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Richard Graham MP quits government role

By citizenmike  |  Posted: June 24, 2014

Richard Graham

Comments (14) Gloucester MP Richard Graham has quit his Government role just two days after a similar resignation.Mr Graham has said he is standing down as parliamentary private secretary (PPS) to the Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire.He took to Twitter to say he wanted to focus more on dealing with Gloucester’s regeneration issues and his other roles such as David Cameron’s trade envoy.His announcement came after David Burrowes said yesterday he was quitting as PPS to Environment Secretary Owen Paterson “in the best interests of my constituents and our party”.Asked what she made of his resignation, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Gloucester, Sophy Gardner, said “Four years into the role is a bit late to realise that regeneration is a priority for Gloucester.“He has kept his role as a trade envoy though which means he will still get to go on his nice trips abroad.”

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  • Lily12  |  June 25 2014, 6:15PM

    God help us all then JemmyWood if people vote for Sophy we will end up with Red Ed. The vast majority of people I know will be voting again for Richard Graham

    |   -11
  • JemmyWood  |  June 25 2014, 5:57PM

    Lilly12 and a vast majority in Gloucester think the opposite to you. At the last election people voted for Dave and Gloucester got Dick. Now I wonder how many red numbers the Dick Graham fan club will give me for that one....

    |   14
  • Lily12  |  June 25 2014, 5:05PM

    JemmyWood, I would think the Conservative association and the Heythrop Hunt had better things to do with their time then sit red arrowing all day, have you never thought that some Gloucester people actually think Richard Graham is very good for Gloucester. Its always the same old people bashing him with the same old comments I for one think he is very good for Gloucester, that's my opinion and all this bashing and name calling won't change that. I don't care if i get red or green arrows, all that means is people are reading my comment.

    |   -13
  • JemmyWood  |  June 25 2014, 4:19PM

    All these red arrows for people who are speaking out against Dick Graham, it was if the local Conservative association and the Heythrop Hunt were doing his dirty work for him. If this post gets less than 5 red arrows, I'll be amazed. :)

    |   14
  • SELINA30  |  June 25 2014, 3:24PM

    David Cameron should say sorry for employing Richard Graham.

    |   12
  • JemmyWood  |  June 25 2014, 2:02PM

    The Citizen did indeed have to print an appology, as it misquoted him.... it does not however change what he DID say about Food Banks and its users.

    |   13
  • Lily12  |  June 25 2014, 12:50PM

    Didn't the Citizen have to print an apology regarding food bank comments, or is that something people like to forget?

    |   -6
  • JemmyWood  |  June 25 2014, 12:33PM

    Moonside, Economies are cyclic and ConDem coalition started in recession, so the natural course will of course be for the ecomomy to improve over time, so even without Dick Graham's alleged help, investment would have happened. Can you prove 100% that all investment was down to Dick? doubtful. I am astounded you say he understands things at grass routes level.... now what was he said about Foodbanks and its users again... care to remind us all? and didn't he refer to Eastgate Street on a weekend akin a to Roman Orgy or something similar? As for Apprenticeship scheme and jobs fairs, well thats just yet another bandwagon he hopped onto I'm afraid. If you read these pages you will see honest reviews of what was (not) on offer. I'm sorry, but as far as I can see, he became an MP for one reason and one reason only, to further his own long term interests. The people of Gloucester have been a low priority for him for the last four years, when in fact they should have been the highest. Time for a change, time for Gloucester to have an MP it desperately needs and deserves...

    |   11
  • Moonside1  |  June 25 2014, 11:01AM

    Has no one seen that while Richard Graham as been MP of Gloucester small businesses have increased, which means more jobs for our city, he has brought more investment in to Gloucester in the last couple of years than his predecessor did throughout his career. He concentrates on bringing substance and investment into our great city, rather than bribing the electorate with free handouts to win votes. Labour exhibited a sad lack of fiscal responsibility during their time in power, at least Richard Graham recognises that long term growth, prosperity and jobs comes from understanding and encouraging businesses to invest in Gloucester. At the same time, it is clear that he understands things at grass routes level and that people need skills and help to get themselves on the job ladder and then advance their careers - witness his dedication to the apprentice schemes and the success of his jobs fair. As far as the comment below about 'feather their own nest' is concerned, taking time to look at his previous impressive career would reveal that financially he would have been much better off continuing in the commercial world rather than dedicating himself to driving forwards a resurgence in the fortunes of Gloucester.

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  • berted  |  June 25 2014, 8:54AM

    So, he's stepping down from being the bag carrier to the Foreign Office minister. Did he fall or was he pushed? All smiles and no substance. Roll on next May so that Gloucester can see the back of him.

    |   12