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Mum-of-11's heartbroken daughter Angel Frost defends their move to a six-bed council 'mansion'

By The Citizen  |  Posted: February 20, 2013

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HEARTBROKEN Angel, one of Heather Frost's 11 children, has defended her mum's plan to move into a six-bed "mansion".

She hit out after thousands of people took to the internet to criticise the family's relocation plans.

Commenting on our website, www.thisis gloucestershire.co.uk, the 16-year-old said: "Heather is my mum, she doesn't work, but my father did, and he left, so why are you blaming my mother? How could she possibly work with 11 children? You people are animals. You have no right judging us.

"My mum has nothing to be ashamed about. All us kids are as happy as could be, full of joy and full of life, and as for thinking we are all going to be following in her footsteps you can think again. I'm very proud of my mum for the things she's been through and the things she will go through.

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"My mum did not beg for the new house – we didn't even ask for it. We were happy in private renting but we were told they were building us a new house."

Some people have leapt to the family's defence.

William Poole, who lives in Bergen, Norway, read the The Citizen's article.

"We should see this as a positive thing," said Mr Poole, who is originally from Gloucestershire. "

The local authority is willing to do something for a woman and, most importantly, her 11 children.

"It is wrong to punish people just because of the number of children they have or if they are receiving benefits."

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  • AngelFrost  |  March 07 2013, 4:05PM

    AngryWoman- jake doesnt have any benefits , he doesnt live with us and doesnt have money from us

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  • AngryWoman  |  February 26 2013, 8:29PM

    Angel Thank you for sharing the stories about your Mums charitable efforts. However, charity starts at home. If your Mum is able to organise a prom and other fund raising events she clearly could go to work. I know how much time and effort goes into organising these sorts of things. I have cancer and do lots of fund raising myself. It is like having a full time job. Here we have a family who are too ill/busy to work and can't pay for their upkeep but find the time to raise money for charity. Admirable! I suppose I find some light relief to know the family are at least community minded. But this makes even more of a point for the need to stop the council pouring good money after bad and building a "commune" for a family that could be housed in one normal council house. The children that have started breeding should be housed separately with their illegitimate offspring. If they are old enough to breed they are old enough to take responsibility for their new family. The only people the Council have any obligation to house is Heather and any dependants ie children under working age (16). Jake isn't married to Heather so why is he entitled to her benefits? Or have I missed some change in the common law status?

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  • bonzaharris1  |  February 25 2013, 10:33PM

    1237192, I think you are probably right about todays 16 year olds, for some reason parents do not want to take anything off them for their keep. But I am 55 years old, and in my day you paid your way, and I am thankfull for that because it taught me a lot about life, like stand on your own two feet because no one else is going to support you in the big bad world. Obviously I knew nothing of what the welfare state could offer !!

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  • Sunnnny  |  February 25 2013, 6:45PM

    One last thing, I wont be checking this page again, even to report you for harassment, you've already said you wont admit you are wrong and I have a very busy week at work (work - a foreign concept for some!) ahead of me. I don't have the time or inclination to keep this going! I think Thomas Paine said it best; "To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead."

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  • 12347192  |  February 25 2013, 6:45PM

    by bonzaharris1Friday, February 22 2013, 10:27AM ok, I suppose you then have a right to criticise, although I remain to be convinced how many people really pay keep to their parents at this age. Most 16-year olds I've come across spend what they earn on themselves, and it's only because the parent is receiving a lot in benefit that this case is viewed differently.

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  • AngelFrost  |  February 25 2013, 12:34PM

    AngryWoman-we used to live in the forest of dean, paid our own rent because jake worked ,diddnt claim benefits because jake was working but then he lost his job , so with 11 children what was my mum suppposed to do? we had no choice but to go onto benefits untill jake found another job , he hasnt found one. , My mum has arranged a prom to raise money for a little boy who has a terminal illness the money allowed him to go on holiday to relax after being on kemo and allot other medication. We have ran the race for life last year and my my mannaged to get 6 people to sign up and raise money (not allot of people but most diddnt want to run) we raised allot of money and plan to do it again this year she also went out on a staurday night and collected money for cancer research ,and collected allot of money She allso spent 2 weeks of her life telling every woman she came across to get a smear test and watch out for cancer We do give back to the society ,and arent the 'low lifes' or 'scroungers' that we have been made out to be

