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Teenage drunk driver jailed for crash which paralysed Dursley rugby player, Rob Camm, and "ruined two lives"

By EchoLauraC  |  Posted: April 07, 2014

Molly Zoglowek jailed

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DRINK driving teenager, Molly Zoglowek, who crashed her car leaving Dursley rugby player, Rob Camm, paralysed and unable to speak, has been jailed.

The 19-year-old from Cam was sent to prison for two years following the tragic smash which “ruined two lives”.

Former Rednock schoolgirl, Zoglowek, ploughed her car into a lamp post, tree and bench on Dursley Road on September 15, last year.

The court heard academic and sporty Rob, who she had met for the first time that evening, was one of six passengers in the car designed for just four.

Rob, then 19, had been playing rugby for Dursley that day before he went to the club’s 60th birthday party.

Following the celebrations a group of the teenagers were driven into town by Zoglowek before going Capones nightclub.

Prosecutor Julian Kesner said: “At 3.30am the defendant was in the ladies’ toilet telling a friend she had drunk too much and was going to make herself sick to get it over and done with. She proceeded to sick her own fingers down her throat.

“The prosecution cannot say how much Rob Camm had drunk, but the four other young men in the car have provided statements and they were all very drunk and have impaired judgements. But it is probably the case that he had less to drink than the others.”

Simon Camm, Rob’s cousin, said when they left the club Rob talked about ringing his parents to pick them up, but Simon had argued it was too late. The pair were going to walk, before they got into Zoglowek’s car.

Mr Kesner told the court: “Rob Camm was the last person to get in her vehicle. He ended up in the lap of his friend in the front passenger seat in the car and that is when she drove off.

“The prosecution say her driving was erratic and dangerous from the moment she set off.”

He said another driver that night heard the horn seeing the overcrowded car just 0.2 miles from Dursley. Mr Kesner said Zoglowek of Leeside Close in Cam, overtook the driver on Kingshill Road, before he witnessed her collided into a stone brick wall and carry on driving.

“The defendant disregarded the warning that should have been abundantly clear and stopped because she was out of control,” Mr Kesner said.

“But she didn’t heed that warning. She accelerated away and she was accelerating she was swerving in the road.”

Zoglowek turned onto Dursley Road and a mile into her journey lost control on a bend.

He said: “The defendant left the carriageway and the Mitsubishi car she was driving travelled along the grass verge. First it collided with a lamp post, pulling it out of the ground and falling to the ground.

“Secondly the front near side impacted with a mature tree and thirdly the vehicle collided with a bench, eventually stopping with the driver’s door wedged against another lamp post.”

Two hours after the smash at 6.45am, she was breathalysed and a reading of 72mg of alcohol in 100ml was read. The legal limit is 35.

In interview she told police she had consumed five vodkas that night.

Defending Dermot Clarke said Zoglowek, who wanted to become a teacher, disputed she was driving “erratically and dangerously”.

But he told the court: “She takes full responsibility. It was her decision to drive. She regrets obviously what has happened and she has shown remorse.

“She did not flee; she did not try to blame other people.

“We say this was not a prolonged period of bad driving. The speed was not excessive. It was inexperience and immaturity.”

Zoglowek, who had passed her driving test in January last year, was tearful in the dock as she heard of Rob’s injuries.

The court heard she was not pressurised into driving that night, but was easily persuaded.

Mr Clarke added: “She has no intention to ever drive a car again. It is a tragedy and one which will stay with Rob for the rest of his life, but one that will stay with her to a lesser extent.”

Judge William Hart jailed Zoglowek and also banned her from driving for four years after she pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving and drink driving.

He said: “The word tragedy is often used and more often misused in society today, but it can be applied to this case without question.

“Every person who is attempting to drive or to be driven by someone over the limit should hear of this case.”

He told Zoglowek she had no idea she was about to ruin two lives and impact many others when she got in her car on that fateful night.

He told her: “You ruined yours, but in a deep and grave way, you ruined the life of young Rob Camm.

“What you did was wholly tragic and out of character for you. But two lives have been ruined by this.

“I hope when you have served your sentence you can rebuild your life. You will find it easier than Rob Camm will.”

Zoglowek mouthed ‘I love you’ to her parents as she was taken down to the cells.

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  • Lynnebodey  |  May 16 2014, 7:01AM

    2years should be 20! Selfish spoilt woman

    |   2
  • Patman14  |  April 08 2014, 9:04PM

    'experience and immaturity' says the defence?? seriously?? who are they trying to kid?? this an absolutely terrible/tragice case, but yes in complete agreement, the girl should have got 5 years, what will 2 years really teach her ??, she'll be out and no doubt accepted back at uni in a year. Anyone with any local knowledge in the Dursley area knows this was a likely-hood with this particular individual. Let's pray she learns her lesson, however i sincerely doubt it.

    |   1
  • lewipaul  |  April 08 2014, 3:30PM

    She denied she was driving dangerously and erratically, how on earth else could you describe her driving, should have got 5 years for what she did.

    |   3