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Restaurant review: Ed's Easy Diner, Gloucester Quays

By The Citizen  |  Posted: July 24, 2013

By Jenny Eastwood

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Sitting there slurping my chocolate malt milkshake and waiting for my burger to arrive, I half expected Michael J Fox to come skate boarding past the window like in Back to the Future.

Ed’s Easy Diner is a 1950s-style American diner which comes complete with a chrome finish open kitchen, vintage looking memorabilia and a cool miniature jukebox in its retro red leather booths.

This new addition at Gloucester Quays is one of a tranche of eateries opening to capitalise on the arrival of the cinema later this year and judging by the family feel of the place, it is clear it will no doubt clear up on the teens off to the cinema crowd once Cineworld opens.

That said, I embraced my inner 14-year-old for the night and embarked on perusing the menu which consists mainly of burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs.

First off, it was all about the drinks selection and I couldn’t resist a chocolate malt milkshake (£4.25) which was served in a proper metal can to top off the authentic diner feel.

It was delicious and really thick and my other half, who also ordered like a teenager with a Cherry Coke float (£3.30), had serious drink envy.

The waiting staff advised us that sadly that night there were no onion rings on so that meant we couldn’t order the rather tempting sounding combo plates of a burger, fries, onion rings and coleslaw (from £9.85) so we both went for a burger and fries.

I chose Big Bubba’s bacon and cheese burger (£7.25) and a side order of classic fries (£2.95) and my partner ordered the barbecue deluxe (£7.25) which came with American cheese and barbecue pork on top plus a portion of fries as well.

The burgers came with salad and in a sesame seed bun and were all packaged up in dinky white paper wrapping.

We tucked in expecting to be wowed by the burgers and in truth they were good but not amazing.

They were cooked well with a good helping of cheese on both but they were not mind blowing and the meat could have been better seasoned. The barbecue pork was also a bit too sweet.

The chips were good, although oddly they were large British looking fat chips rather than French fries which I was expecting.

But as a condiment fiend, I was delighted to see there was plenty of authentic American mustard and ketchup going to dip them in.

It didn’t take long to demolish the fast food all the while listening to the Elvis and Chuck Berry tunes we had picked out on the very reasonable 20p a go jukebox.

We were too stuffed for pudding but dessert options included waffles and sundaes which sounded great. They also do breakfast.

As we waited for the bill, which came to £27.95, I looked around at the packed diner and there were a lot of groups of young people in there plus families and it is clear that is its appeal.

For me, it was also its flaw as once I had gotten over the gimmicks of the 1950s feel and jukebox (which was excellent) it didn’t really feel like a place I would go time and again with friends for dinner.

But that is not what it is there for; it is about fast food served up in a lively, fun restaurant and for that, you can’t fault it.

Just make sure you raid that piggy bank for 20s before you go.

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  • jennyenews  |  July 24 2013, 7:11PM

    That is some coincidence Nerva, I too have been to Hamburger Mary in Vancouver last year! Great chilli fries

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  • Salvo2304  |  July 24 2013, 5:01PM

    Ive heard some disappointing reviews of this place too, seems ridiculous that fries/chips are extra and by the looks of that video, not worth it. @Nerva have you tried Cafe Rene's Desperate Dan burgers? i think you may change your mind!

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  • Nerva  |  July 24 2013, 1:36PM

    5p change from 28 quid for 2? So not for a pensioner! No doubt a far better hamburger (and milkshake) than one gets in a certain American place in Westgate Street. Best hamburger in Gloucester has to be found in The Fountain in Westgate Street. Hamburger and real chips (all cooked to order, so it is not "fast food") plus a pint of real beer ... and change for a tenner. But the best hamburger I have ever had was at Hamburger Mary's on Davie Street in Vancouver.

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  • Selector  |  July 24 2013, 10:10AM

    At £28 for two people to have burgers, fries and a drink, I don't think I'll be rushing to eat there somehow.

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