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Mystery 'bright object' falls from sky over Churchdown

By citizenmike  |  Posted: December 19, 2013

  • A reader called Steve mocked up this image of what he saw

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Mystery surrounds reports of a 'bright object' that fell from the sky this morning.

The unidentified object is said to have fallen over the Churchdown and M5 area.

It could be the remains of Comet Ison, which had been predicted to be most visible in our skies during the first two weeks of December.

A Citizen reader called Steve wrote in to describe the incident as a 'weird sighting'. He said: "What I saw was a bright but small glow descend from the sky with a short trail behind it. It then faded as is disappeared behind the hedges."

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He has since mocked up an image of what he saw in the hope that it might shed some light on the mystery.

Reader Adam Stevens said: "I was traveling along the Shurdington Rd this morning at approximately 7.45am and I saw a bright white item in the sky. It was to my right as I was driving towards Gloucester. It was very bright and I couldn't make out what it was but it was almost a religious cross shape."

Meanwhile, if you see a light moving across the sky, don’t panic, it’s probably the International Space Station.

The space station will be visible on a number of occasions in the coming days over the skies of Gloucester.

Measuring in at 239ft long and 256ft wide, it takes just 92 minutes to orbit the entire Earth. It usually travels at around 17,100mph.

It was launched in 1998 and is currently being manned by a crew of six astronauts.

It may be visible on Friday night at 6.01pm for two minutes, depending on cloud cover.

On Saturday you can see it at 5.13pm for up to four minutes and again on Sunday at 6.01pm for two minutes.

There will be two more opportunities on Monday at 5.12pm for up to five minutes and on Christmas Eve at 6.01pm.

On Christmas Day there is a chance we might spot the station at 5.15pm for four minutes or at 6.49pm for two minutes.

The satellite hit the headlines this week after it emerged that astronauts are about to conduct a series of dangerous space walks in a bid to fix a broken cooling line. Half of the station’s cooling system shut down last week.

Did you see the mystery object? What was it? E-mail mike.wilkinson@glosmedia.co.uk or comment below.

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  • GlosAnarchy  |  December 19 2013, 5:49PM

    Kay TiG is now just a redirect to this site......

    |   -27
  • Kay_Powell  |  December 19 2013, 4:39PM

    Apothegm, the actual answer is that TiG is being wound down (as reported months ago). They want you to use the Citizen and Echo websites.

    |   -29
  • zootbot  |  December 19 2013, 11:31AM

    I saw something falling at around 8am this morning as I was approaching the Longford Roundabout

  • s_hambles  |  December 19 2013, 11:26AM

    Not really a mystery, the fireball was visible across most of the UK around 0800 hrs today 19-12-2013 travelling SW - NE at 30 degrees covering 10% of the sky.

  • GlosAnarchy  |  December 19 2013, 11:11AM

    agaga you beat me to it, I will have a look for some suitable big cat pics and GIMP them ;)

    |   -23
  • Apothegm_  |  December 19 2013, 11:10AM

    "Why is 'This Is Gloucestershire' not uploading as many articles from 'The Citizen' as it used to?" Not a difficult question to answer: they want you to buy the newspaper. Next!

  • citizenmike  |  December 19 2013, 11:00AM

    Hi GlostaBoy123, they are all there for you under our 'news' section as usual. Best regards.

  • agaga  |  December 19 2013, 10:49AM

    why not put little green men on the mocked up picture? or a big cat?

  • GlostaBoy123  |  December 19 2013, 10:12AM

    Why is 'This Is Gloucestershire' not uploading as much articles of 'The Citizen' like is used to? you can just find 4 or 5 articles in the morning. Before they were pretty good and had most of the articles of 'The Citizen' by 9am. Now they just upload court cases in the evening, most of the time. Sort it out.

  • GlosAnarchy  |  December 19 2013, 9:27AM

    Is it the big cat that Frank was looking for?

    |   -19