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Teenage driver thrown 20ft downhill after her car hit a pothole

By Stroud Life  |  Posted: February 07, 2014

  • Christie Councer

Comments (4) A teenage driver has told how she cheated death when her car flew 20ft down a ditch - after she hit a pothole.Christie Councer, 19, was driving to college when she hit a large pothole in the middle of a busy road. She lost control of her Ford KA and ended up crashing through a fence and into a tree, before the car was stopped by a hedge. The hairdressing apprentice is now appealing to the local council to fill in all of potholes and stop others suffering a similar fate.After the accident Christie, who lives in Stroud was left with fragments of glass in her head and on her face.She also believed to still be suffering from concussions after the incident which happened on Monday 27 January. The teenager told how her car hit two potholes, around 40cm long and 10cm wide, whilst driving on the A4173 in Gloucester. She was left with facial and head injuries and had to pay over £500 for a new car after her previous one was written off. She said: “I was on my way to college at about 10am last monday. I hit a pothole when I was doing about 35 or 40mph – which is well under the recommended speed limit there.“I lost control of the car. I didn’t know what to do so I ended up on the other side of the road. “Then I went through a fence and into a tree. I would have gone further but I went into a hedge which stopped me. “At some point during all of this my air bags deployed, I’m not sure when though.“I was really scared. I looked for my phone to call 999 but I couldn’t find it and I started to panic. "Then some men came running up to me and helped get me out my car and called 999." “I was taken to hospital where they had to give me some really strong painkillers.“They also had to give me some aesthetic so they could pull all the glass out my face." Christie has now launched an appeal for all of the potholes in the area to be filled in to prevent the same thing happening to other drivers. She feels that the council need to do more to make those on the roads aware of the situation.She said: “The only thing that was there to warn about them was white paint around the outside, but the paint had been there so long it was starting to fade. “There should have been something there to warn drivers. “When it’s such a dangerous and busy road there needs to be some kind of warning.“At night it’s impossible to see them, there needs to be a sign or something. “After my accident my sister saw another ford KA lose control after hitting a pothole on a different road.“It’s going to keep happening until the council do something.“It shouldn’t take people getting hurt before the council are prepared to do anything." The youngster braved the road today for the first time on her own after the accident. She said that she is now continuing to drive after the accident which could have been a lot worse.

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  • Chobbler  |  February 07 2014, 6:36PM

    You want to try the road on a motorbike leaning into a bend! Add students coming the other way veering into your lane, as it's "only a bike" we got plenty of room after all...

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  • dfm1973  |  February 07 2014, 5:55PM

    Still suffering from concussion but managed to drive to Shire Hall to pose for a pic in her new car??? I smell a claim. Sounds to me like she panicked as a pothole that size and at that (alleged) speed would not force a car off the road. As for the grammar did you really expect anything else from tinpot journalists?

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  • Mudbox  |  February 07 2014, 5:26PM

    does Carmichael think he's Bob the Builder? Coco the clown more like.

  • MentalBeaver  |  February 07 2014, 4:23PM

    As I said when the original article was posted, she is very lucky. I'm also counting myself lucky as I missed that pothole myself a week or two ago. Now...not wishing to nitpick however after you suffer a concussion then you may suffer from Post Concussion Syndrome, not further concussions (unless you receive further head trauma). That being said, PCS is definitely something you need to keep an eye on and get yourself checked out until the symptoms are gone. This page from the Headway website contains details about concussions and PCS: https://http://tinyurl.com/pqwh8ze Hope it all clears up.

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