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  • Judas  |  February 25 2013, 10:27AM

    Again, this is not harassment as you have accused me of as you have asked ME numerous questions without me making ANY comments (sounds a bit like harassment or stalking doesn't it?), so I will do the decent thing and I will do my best to answer them for you. After all, you did take the time to stay up into the early hours with continual posts. I was going to leave it, but then thought what the heck. Here goes. 1. I did not call you ignorant or cowardly. You made a direct link to yourself on that general remark, not me. 2. Nothing wrong with being ignorant. Ignorant simply means lacking knowledge. I MYSELF AM IGNORANT WITH HEATHER FROST'S SITUATION. How's that? Why? Because the information I've seen and heard/read about her is from TiG, some of the less reputable national newspapers (gutter press as they have been known) and Jeremy Kyle. I do not see them as reliable sources for information, do you? 3. Cowardly. In my opinion, it is cowardly to admit you are wrong....but that is my opinion, I appreciate others will differ. I have come across posters on this site asking questions, being asked questions and bouncing opinions off each other. When I was wrong, I duly apologised and we moved on - no issues. I think it will be silly to feel you are right all the time. 4. "...if anyone is full of their own self importance it is you Judas, following me round DEMANDING answers, copying and pasting questions (WHICH I HAVE ANSWERED)" - Firstly, I was ASKING questions, please do not automatically go to the extreme of accusing me of DEMANDING answers. I asked for some help in locating where your answers were as YOU told me you had answered them. If you didn't want to help me locate you answers or didn't/couldn't answer the questions, fine, just say, but the appearance just seems like you have tried several times to avoid answering. Also, I am baffled as you came to the conclusion that I am full of my own self importance. I simply used words to ask reasonable related questions. 5. Your comment: "Sunnnny - The commenter that makes assumptions and constantly gets them all wrong", when I hadn't actually assumed anything, I was asking questions and getting answers. I can show you the numerous examples of your assumptions if you wish, just let me know if you want me to highlight them for you. 6. Your comment on Friday, February 22 2013, 1:30PM: This girl's Mother is an abhorrent waste of oxygen..." - What an awful thing to say! I am sure her children to not share your opinion of her. 7. Again, your comment "The only person I have called a troll is you, I don't know why you are using the plural. You are the only troll on these threads, no one else!" First, please help me out, where did I use the plural? Second, you truly believe that I am the one and ONLY TROLL ON THESE THREADS? Astonishing! 8. Your comment: "I haven't asked you any questions here..." Please go back and look at your comments directed at me. If the sentence ends in a question mark, you have asked me a question. Hopefully you can see that. I am genuinely sorry if I have caused you upset and 'further emotional distress', that wasn't the idea, I was simply asking questions related to this thread.

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  • AngryWoman  |  February 24 2013, 5:29PM

    Angel just so you know the word they blanked out wasn't offensive - it means ballsy and full of spirit. I don't want you to think I am name calling. That isn't what this is about.

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  • AngryWoman  |  February 24 2013, 5:26PM

    Angel What disturbs me most is that you and your family have no idea why me and thousands of people are annoyed that you are being given a brand new extra large house. I wish there were some words I could find that would make you see sense but I know I am wasting my breath. Your family doesn't need a special house. Your brother and sister who have had their own children should be housed on their own. Jake works - therefore he can live and support himself. And if any of you work then anything you earn should contribute towards your rent. I don't know how to tell you that you can't afford your horse. If you are baby sitting and earning money that should go towards your food and clothes. Why should someone like me have to pay for you. You seem like quite a *****y young lady and with the right help you could be more than capable of getting yourself a good job. If there aren't any jobs in Tewksbury be brave and go to London. Lots of people do. Maybe if one of you had some pride you would understand the pleasure of hard honest work. Anyway, you will undoubtedly have a smart answer for what I have said. My main problem is with the council for allowing your family to abuse what is a very generous system. Yes its what you are entitled to - but sometimes in life you have to give something back. its called community and having some self respect. That is why I signed the petition - along with a thousand others. If you went to America or India you would get nothing and would be on the street.

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  • AngelFrost  |  February 24 2013, 4:25PM

    AngryWoman- so you expect us to do what? live on the streets? then youll be happy?

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