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TK Maxx coming to Gloucester forcing Eastgate Market to move

By citizenmike  |  Posted: November 11, 2013

  • TK Maxx is coming to Gloucester

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TK Maxx is coming to Gloucester and is set to replace the Eastgate Market.

A plan is afoot to the move the market, possibly to the upstairs food court at The Eastgate shopping centre, to make way for the popular national brand.

The store would be open before Christmas 2014.

Gloucester City Council are preparing a plan to move the market but some traders are thought to be unhappy about the plan to be moved upstairs fearing there will be a drop in trade.

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The market has been at its current home for some 45 years.

Council leaders are meeting traders on Wednesday.

City council leader Paul James told the Gloucester Citizen: "I can confirm that we have received a proposal for development of the Indoor Market site which we are considering, but no decision has been taken.

"We are absolutely committed to maintaining an indoor market in Gloucester as an important part of the city's retail offer.

"The current building is in fairly poor condition and will need significant and expensive repairs over the next year or so. Whether the proposal can be progressed will depend on finding an acceptable new location for the indoor market.

"We will be meeting representatives of the market traders on Wednesday to explain the proposals in more detail and listen to their views."

TK Maxx's arrival at The Eastgate will bring to an end months of speculation about their interest is opening in the city, having initially wanted to move into the former Marks and Spencer, in Northgate Street, a plan which fell through in April.

They have yet to comment on today's announcement although the Citizen understands they are in the process of signing a contract.

Charlotte Jarrett, deputy centre manager, said that they 'could not comment on any possible retailer coming into the scheme in the foreseeable future'.

But she added: "Rockspring, the Landord of the shopping centre are in talks with the city council and are considering proposals. No plans at the moment are confirmed and we, like the city council, are committed to keeping an indoor market in the city."

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  • Glos_Lad34  |  November 17 2013, 10:06PM

    @Jas37 It was really big and cheap things in there but it closed last year.

  • jas37  |  November 14 2013, 9:03PM

    Glos_Lad34 What's the Market at Weston like? Not been there for years.

  • Glos_Lad34  |  November 14 2013, 6:00PM

    The indoor market could move and be like the one at Weston?

  • The_Selector  |  November 13 2013, 11:00AM

    The City Council may as well be honest - they don't see a long-term future for the indoor market, but they don't want the political fallout that would undoubtedly follow if they get rid of it in the first instance, so they are trying to placate those with the loudest voices with a compromise. I can see why they would want to do this, but it's ultimately going to mean the end of the indoor market, whichever way you look at it.

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  • jas37  |  November 13 2013, 9:25AM

    cheltdav1 You are probably right but the fact is that T K Maxx will pull in far more people to the Shopping Centre than the Market does. A scaled down Market could probably be sited upstairs. It may in fact benefit due to the fact that T K Maxx's presence would result in the Shopping Centre becoming much busier. More potential customers for the Market traders.

  • cheltdav1  |  November 13 2013, 7:09AM

    If TK Maxx require a unit about the size of the unit the market is currently in, and there is not enough room upstairs in the shopping centre then surely that equally means that there is not enough room for the market up there also?

  • Mike_Smith_Gl  |  November 12 2013, 10:35PM

    I cannot understand the excitement over TK Maxx coming here nor everyone bending over backwards to accommodate them. It is hardly an up-market shop, selling quality goods. Indeed, as far as I am aware it sells mainly seconds and clearance items.

  • jas37  |  November 12 2013, 10:22PM

    cheltdav1 There is certainly not enough room upstairs at Eastgate I'm afraid. TheMoanerLeza, The ripple effect from the Quays always seemed likely to happen, it was delayed probably delayed due to the problems that the Quays suffered due to opening during the recession. Rumour has it the ripple may stretch to King's square soon, interesting times.

  • TheMoanerLeza  |  November 12 2013, 10:09PM

    Time for a reality check here. Maybe the professionals were correct when they suggested the Quays, when established would create a ripple effect for the city centre. The ripple starts with business stepping up their game and attracting high street brands that would never have stepped foot in Gloucester. If TK Maxx wants to come to Gloucester let them - their presence attracts people with money to spend whereas the Indoor Market, although having a brilliant fish monger and olive seller attracts people without money to spend. The Cafe that is the hub of the market has the appearance of a social club and is cluttered with mobility scooters - its the most unappealing place to spend any money. If the businesses that reside there are any good, they should take up one of the many of empty shops around Kings Square before the ripple continues and the owners of this area wake up. Failing that take some initiative and become an outdoor market at the bus station or kings square.

  • cheltdav1  |  November 12 2013, 7:39PM

    why is everyone over looking the most obvious of solutions to keep all parties happy. The market stays where it is and is modernised to bring it up to scratch and tk maxx can go upstairs in the shopping centre, they have been upstairs in the regent arcade in cheltenham for over 20 years and was modernised last year so it must work. The best solution all round I think!!