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Thousands of pounds of damage as floods hit 'forgotten' Brockweir in Forest of Dean

By Michael_Yong  |  Posted: February 18, 2014

Lynda Skuse

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Residents at a “forgotten” village in the Forest of Dean are fuming at the lack of help offered after their homes were flooded out.

Around eight properties in Quayside, Brockweir have faced flooding nightmares since the start of the year as heavy rain and tidal surges on the adjacent River Wye forced families to take drastic measures.

Despite the village escaping the worst of the floods for the last 12 years, flood water from last weekend entered homes around the area.

Lynda Skuse, 64, together with her husband Roger has had to put all their ground floor furniture on garden chairs and tables.

Electronic items including the fridge, freezer, and TV were all damaged as three feet of water entered the property.

Mrs Skuse said it would cost more than £20,000 to replace and repair the plaster on the walls and other furniture.

Having suffered a minor stroke last November, the moving of the furniture has caused enormous distress for the couple.

She said: “It has been a huge nightmare for all of us. We escaped the flooding for the last 12 years, but it has been really difficult since the start of the year.

“The water came up to the front of the house, but two weeks ago the water came into the house.

“We had to move everything on stilts, and the ground floor is completely unusable. Most of the homes around here are facing the same problems.

“We have received no help whatsoever. We tried the Environment Agency, the district council, and other organisations, but no one has bothered.

“It has caused us a great deal of stress. We’ve had to buy pumps and find ways to get the water out of the house, but it keeps lapping in.

“This is the third time since the start of the year, we don’t know what to do. Some sort of help will be nice.

“We could have done with sandbags, but were told to buy them instead. We can’t get to Chepstow to get them, not in this weather.”

Her views were echoed by neighbour Stuart Merrett, 67, who could not use his front door for three weeks with water flooding his ground floor.

About 15 inches of water have drenched his furniture and household items over the last three weeks.

Mr Merrett, who has stayed at Brockweir for years, said: “The last time was in 2000, but we did not have anything of this scale since.

“I’m just shocked we have not had any response from the various organisations. The situation is horrendous, and I couldn’t get out through the front at all.”

And another tidal surge is expected two weeks from now, and both are worried it will get worse if no help is given.

A spokesperson for the Forest of Dean District Council said: “We are not aware of the full details of the incident and will investigate and follow up.”

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  • randylearner  |  February 19 2014, 8:44AM

    The problem is that the flooding has been so widespread and hit so many properties that unfortuantley resources will be sent to where there is the greater threat to lives and property. 8 houses in a small Forest village next to a river won't be a priority when there are whole towns underwater. The Fire Brigade and Environment Agencies only have so much man power. And I agree, if I lived next to a river I would already have sandbags and preventative measures in place.

  • Apothegm_  |  February 18 2014, 8:29PM

    And, most of all, be wise before the event has even been thought of.

    |   3
  • NibNobs  |  February 18 2014, 8:27PM

    GlosAnarchy, or wait until the house floods and claim a new kitchen, all downstairs furniture, re-plastering & re-decoration on the insurance.

    |   2
  • GlosAnarchy  |  February 18 2014, 6:53PM

    I do like the the attitude of some people, She said: "It has been a huge nightmare for all of us. We escaped the flooding for the last 12 years, but it has been really difficult since the start of the year." So she knew there was a risk and took no action or precautions. Remember sandbags alone are of little use and act as a placebo and you should only protect up to a hight of 600mm as greater could cause structural damage. Install flood gates on your doors, covers for your air bricks if fitted and a anti flood valve on your sewer pipe. Better would be to make your house flood resilient move all your sockets and switches high u on the walls. Move your boiler and fuse unit to the first floor. Install under floor heating and tile the walls. Install kitchen units that are made of hardwood that can be washed down and steam cleaned.

    |   3