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'Youngsters in fear of Quedgeley drugs culture'

By The Citizen  |  Posted: March 25, 2014

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YOUNGSTERS fear walking down some streets in Quedgeley because of a hidden drugs culture, it has been claimed.

Quedgeley parish councillors discussed the problem at a meeting this week.

Councillor Steve Smith said: “The kids sat around the table and they said that they are worried about drugs and some have said they are frightened to walk around some areas.”

Fellow councillor Richard Sims added: “It is a genuine concern from some of them.”

And councillor Gill White, from Kingsway, said: “Many of the problems we are experiencing in Kingsway are coming from Hempsted. It only takes one person on the estate to invite people from different areas.

“I wouldn’t say that the situation is really bad but it is a big area with lots of different types of people so you are bound to get these issues.

“They know where the drug problems are and some of them are willing to talk about it but they don’t know where they can get the support.”

But support is on hand for Quedgeley’s most vulnerable children and teenagers, a support worker has said.

Debbie Webb, community social worker from Gloucestershire County Council’s early intervention targeted support team, said: “There may be a number of needs that a child has and we are working in the community to try and meet those.

“We have family support workers who are working with children on the impact of domestic violence and issues such as self harm and low self-esteem.

“We are trying to manage some difficult cases. For the children it is about permanency and making sure they are not moved around all of the time.”

Other efforts in Quedgeley and Kingsway include the Reach Out! project which sees youth worker Jess Price head out into the community meeting youngsters on the streets. Jess is leaving the post but a replacement youth worker will be appointed.

A new community builder has also been appointed, with funding from the police and crime commissioner Martin Surl. Their job will be to pull together the different people in the community and link resources to better tackle the issues the area faces.

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  • JemmyWood  |  March 26 2014, 11:32PM

    Brown31, i******sway was Quedgeley, why was it called Kingsway in the first place? Its a seperate entoty in entirety, its half the size of Quedgeley and most probably the size of Hardwicke. If someone says Kingsway, eveyone knows where it is, if you say Quedeley thet know where that is. Using your logic is Coney Hill part of Abbeymead or Tuffley? No it isn't. (No offence intended for Coney Hill residents, It was used purely as an example)

    |   1
  • Brown31  |  March 26 2014, 12:45PM

    Oh dear, does it really matter if it is in Quedgeley, kingsway isn't all bad just like not all of Quedgeley is good. It's small minded people who make the world the way it is today. Should the point not be to try and stop the drug culture in Gloucestershire not not worry that kingsway has been put in with Quedgeley.

  • Apothegm_  |  March 26 2014, 11:35AM

    Kingsway is the other side of the A38 to Quedgeley, and should have been considered as part of Tuffley, to which it is adjacent. But some 'political considerations' meant that it was assigned to Quedgeley, however illogical this was.

    |   2
  • Brown31  |  March 25 2014, 3:55PM

    Kingsway is quedgeley or the addresses wouldn't say kingsway, quedgeley

    |   -3
  • jackson99  |  March 24 2014, 6:44PM

    And councillor Gill White, from Kingsway, said: "Many of the problems we are experiencing in Kingsway are coming from Hempsted. It only takes one person on the estate to invite people from different areas.

    |   3
  • JemmyWood  |  March 24 2014, 10:53AM

    I love this reporting... The Quedgeley Drugs culture...Kids in fear of walking about... a few months ago we had mutant killer spiders in Quedgeley, quickly followed by gangs of feral cats prowling the streets and keeping residents in fear of thier lives. Lets get this into perspective.... Firstly... Kingsway is Kingsway - it is not Quedegeley.. despite what people want you to believe. Drugs problem? there are drugs everywhere in Gloucester. In Quedqeley, there is one fairly well known area that its used and in Kingsway another one or two...... but this article hints at Quedegely (not Kingsway) being a drug ghetto... far from it.

    |   4