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Robins boss barred for pub antics

By This is Gloucestershire  |  Posted: May 07, 2009

  • 'barred': The Salisbury

  • Martin Allen

CHELTENHAM Town boss Martin Allen has been barred from a town centre pub for dropping his trousers.

Allen, 43, was asked to leave The Salisbury, in Montpellier Street, after allegedly unzipping his trousers and parading in front of pub-goers.

The incident took place during an end-of-season night out two days before the Robins' relegation fate was sealed in a 1-1 draw at home to Carlisle United.

Bar manager Kirsty Wiseman, 38, said: "Mr Allen arrived here with a group of friends at about 8pm.

"He soon drew attention to himself by behaving in a rowdy manner, dancing up on the stage with his shirt off, surrounded by women.

"Then, when he was standing in front of the bar, he dropped his trousers, before parading up towards the dancefloor.

"I rushed over to him, and told him to pull them up or else he would have to leave."

On being told to pull his trousers up, Allen is said to have replied: "We've spent over £100 at the bar and I'm making it a better atmosphere. You need people like me in here."

Despite the warning, Allen allegedly repeated his antics only minutes later.

Mrs Wiseman, who barred Mr Allen, added: "He was back up on the dancefloor soon afterwards, with his shirt off again.

"He started to unzip his trousers, as if to taunt us, so I said 'Enough is enough – you're out'.

"His friends were very apologetic, but this is a family-run business and we don't want that kind of clientele.

"It doesn't matter who you are.

"My mum, who is in her 60s, was present and she was disgusted."

A former stalwart midfielder at Queens Park Rangers and West Ham, the man nicknamed "Mad Dog" is known for bursts of eccentric behaviour.

He has dived into a freezing cold river as a way of motivating his players and often brings his dog with him to training.

Allen initially denied the claims, saying he had never been to The Salisbury.

But several eyewitness accounts confirmed Mrs Wiseman's version of events.

One pub-goer, who wished to remain anonymous, said Allen's behaviour was un- acceptable. He said: "Just as I thought he was settling down, he emerged with his trousers around his ankles shouting and laughing.

"I was surprised the manager was acting in a manner that, if it had been a player, might have brought about sanctions.

"As manager of a community football club that has a high profile within the town, I believe the example he set was not appropriate."

Cheltenham Town chairman Paul Baker confirmed there had been a management night out in The Salisbury.

A statement from the club said: "Martin Allen would like to apologise for any offence caused by his actions at the end-of-season staff event.

"The incident, while regrettable, was a minor one. "No one was hurt, no damage was caused, and there was no drunken or abusive behaviour.

"It was simply a bit of high jinks at the end of an enjoyable evening."