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Shooting badgers with rifles at night in Gloucestershire is 'dangerous'

By This is Gloucestershire  |  Posted: September 26, 2012



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Shooting badgers at night with high velocity rifles does pose a risk to the public, Gloucestershire County Council decided today.

The council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee met today to discuss the issue of badger culling on their land and took steps towards banning it.

A trial cull of badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset is due to take place to see if it can reduce the impact of tuberculosis in cattle which some say is spread by badgers..

The county council is the largest landowner of farmland in Gloucestershire with around 1,000 acres in the heart of the proposed cull area in Tewkesbury and the Forest of Dean.

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A petition signed by 779 people in Gloucestershire in the last few weeks requested that the cull should be banned on land owned by the Council.

This petition led to a thorough discussion on the council’s committee today regarding their current permission to allow tenanted farmers to cull badgers.

The Budget and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee voted that the full Council review their current policy that allows tenant farmers to take part in the Gloucestershire cull.

The next Full Council meeting is due to take place on 21 November, however campaigners will be asking for an earlier meeting given the imminent cull.

The committee also recommended that the Cabinet Member responsible for farms requests tenants taking part in the cull to carry out a risk assessment to re-assure the Council that the public would not be put at undue risk.

Councillors acknowledged concerns that night-time shooting of badgers involving high velocity rifles brought serious safety and policing issues.

Liz Gaffer, the lead petitioner and spokesperson for Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting said “We are pleased that the councillors have taken this matter seriously and given due weight to public opinion in deciding to review the existing policy.

"As seen through the petition, the public are increasingly ready to say that they are concerned about this cull and we urge everyone against it to let the council know so that they make the right decision quickly.”

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting website

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  • 2ladybugs  |  September 29 2012, 3:51PM

    No I don't think so (the whooping cough) dreadful thing to catch. Let's hope they get on top of it soon. I have known a couple of children with this and you find yourself trying to breathe for them.

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  • FreeRadical1  |  September 29 2012, 3:46PM

    It's a good thing that badgers can't catch whooping cough, or they'd be totally blamed for that as well!

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  • FreeRadical1  |  September 29 2012, 3:44PM

    " Can't you come up with anything intelligent to say...?" Sorry, but I can only use other people's words...

    Rate   -2
  • 2ladybugs  |  September 29 2012, 3:33PM

    Whoops FreeRadical1.......my apologies......it's the company you keep that called us extremists. Now what did I say about you...oh yes..... you follow JASB999 like sheep. No insult there just a very mild observation. If you think that is an insult you must come from a very sheltered background.

    Rate   5
  • 2ladybugs  |  September 29 2012, 3:27PM

    Oh and another thing before I go, badgerists seem to be worried by perturbation which just goes to prove that they do know that badgers carry TB. Also, why, when vets, RSPCA members etc. go anywhere near badgers, are they wearing full protection including gloves and masks? Remember farms that agree to cull also have to put into practise very high bio security measures, so they are not only attacking this problem from one angle but three. (the third one of course being the testing and culling of any diseased cattle)

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  • FreeRadical1  |  September 29 2012, 3:25PM

    2ladybugs, perhaps you would like to point out where I have insulted you. Or is that something else that you don't have to prove? The only person that I have insulted in any way was TimMessanger, and that was after an obnoxious comment about granola heads.

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  • 2ladybugs  |  September 29 2012, 3:08PM

    Oh and thankfully I don't have to prove myself to you, only the people who pay me.:)))) The current vaccination will NOT CURE TB. There is no way at present of testing badgers to see if they are carrying TB. Every time you capture a badger you are submitting them to undue stress which in turn will not help them if they are carrying TB. For every 25 badgers you capture to vaccinate you will miss 250.

    Rate   -4
  • 2ladybugs  |  September 29 2012, 3:01PM

    Oh so it's alright when you throw personal insults but, when the boot's on the other foot it's wrong. Double standards I believe. A bit like saying Charles and anybody else who stands up for ALL mammals, farmed animals and human beings are extremists but people who are standing up for badgers aren't.....hmmm.......quite......very logical thinking by you!!!!!

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  • FreeRadical1  |  September 29 2012, 2:49PM

    2ladybugs, resorting to personal insults, I see. I have listened to the opinions of people who do ACTUALLY have a lifetime's knowledge of this disease. I met with a number of them about a month ago, and they were all in favour of vaccination rather than culling. If you have some information that would be a contra-indication for vaccination, perhaps you could let the Badger Trust know about it. It is easy to go onto websites and claim to be a naturalist and to have written reports on bTB, but where is the proof?

    Rate   6
  • 2ladybugs  |  September 29 2012, 2:25PM

    Oh and BTW I hope that Charles keeps on cutting and pasting until a few more of you have the brains to read and inwardly digest those words.(thankfully some people have already managed to do that and they have read more and more unbiased information from off the website. They are the ones that aren't sheep but can actually think for themselves)

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