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The Richardson Report with former Gloucester and England coach Keith Richardson

By The Citizen  |  Posted: May 15, 2014

THE result at Worcester, though disheartening for all, was an accident waiting to happen and was clearly more important in the big picture than the match itself.

Nigel Davies has gone, but would a victory at Sixways have saved him?

Surely the signs for large chunks of the season suggested that all was not well.

We had as exciting a set of backs as can be imagined, but the pack was usually suspect when push came to shove.

The players themselves were always protected from any flak by sacked Davies (pictured) and this may have been part of his undoing.

In this very same week, Tim Sherwood got his P45 from Tottenham Hotspur for what seems to be a simple case of confronting players and telling them what he thought of their performances.

Sport is a strange being in the world of big money!

Once upon a generation ago, players and supporters at Kingsholm knew precisely what was happening.

If you got your name on the first team sheet, you were safe for another week; if you went from that to the United, you and the rest of the world knew that you had been dropped. Fail to make that sheet and you had to have two broken legs or you were on your bike.

Now nobody really knows if a player has been dropped or is being rested and Davies was very supportive of his squad in keeping ‘secrets’ from the outside world.

Whether the players’ performances deserved such loyalty is questionable and it may be better for all to go back a few years and mention the dreaded ‘D’ word in press releases; he has been dropped!

The press releases from the club suggest that a big name might be looked for.

If this is true, it is extremely worrying. Surely there will have been plans in operation to get a coach before the axe fell. A club of Gloucester’s stature might have been expected to have made approaches months ago just in case things did not improve.

It is not very nice, but top-level sport is not particularly nice and getting your boardroom retaliation in before the fight should be the order of the day.

Matters did not suddenly deteriorate at Worcester and the result might have been the best one so that the whole situation could be dealt with quickly.

A victory could well have precipitated more hand-wringing and conjecture instead of action.

The players have hardly covered themselves in glory, but it is easier to sack the coach than the squad.

We can but hope that there have been Machiavellian plans and strategies behind closed doors for some time now.

If Gloucester really have not got a name lined up and signed on the dotted line , they will be performing as poorly as some of the players.

The signs have been apparent for most of this season, so the people in power will have suspected that this week’s events were always likely to happen and a compromise solution will not be the answer to the problem. Let’s all keep all fingers crossed!

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