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Mum-of-11 Heather Frost's five year reign of terror revealed in pensioner's diary

By The Citizen  |  Posted: March 06, 2013

  • problems: Heather Frost with her children from left; Chloe, 13, Beth, 8, Angel, 16, Daisy, 5, Toby, 19, Page, 11, Sophie, 21, Ruby, 7, Jay, 14, Emily, 10, and Tilly, 3.

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A FIVE year reign of terror by mum-of-11 Heather Frost has been revealed in the diary a frail pensioner wrote in the last years of her life.

Neighbour Doreen Freeman, 81, felt so tormented by Frost and her family that she was advised to keep an anti-social behaviour diary by housing officials.

In it, Mrs Freeman documented how dog mess was flung into her garden and soiled mattresses were burned in the back yard.

A greenhouse cherished by the pensioner's late husband Neville, a war veteran, was smashed with iron bars in the back garden of her home in Lancaster Road, Tewkesbury.

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She also wrote how she was too afraid to watch television with the sound on because of the banging the Frost family would make in reply.

Jobless Frost was warned by Severn Vale Housing about her behaviour in April 2002 and March 2003. But the firm went on to build her a £400,000 six-bedroom 'mansion' which she will move into in July.

Doreen's son, Dr James Freeman, a senior university lecturer, said his mum was "a prisoner in her own home". She died in 2008, two years after the Frosts moved out.

He has shown her diary to The Citizen after being outraged at support for Frost over the new council house.

In the diary, which she kept for at least two years of the five they were neighbours, Doreen speaks of "disgusting" behaviour from Frost and how she is too afraid to leave her home.

Dr Freeman, 63, said: "Heather Frost was the absolute pits.

"I really felt sorry for my mum. She was scared to death and that woman ruined the last years of her life."

When The Citizen phoned the mum of 11, she listened to the allegations but then hung up.

Frost hit national headlines when it emerged Tewkesbury Borough Council and Severn Vale Housing agreed to relocate her to a custom-built 'mansion'. It is an upgrade from her current house at Innsworth Lane, which is two knocked together council homes.

It emerged she spent her benefits money on a £1,000 parrot, £130-per-hour flying lessons and hired a fairground ride for her kids, as well as keeping a horse. She later claimed that it was paid for by her daughter Angel, 16.

Dr Freeman said she also lavished money on designer clothes, spent £600 on a pedigree dog and had a three-piece suite and inflatable snowman in the front garden of the house.

He said: "We have resourced a phenomenal lifestyle for her and her family. People don't realise just how terrible a time my mum had with her. Mum watched the TV with the sound off. She did it for years. It was so cruel and unfair. Other times, all hell would break loose. My mum was afraid to open the door."

