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Shortage of clowns in Gloucester

By citizenmike  |  Posted: March 30, 2014

  • Alfredo the Clown (centre) with friends

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It is no joke - there is a shortage of clowns in Gloucester.

In fact, the lack of red-nosed comedians is actually becoming a national problem.

Clowns are no longer seen as 'cool' by many young people and numbers of the performers have plummeted.

Alfredo the Magical Clown, from Abbeydale, has been entertaining children all over the country for 27 years but he admits there is a growing problem.

"There are not as many of us as there used to be," the 62-year-old funny man said. "We've had about four clowns and magicians in Gloucester retire in the last year and they just aren't being replaced. New ones just aren't coming in."

Alfredo took up his clowning ways after watching a clown act with his daughter when she was just three years old. He said: "I thought, 'I can do that', and I gave it a try. I love what I do because all the children are different and they all blossom in their own ways. They have a laugh and they enjoy themselves. The parents really like it too.

"But things are up and down at the moment. Clowns are having to double up as magicians too. That is something that I do."

Alfredo has performed his act all over Gloucester and has travelled to other locations such as Somerset, Nottingham and London. He has also appeared on BBC television.


Why did the clown go to the doctor?

(Because he was feeling a little funny!)

Why did the clown throw his clock out of the window?

(He wanted to see time fly!)

What should you do if you're attacked by a group of clowns?

(Go for the juggler/jugular!)

Why did the clown wear loud socks?

(So his feet wouldn't fall asleep!)

Why was the clown sad?

(She broke her funny bone!)

Why don't cannibals eat clowns?

(Because they taste funny!)

Why material do you use to make a clown outfit?


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  • zinboya  |  April 02 2014, 12:14PM

    They have a Clown down Bristol you can have, he likes wearing red trousers.

  • JeremyBadger  |  March 30 2014, 11:52PM

    No Jemmy, they are all in the Palace of Westminster.

  • Kay_Powell  |  March 30 2014, 11:47PM

    ...and Julian's now out of a job; he's still young enough to retrain. ;)

    |   -23
  • JemmyWood  |  March 30 2014, 12:57PM

    You want Clowns? Go to a meeting of Goucester City Council... Theres 36 of them there already.