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Protesters out in force as two Forest of Dean puppy farms told dog breeding licences won't be renewed

By Maryam_Qaiser  |  Posted: March 26, 2014

Care and Respect Includes All Dogs (CARIAD) supporters protesting outside Forest of Dean Council in Coleford

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TWO so-called ‘puppy farms’ in the Forest of Dean have been told to cease trading after councillors refused to renew their licences.

Protesters gathered outside the district council’s Coleford offices to vent their anger at the farms before the crunch meeting yesterday.

Protester Claire Harton-Bussey, who spoke before the meeting, said: “It is not acceptable to protect this commodity. The dogs need to be in a clean home and environment and they should be in social contact with people. This is all about profit, profit, profit for them.”

Hagloe House Farm in Blakeney, which is owned by Margaret Davies, wanted the permit to continue breeding pugs, chihuahuas, poodles and Boston terriers.

A recent inspection was carried out by vet Michael Daly, which showed shortcomings, the licensing meeting heard.

His report stated that water bowls were knocked over and the current wooden kennels were largely unchanged since the previous inspection, although new building plans had been drawn up.

David Grimsell, who was representing the Care and Respect Includes All Dogs campaign, spoke at the meeting.

He said: “Here’s an idea. Go out and buy a dog, a female. Bring her back home and put her in a barren pen about 4ft by 6ft. Then pretty much ignore her. Very occasionally let her out for 15 minutes in a concrete yard. Put a stud dog in with her and breed from her repetitively for six or seven years. When she’s no longer so productive, get rid of her. Now multiply this up about 90 times. Have rows of pens in a couple of barns. This is looking remarkably like Hagloe House Farm.”

Mrs Davies has held a dog breeding licence with Forest of Dean District Council since 2007. Her most recent expired on February 11, meaning she has been unable to advertise or sell dogs.

Campaigners said they would help rehome dogs at the site but an appeal process is likely first.

Councillor and chairman of the licensing committee, Bernie O’Neill, said: “The plans for a new building are very, very good but that was in March last year. Our main concern is about the building.”

A second application was submitted by Richard and Helen Pike, who wanted to renew their breeding licence - also for a site in Blakeney.

The council rejected that appliaction too, amid fears that the dogs’ quarters were not up to required standards.

A spokesman for the district council said: “When determining an application for a dog breeding licence a local authority has to consider the requirements of the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973.”

Both applicants intend to make appeals against the decisions to the Magistrates Courts.

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  • AmyEvans1986  |  October 11 2014, 3:46AM

    Did you know Both puppy farms are related ? Helen Pike is Margaret Davies daughter. And whats started regarding the number of *****es and litters etc is was under the actual amount.

  • Jackie57  |  March 26 2014, 8:50PM

    Hi colliewobbles - Pauline will phone you in the morning.

  • colliewobbles  |  March 26 2014, 6:41PM

    Jackie57, the rspca is the responsible body for animal welfare, if your friend has purchased sick puppies from this establishment, please get in touch on the number below, or ask the person who purchased the puppies to get in touch with us, and we can take some information from you

  • colliewobbles  |  March 26 2014, 6:38PM

    jackie57 please would you give me a call on 07779041778 , thanks

  • Jackie57  |  March 26 2014, 11:20AM

    My neighbour here in Bristol bought 2 puppies from this puppy farm, not realising what sort of establishment it was until it was too late - the puppies were ill. The vets bills ran into thousands. The RSPCA did visit the kennels, apparently, after my neighbour complained, but gave them a clean bill of health. The puppies are Kennel Club registered, but the Kennel Club deny any responsibility - they are just a club. But if people buy a KC registered puppy or dog don't they expect a quality pet? Isn't that what the Kennel Club is supposed to ensure? Apparently not. Gloucester Council are denying the licence because the buildings aren't up to spec - not because its a puppy farm. So, my question is this: which authority does care that its a puppy farm?

    |   3
  • SceneNotHerd  |  March 21 2014, 9:32AM

    GlosAnarchy, you know what a puppy farm is, don't you? Puppy breeding on a mass scale, where *****es are bred continuously every time they come into season, where no health or temperament checks are done on the parents, where dogs are often inbred, where puppies often have health or temperament problems and where the focus is on making money rather than the welfare of the dogs. Refusing them a license has less to do with 'public feelings' and everything to do with moral decency and preventing animal cruelty. I would be very surprised if the verdict is overturned, I sincerely hope it isn't. You and I clearly have very different meanings for 'anarchy', I don't know any anarchists who support cruelty to animals.

    |   13
  • NDJMILLER  |  March 21 2014, 8:54AM

    There are enough dogs in animal shelters already without people breeding more. Come on, if you want a dog go to the RSPCA, Battersea or Dog's Trust and adopt one !

    |   11
  • colliewobbles  |  March 20 2014, 7:56PM

    I would like to address GlosAnarchy's comment, Hagloe Farm didn't lose their license because of Public Feeling, the license was not renewed because the accommodation was not suitable in respect of construction, size of the kennels, number of dogs, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness, also Fire Alarms could not be heard from the house, fire precautions were not satisfactory, no heating in the kennel blocks, no records being kept, dogs without water or water bowls, space heater with naked flame being used in a timber kennel block, and dog feaces being composted and put on Arable Land, along with 101 other things, perhaps you should of come to the meeting and then you would have your facts right

    |   14
  • GlosAnarchy  |  March 20 2014, 8:52AM

    I would think the courts will overturn the licensing authority as they will act by the letter of the law and not take into account public feelings etc. The offer to "re-home" the dogs that would have been sold is just rubbing salt into the wounds caused by the licensing comity's decisions and the owner may well decide that they don't want to let the dogs be "re-homed"

    |   -17
  • citon  |  March 19 2014, 9:27PM

    The more I know people, the better I prefer animals.

    |   17