Housing provider Severn Vale Housing, which is re-homing Heather Frost and her family in a new six-bedroom council house, was also responsible for the providing the homes in Lancaster Road, Tewkesbury.Responding to the diary Mrs Freeman kept, a spokeswoman said: “Severn Vale Housing endeavours to enforce our anti-social behaviour policy, within the law and guidance issued by successive Governments, which we actively develop in collaboration with our customers and community partners.”Letters seen by The Citizen show they warned the mum-of-11 about her behaviour at Lancaster Road after complaints by Mrs Freeman.In one, a housing co-ordinator said: “I have told Mrs Frost that she must stop all members of her family from throwing rubbish and excrement into neighbour’s gardens. Also that she must stop burning mattresses and rubbish in the rear garden. I have also told her she must clear up the garden area.”In another letter, Frost was warned she was in breach of her tenancy agreement.Yesterday, Tewkesbury Borough Council said it was unaware of any reports of anti-social behaviour about Heather Frost.LIFE AND TIMES OF DOREEN FREEMAN - FORMER NEIGHBOUR OF HEATHER FROSTAFTER 57 years at Lancaster Road, Doreen Freeman had made it her home for life.She lived at the Tewkesbury house with her husband Neville and the pair had four children who they brought up at the family home.Neville worked for 47 years at Smiths Industries where he was an electrician. Towards the end of the Second World War, he served in the British Army in Norway and Germany – finishing up as a sapper in Hamburg.Doreen helped the war effort too.Her working life started when she became an usherette at Tewkesbury’s Sabrina cinema.But when the war started she moved on to work in munitions manufacturing at Dowty’s of Ashchurch and Smiths of Cheltenham.In the 1960s, she became a part-time canteen assistant at a school.In 1988, Neville died from a heart attack aged 62.But she remained at their Lancaster Road home.Mum-of-11 Heather Frost moved in next door in 2001.She remained in the house until February 3, 2006.Two years later, aged 81, Doreen died.Her eldest son, Dr James Freeman, 63, said: “She was so desperate to hold on to that house even though everything around her was turning bad.“I really felt for her because she suffered largely in silence.”EXTRACTS FROM DOREEN FREEMAN'S DIARY ABOUT HEATHER FROST AND HER FAMILYExtracts from Mrs Freeman’s diary:Feb 1st – no better night through the monthMarch – Throwing iron bars on the back garden also broken toys smashing glass of the greenhouse with rocks March 15th – Banging again on radiator9.25pm Awful noise have no sound on my television. Have not had for some time now 9.30pm Banging hard on the staircase9.40pm Started again banging something heavy down staircasepm Playing heavy ball on bedroom door or something real heavyMarch 19th – No hope of watching television at all, no sound on, only what I see on the screen – just silent films or whatever. Has been going on like that as long as I can rememberMarch 22nd – Sound turned off my television because of banging on staircase wall, only the picture to seeMarch 23rd – Noise is really bad. The only way I can describe it is like floor boards are being lifted and slammed back down. No sound on my television only picture.March 26th – Gave up watching televisionMarch 30th – Deliberately banging hard on staircase again something heavy as I enter my front room. Only watch tele in the evening but again with no sound onMarch 31st at 9am – Noise really bad. H Frost is there listening to it. As usual they run upstairs then back down and bang something heavy on the wall, not expecting it at times and it makes me jump (cruel) right till the end of the night, the noise goes on.April 16th – Running down stairs banging hard on radiator April 17th – Night time no television to watch noise so badApril 18th – Can’t have sound on television. On the stairs are someone banging something hard getting worse from 6pm.June 12th – Loud, music also loud banging from 8.30pm. June 13th Same14th Same15th Same16th Same13th June Same14th Same15th Same16th Same17th Same18th Same19th Same20th Same21st Same22nd Same Morning and Night23rd Same Again24th Same Again25th Same Again26th Same Again27th Same AgainJune 28th – First time for over two years I had sound on the tele at 3.15 for “Countdown” because it was last one in series.July 3rd – Bang hard on stairs quiet before when tele was not on (7pm evening up to 10.30pm). DisruptionSaturday, July 16th – Came back home after shopping, 2.45pm. Banging so hard on staircase so went to the kitchen put radio on. Normal to drown noise still banging hard on staircaseAugust 1st – Every night all through bang on the wall when I am using the tele.2002 – summer, July 17th – Came to my house banging on my front door as I opened door she (Frost) told me to stop giving her children f-ing twenty questions and shouting abuse as she left (Disgusting)April 2005 – All Week – running upstairs then down again and banging something hard on the staircase. No sound again on television only picture. Banging again on stairs. TIMELINE:February 18The Citizen revealed Heather Frost’s plans to move into a six-bedroom house at Northway Lane, in Tewkesbury, which was dubbed a ‘mansion’ by the Taxpayers’ Alliance.February 19Heather’s story goes national. It went on to be featured in national newspapers, radio and television.February 20Heather appears on the ITV Daybreak sofa to say she might not take the house after all. It also emerges she splashed out on a £1,000 macaw parrot, flying lessons and even hired a fairground ride for her children.February 23Heather Frost’s dad Royston, 72, brands her ‘lazy’.February 26Two petitions are launched, one calling for Heather to keep her house, another calling for her to lose it.

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  • raidermanuk  |  March 10 2013, 7:57PM

    Judas What are you trying to prove with your continued bullying of supermum99? You have amply demonstrated to all that you have a superior intellect but there comes a time when it becomes tiresome. ;-)

    |   10
  • Judas  |  March 10 2013, 11:41AM

    So, Jake paid for the parrot - not paid by benefits received by Mrs Frost as accused by TiG. It was nowhere near £1000 as accused by TiG. I feel TiG should do the decent thing and make a public apology to Mrs Frost for making false accusations to the general public. Time will tell if TiG have decent (or even reasonable) morals. supermum99 - 1. Can you confirm your opinion when you stated "Maybe it was a BIT harsh saying that..." when referring to "They put animals down, why not put this vile woman down...."? I'm sure some readers are intrigued if your personal thoughts are true on this matter. You have already changed your opinion once on this, would you like to change it again or do you want to stick with a BIT harsh? 2. Is Heather really abusing the system or is she claiming what she is rightfully entitled to by the laws of the land? 3. You also mention that the child benefitS you receive does straight to your children's savings accounts. Do you think it is right that hard working tax payers should contribute towards your children's savings? In the eyes of HMRC, you are not using the child benefit in the correct manner therefore it can be viewed that YOU are ABUSING the benefits system. A quote from the HMRC website "Child Benefit is a tax-free, non-means-tested benefit, administered by the Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC), paid to people who are responsible for, or treated as responsible for children or qualifying young persons." Therefore, what sort of example are you giving to the younger generation? 4. "I pay my taxes like many others and would like to see my taxes paid to those who deserves it." What are you saying? Are you implying that YOU want to decide which families DESERVE benefits, like yours? 5. You called this family 'obnoxious'. What made you come out with that comment? Sounds like you reverted to name calling using your source of information from TiG and possibly some gutter press? 6. As for Heather's father; parenting involves more than putting bread on the table. This man failed in his duty of care to a vulnerable teenage girl and is now sticking the boot in, I think his fatherly input would have been more valuable some 20 years ago. I wonder if he got paid for his input in castigating his own daughter to the baying public? Honourable man. supermum, I think it says more about him than her.

