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Tuffley residents say they'll believe pothole repair promise when they see it

By The Citizen  |  Posted: January 02, 2014

The potholes in Bodiam Avenue

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UPSET city residents say they’ll believe it when it happens after being constantly let down over their pothole repairs.

People living in and off Bodiam Avenue in Tuffley have been waiting at least two years for Gloucestershire County Council highways teams to fix the ruts in their street.

Now the latest promise is that the roadworks will be carried out in January.

But householder Chris Ellerker, 82, said he was sceptical.

“I don’t believe them now,” retired teacher Mr Ellerker said.

“They said they were going to come to do it in November, and December. The next thing it’s January. I will believe it when I see it,” Mr Ellerker said.

The Citizen first ran an article about the Tuffley residents’ dismay at the gaping holes in the road last January.

At that time pensioner Albert Jones, 79, from Chalford Road, said the pothole problems had begun a year before.

Then again in February this year, and once more in April, the Bodiam Avenue folk complained via this newspaper.

But now finally Gloucestershire’s area manager for highways Jason Humm has said: “Road crews plan to go in and resurface Bodiam Avenue in January.

“Our resurfacing programme is flexible to take into account the impact of the weather, especially in winter, so dates can change.”

Mr Humm said: “We know residents are keen to see improvements here and they will be made very soon.”

Sammy Thornton also lives on Bodiam Avenue.

She said she was pleased the work was at last scheduled.

“This has been going on for quite some time. It is good that they are now coming,” she said.

In an average year county highways deal with 25-30,000 potholes on its 3,300 plus miles of roads.

Its inspectors identify which defects are a serious safety hazard and those are repaired either within one working day or within 28 days depending on the sort of road and the size of the defect.

This policy follows national guidelines.

Gloucestershire’s pothole repairs were highlighted as national best practice under the government’s pothole review in 2012.

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  • JemmyWood  |  January 02 2014, 1:29PM

    I've just driven down the SW bypass again this morning and looked at some of the potholes I saw yesterday. A lot of them in Hempsted are repairs that were made earlier in the year, that are failing already. But hang on, didn't Stan Waddington say that they were going to be high quality under the contract he put in place? If the shoddy repairs we are seeing are the 'High Quality' he promised, I'd hate to see what poor quality ones are like. No doubt, we will get a pointless soundbite from the Council at some point about this after being embarresed into doing their job by bad press...... again.

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  • bdbear  |  January 02 2014, 8:25AM

    i dont know what they are complaining about there are a lot worst roads in Gloucester . Also let us hope it is not done ib january because as soon as the last bit is put down the forst and snow will come . Leave it until july august to give it a chance to beb in .

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  • JemmyWood  |  January 01 2014, 10:53PM

    Just to add to this, I drove from Quedgeley to the Cattle Market via the South West Bypass today and between the Quedgeley Tesco's roundabout and GlosCol I counted 43 major potholes on my side of the road. So Jason Humm needs to pull his finger out... Not much of best working practice going on there either. The two routes I have mentioned are MAIN A ROADS in Gloucester, not minor side roads and are in a shocking state. Maybe Mark Hawthorne should get off his **** and get these major routes sorted rather than blowing hot air.

    |   11
  • JemmyWood  |  December 31 2013, 7:02PM

    The whole of gloucester is appauling. I drove along Eastern Ave and Cole Ave earlier today, I was dodging potholes the whole way. Quedgeley and Hardwicke roads have more craters than the moon, so to say GCC potholes repair scheme was hailed as best practice is laughable..... Its an absolute joke as are the GCC people responsible for running it.

    |   19