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New social housing for Wellington Street derelict site

By citizenmike  |  Posted: March 05, 2014

Derelict site on Wellington Street

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NEW social housing will be built on a derelict site in Gloucester city centre.

Ten new flats will be built on the land in Wellington Street after city councillors granted permission to social housing provider Rooftop Housing at a planning committee meeting on Tuesday.

It will be the first time since the early 1990s that the site has been used.

It was formerly occupied by an auction room which was demolished.

Several planning applications for new residential developments have followed, but each plan has expired in turn.

Now Rooftop Housing want to build the 10 new flats, which will follow strict design guidelines because the street is within the Eastgate Street and St Michael’s Conservation Area.

But there are fears that the building will be positioned too close to the next door firm Stephens Electrics, with just a 10cm gap between the business and the proposed new build.

A representative from the electrical repair business warned that the closeness of the two buildings would lead to fears that in a few years time the new residents could complain about noise coming from their workshop.

Councillors have agreed to write to the applicant to ask them to consider making the gap wider, but the plans were given permission anyway.

Councillor Andy Lewis (C, Severn Vale) said: “This could create problems for the wall such as damp. I’m not sure how they would go about repointing the brickwork or get down there to render it.”

Councillor Anna Mozol rejected the plan, while her fellow Liberal Democrat councillor Jeremy Hilton abstained. He said: “With the previous applications for this site there was a bigger gap with Stephens Electrics. Those applications were far superior than the one we are presented with now.”

But councillor Phil McLellan (LD, Barnwood) said: “Rooftop Housing are a great social landlord and I am sure they will do a great job.”

Neighbouring residents raised concerns about a lack of parking for 10 flats and that the size of the building could ‘dwarf’ a neighbour’s house but planning officers rejected the complaints and recommended the plan for approval.

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  • Glos_Lad34  |  March 26 2014, 8:27AM

    @ GlostaBoy I agree but I think Wellington Street is Druggie Central.

  • RoadWombat  |  March 06 2014, 11:54PM

    Richardburton - Unfortunately, wherever there are houses built, too many of them are set aside for parasitical criminals and the feckless/lazy, as opposed to people contributing to society. Indeed, unemployment or a criminal record should automatically put someone to the the very bottom of any housing list, and there they should stay until ALL others have been housed.

    |   2
  • Richardburton  |  March 06 2014, 10:25PM

    Why do the people who get into trouble etc always seem to get a place to live in town and yet people who would love to live near town don't get a sniff? Should be the other way round !! I hope these places will be offered to people who need somewhere to live and are working.

    |   4
  • jackson99  |  March 06 2014, 5:29PM

    What about parking for cars? Plus who will the flats be used by?

    |   2
  • North Glos EPC  |  March 06 2014, 10:09AM

    If well designed and if tenancies well run this is a good use for a brown field site. Far better than another Tesco direct or whatever and far better than leaving the site derelict for another twenty years.

    |   3
  • JemmyWood  |  March 05 2014, 7:13PM

    Is it not a bit too close to Stroud and Leonard Stanley...?Their NIMBYs will be out in force over this one!

    |   3
  • GlostaBoy123  |  March 05 2014, 6:04PM

    Block of flats for druggies near a block of flats for druggies?

    |   9