  • AngelFrost  |  March 09 2013, 10:47PM

    Jake Paid for the parrot and it was far from 1 thousand pounds

    |   -8
  • geoffro  |  March 09 2013, 9:12PM

    "Would you seriously want this family living next door to you?" - There is nothing tough about answering that question, a positive 'no', would be my answer! Forget about TiG, all you would need to do is ask around the current surrounding community. It does not take a genius to see that this person is a 'media attention seeker', Jeremy Kyle Show, Daybreak and many newspapers - how did you think she got Jeremy Kyle backing her? ...And she stated she may not take the new house because her children may get bullied, more like her children will bully other children! Angel already admitted that in an earlier post. TiG may have a few facts wrong, but not many as people think. Use Google - that's what it is there for.

    |   8
  • supermum99  |  March 09 2013, 9:03PM

    Yes it is, as I have said before I have not got a problem with people claiming benefits, but when people like Heather abuses the system then yes I have. Heather Frost's father called her lazy, does that not say something?

    |   4
  • Judas  |  March 09 2013, 3:02PM

    Is that child benefit for each of your 5 children that the taxpayer has to fund? As for your question if I would like this family to live next door to me. Tough one. If they are the way it has been reported in TiG then no. However, I am not so gullible to believe everything this paper reports, are you? For example, you stated "paying £1000. for a parrot ect ect" (The abbreviation is actually etc). Did she actually pay £1000 for the parrot or is it merely an allegation or a guess? Angel will need to confirm if this is true or not. Dr Freeman said she also paid £600 for a pedigree dog and the lavishing on designer clothes. How would Dr Freeman know how much she did or didn't spend? Dr Freeman, please confirm. It makes him almost sound like a stalker to know so much about someone else's family. As many of the commenters are realising, a vast amount stated is just gossip/hearsay. I am afraid I cant answer your questions as I do not have the facts. Unlike you, I HAVE claimed benefits, unemployment benefit in fact, many years ago after I left Poly (Polytechnic - shows my age!). I did appreciate this state benefit at the time as that tied me over until I found work. Now, I live a life of luxury, subjective of course!

    |   -7
  • Judas  |  March 09 2013, 2:29PM

    raidermanuk - True words. Admittedly it is subjective. It also depends where you put the apostrophe. You inserted in the following manner ...'luxury' lifestyle. There's a different meaning when inserted as so 'luxury lifestyle'. A six bedroom house, on the face of it, sounds a luxury...if it was say for 4 people. A six bedroom house for 12 people, in my opinion, isn't a luxury. I have lived and worked in different 3 continents. In my experience, the term poverty and the term luxury have very different meaning in Asia, Europe and Africa. As we all know, the welfare system was set up with good decent intentions. Unfortunately, with all benefit systems, certain individuals will abuse schemes which are set up to help the ones in need.

    |   1
  • supermum99  |  March 09 2013, 2:25PM

    JUDAS: I have never claimed benefits apart from child benefit which goes straight into my childrens savings accounts! By luxury I mean hiring a fairground ride, paying £1000. for a parrot ect ect. Would you seriously want this family living next door to you?

    |   1
  • raidermanuk  |  March 09 2013, 12:07PM

    Judas "Now you think she lives a 'luxury' lifestyle. You never cease to amaze" A luxurious lifestyle is somewhat subjective however, a brand new six bedroom house with enough money to feed and keep a large family, sufficient left over to buy and care for pets would sound like a luxurious lifestyle to most rational people. And for how many years? As for TiG and the press in general it would seem that Ms Frost has become the whipping boy for a welfare system that to many seems out of control and easy to manipulate. Maybe some good will eventually emerge and the system will be changed in order to curb such excesses. Don't hold your breath.

    |   1
  • Judas  |  March 09 2013, 10:46AM

    supermum99 - "Maybe it was a bit harsh saying that" - A BIT harsh? and "...and let the tax payers pay for her to live a luxury lifestyle" - Now you think she lives a 'luxury' lifestyle. You never cease to amaze. Can I assume that the hard working tax payer has paid child benefit towards your 5 children or did you not claim it? TiG has given more negative press to this woman and her children than Fred West. It would be honourable of TiG to justify their actions. Has the Frost family been proven to have broken any laws? Have they simply claimed what they are entitled to by the laws of this land? In my opinion, I think Mrs Frost has been irresponsible and used the 'system', but how many people who have posted negative comments on here have never claimed any state benefits of any kind? Angel is a 16 year old girl. She was born into her current situation to which she has had no say, so why has there been so much venom aimed at her? Logically, those who are doing it are victimising/bullying the innocent.

    |   1