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Phone problems 'put massive strain' on Kebab Delights takeaway in Gloucester

By The Citizen  |  Posted: December 19, 2013


Problems with the phone line has meant that Kebab Delights takeaway has lost out on a lot of custom

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BUSINESS owner Sahin Tuncel said he has endured sleepless nights after fearing his new Kebab Delights takeaway could close because of problems with his phone line.

The business, which opened in June on Eastgate Street, relies on telephone orders for most of its custom.

Mr Tuncel claimed there had been a catalogue of errors after taking out a contract with the Utility Warehouse, a discount club which deals with various firms to supply phone and other services to homes and businesses.

“I asked Utility Warehouse to keep the same number as I previously had,” he said. “I then received an invoice for an internet connection I did not ask for which took three weeks to sort out.

“I was then told it would cost me £120 for an engineer to come out and fix the phone line which I refused to pay.

“I told them to listen to the recordings of phone conversations I had with them that proved that I did not ask for the internet connection.

“Three weeks later Utility Warehouse told me they had lost my my phone line.”

He added: “When I rang my mobile phone from the shop’s number, a different number was coming up on the phone.

“It has been really stressful and I have not been able to sleep. I have lost at least £7,000 which is a lot of money for a small independent business.

“I have been in talks with my solicitor.”

Mr Tuncel said that not having a working phone line meant he has had to send some of his drivers home as there are not enough orders for them to deliver. He said he is losing trade.

He said: “I have no phone line and when the shop door is closed and the lights are off, people think I have closed down – it’s ruining the reputation of this business.”

A spokesman for Utility Warehouse said: “We are very sorry for the experience that Mr. Tuncel has had. This was due to errors by BT Openreach, who are responsible for the migration of telephone lines. We are working hard to solve the problem as soon as possible, so as to minimise the impact on Mr. Tuncel’s business.”

A spokesman for Openreach, a BT Group business, said: “Openreach has looked into this and can confirm that we have made no errors as has been suggested. This appears to be an issue with the order process.”

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  • agaga  |  December 20 2013, 4:08PM

    How can"kebab" and "delightful" be in the same sentance?

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  • Apothegm_  |  December 20 2013, 8:22AM

    It might also be worth noting that the Food Standards Agencies "Food Hygiene" assessment shows Kebab Delight as being 5*, the highest rating possible. http://tinyurl.com/or98ecm

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  • Kebab_delight  |  December 20 2013, 2:59AM

    For more updates check kebab delights & pizza facebook page, if you want to get in contact please call 01452 526107 on the temporary telephone number. Kebab delights

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  • GlosAnarchy  |  December 19 2013, 8:35PM

    GlostaBoy123 to answer your question "Three weeks later Utility Warehouse told me they had lost my my phone line."

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  • GlostaBoy123  |  December 19 2013, 8:07PM

    So whos lying? One said this was errors due to BT Openreach, and BT Openreach say they have made no errors. Only one of them is saying the truth here.

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  • GlosAnarchy  |  December 19 2013, 7:42PM

    What I'm interested in is what was the fault that they tried to charge £120 to fix?

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