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Shared pedestrian and traffic area near the Docks is becoming a 'death trap'

By CitizenNews  |  Posted: August 11, 2014

Hussain Vorajee

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PEDESTRIANS are putting themselves in danger at a “death trap” junction in Gloucester city centre, according to the manager of a taxi rank.

Hussain Vorajee said people don’t know when to stop when crossing a pedestrianised and traffic-shared space on Commercial Road

He said pedestrians assume that cars will stop to let them across between the bottom of Southgate Street and the Docks, which makes the junction “very, very dangerous”.

The shared space on Commercial Road was introduced in 2011 and has a speed limit of 20mph.

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Since the shared space was introduced, there have been two collisions, one of them serious, on the stretch of road, according to Crashmap.co.uk

Hussain, who is to manage City Cars on Eastgate Street, said a pelican crossing on the street would help to alleviate the problem.

He said: “I would call this area of road a death trap. I pass there 15 to 20 times per day and I see safety issues there all the time.

“It’s a very, very dangerous area, especially in working hours between 9am and 7pm.

“Cars are just stopping because they have to, because pedestrians, often with young children, are telling them to stop.”

Businesses in the area have also highlighted the junction as having safety problems.

Brian Crosby, owner of Cornerhouse Art on Commercial Road, said: “The road does get quite busy, especially in rush hour, and people don’t seem to understand how shared pedestrianised areas of major roads works. This makes it a dangerous road.”

An employee of Gloucester Furniture Exhibition Centre, said: “The etiquette on the road is a problem and people are going beyond the point where they treat it like a road.

“The 20mph speed limit helps but there is still a problem on the street. When I first came here I thought the whole area should have been completely pedestrianised due to the amount of people walking around.”

Jason Humm, area highways manager at Gloucestershire County Council, said: “There have been no accidents on this section of Southgate Street since the shared space scheme was created and we know that road users are sticking to the 20mph speed limit which was introduced in 2011.

“We are of course happy to talk to Mr Vorajee and discuss any issues that he may have.”

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  • andyhmmm  |  August 12 2014, 9:47PM

    Where go GCC get their stats? "We know people are sticking to the limit"! I call BS on that one, it's on my morning cycle commute into gloucester in the morning and the number of people who pass me while I'm doing 20 is untrue. Oh and is the right turn a turn as you go up southgate street towards the centre? Who actually has right of way? No road markings makes that section a hazard to cyclists not even mentioned in the article.

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  • Kay_Powell  |  August 12 2014, 3:53PM

    RoadWombat, it's not just a road - that's the whole point. It's a 'shared space'; that's why there are no kerbs. Drivers are supposed to stop to allow pedestrians to cross.; some do and some don't. If there were a pelican crossing (or two), there would be no confusion over who had the right of way.

    |   -30
  • 1bobby  |  August 12 2014, 9:53AM

    The system simply does not work. Confusion for all due to inadequate signs that are difficult to see. Many a time I have stopped for pedestrians to have the car behind blast their horn. The fact that part of the area is on a corner is another major problem . Like the road markings and calming area by the prison ( which had to be altered due to the cancel getting it wrong) this system lacks thought.

    |   1
  • SandraPee  |  August 12 2014, 9:46AM

    ivor_biggun, You're supposed to make eye contact with the driver and they in turn should stop and let the pedestrians cross the road ! In reality, if you give way to a pedestrian you get an irate driver behind you shouting and swearing and waving his fists in the air !

    |   1
  • ivor_biggun  |  August 12 2014, 9:10AM

    It was always a stupid idea, I have no idea how it's supposed to work. No idea what you're supposed to do as driver or passenger. Though when I do actually use it to go into town I wonder why I bothered in the first place.

    |   1
  • SandraPee  |  August 12 2014, 8:52AM

    billfoster.. There's no restriction on the number of votes on this site of late , their settings must be wrong . Kay Powell seems to generate dozens of negative votes for some reason ?

    |   1
  • IsitJimKerr  |  August 12 2014, 8:08AM

    Wombie.....that's just it.......you can't!!!!

    |   1
  • RoadWombat  |  August 12 2014, 5:02AM

    It's just a road, so drive on it normally.

    |   1
  • billfoster  |  August 11 2014, 10:26PM

    So many sensible comments yet I have never seen so many negative votes. Perhaps the citizen. Should have. A look at the ip addresses. How many from the council ?

    |   1
  • Kay_Powell  |  August 11 2014, 10:14PM

    I totally agree with Sandra. (BTW, the Cookie Monster is working overtime tonight).

    |   -40