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Podsmead 'puma' sparks fresh big cat speculation

By The Citizen  |  Posted: May 05, 2012

  • Big cat sighting in Podsmead

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THE latest sighting of a suspected big cat on the loose in Gloucester has triggered fresh speculation wild animals live among city residents.

Mum-of-two Julie Marlow was wary of reporting the sighting for fear of ridicule. But when her friends and neighbours said they had also spotted similar animals, she spoke out.

The 30-year-old city shop assistant was putting her two young boys to bed at their Podsmead home when she saw the unusual sight from her bedroom window on Monday.

"It was twilight and I went to draw the curtains and then saw this thing in Widden Field," she said.

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"It was too big to be a fox and it ran like a horse, rather than a bouncing dog. It was moving very fast, covering the length of two football pitches in just a few seconds.

"People think I'm mad but I know what I saw. I was so amazed at what I was looking at I didn't even think about getting my camera out, it was beautiful."

Mrs Marlow said the big cat, dark fawn in colour, was the size of an Alsatian and disappeared along disused railway track towards Crypt School.

"I've told my boys not to be scared of it," she said. "I know these animals are predators but they are not interested in humans and no more dangerous than badgers."

Big cat enthusiast Frank Tunbridge, who lives near to the latest sighting, said: "From the description it sounds like it could be a puma. There is a good chance it was on its way from Robinswood Hill.

"There is usually a plentiful supply of deer and rabbits to feed on, but the heavy rain could have driven it towards more populated areas to scavenge for food."

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  • FreeRadical1  |  October 26 2012, 4:30PM

    Have these people any idea how huge pumas are? (Look them up on Wikipedia).

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  • G_day86  |  June 07 2012, 3:30PM

    I dont normally comment on these stories, but I have been on Robinswood Hill before dusk and encountered a pack of weird looking animals. They were eating stuff ripped from the bin. 2 scampered off into the long grass as soon as they noticed me and another stared at me for a couple minutes. They werent domestic cats. They were too tall, too long and the tail was too long. They were facially very similar to a Lynx. I am not claiming it was a lynx or a big cat or anyhting like that, merely just an animal i couldnt classify (but in fairness I'm not an expert) At then end of the day, i pose more of a threat to them than me... but I can assure you my cat doesnt go out at night time anymore since then!!!! Just leave these animals alone.. if they are out there they keep themselves to themselves. Has a human ever been attacked by one of these big cats... no so why are we so interested in them. They are living out of our way, going about their own business!

    |   1
  • Kay_Powell  |  May 07 2012, 12:16AM

    That's a good idea. There are definitely big cats on Alney Island. I must suggest to the city council's countryside unit that they apply for grants to improve the habitat to encourage them to breed - after all, they are very rare! OMG, I've just realised that the reason that there is an abandoned tent on Alney Island, just across the river from Gloucestershire College, is that the occupants have been eaten by pumas.

    |   -3
  • darrglos  |  May 06 2012, 11:09PM

    Are these people for real? Puma's wild in Posmead. Next thing we know they be asking for grant for a Wildlife Officer.

    |   1
  • Darius42  |  May 06 2012, 9:02PM

    Ohhhhhhhhh Paul........... happy memories eh? XXXX You are and you will always be my hero. x

    |   2
  • B_Linton1  |  May 06 2012, 12:38PM

    Oh dear, Frank Tunbridge and Julie Marlow have their backs to the camera, must be all that fear of ridicule that shy's both of them away? Frank has climbed down from being an "expert" to being an "enthusiast", yet he still cries out big cat, so much for the big cat tracker who has failed 100% to track, find or even get his hands on such big cats. These cats are so big and plentyful, yes, the worlds' population of big cats must live in Gloucestershire, so how come Frank has never tracked or found one?

    |   -16
  • 2ladybugs  |  May 06 2012, 10:25AM

    Change of subject here. I don't usually make personal comments about people but is Frank knee-high to a grasshopper or is the lady with him exceedingly tall?

    |   3
  • BlahhhBlahhh  |  May 05 2012, 11:59PM

    A few misquotes here. Like a horse, nope. Said moved elegantly, like horses canter, effortless looking not scruffy like a dog running flat out looks. Badgers ... I said some people are frightened by badgers etc as they can be dangerous, but this animal seemed to be avoiding people. Would be dangerous face to face, but like all wild animals don't corner them or approach them on purpose.

    |   -1
  • B_Linton1  |  May 05 2012, 8:57PM

    Frank...it was a dog or deer, come on man - err, I mean Mr expert big cat tracker", can you not tell the difference between a dog, deer and a puma? Thinks me not Frank....you need to get a grip on reality, this big cat stuff is driving everyone up the wall, no wonder people laugh at you! So where is Panthera_Noir; Cats_R_Us; Dave_Kemp, the in-house expert on everything when the TIG needs him? I see that Panthera_Noir was banned from a well-known zoo forum site, his comments were offensive and off-topic. So how much is Frank getting on commission for his cat sightings? Is the TIG paying him or is this flight of fancy Frank having a midlife crisis that has last 25 years?

    |   -12
  • Polly_Willets  |  May 05 2012, 8:39PM

    Soooo, out of all of these comments, ''Piccy 2, the petting of imaginary big catness.'' was deemed offensive?! Lolz! I may not be able to see you either Still... But like our Frank, I KNOW that you are out there! ;D

    |   -11



      Do you believe big cats are stalking Gloucestershire?