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Cuthbert, Hatherley Heights  |  March 02 2010, 5:38PM

    Patelvis Presley, cheltenham - Well said. How dare the lower class try to intrude into our domain!!!