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Michael Jackson, Days in Gloucestershire: King of Pop's unfinished song about county leaked on internet

By The Citizen  |  Posted: August 09, 2014

Michael Jackson's unfinished song Days of Gloucestershire has been leaked on the interent

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It was songs like Thriller and Billie Jean that cemented his status as the King of Pop and one of the most successful and widely talked about artists of all time.

ITN - Music stars pick their favourite Michael Jackson tune on MUZU.TV.

But comparatively little is known about Michael Jackson’s unreleased demo track. Days in Gloucestershire. which has been leaked on the internet.

According to reports, Jackson visited Gloucestershire while he was in The Jackson Five, and apparently said the time spent in the county was among his fondest memories.

The late pop star is believed to have recorded the song in 2003 or 2004, it was never released or completed, although it was apparently reworked in 2008

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  • Sam_Davidson  |  August 11 2014, 5:59PM

    Oh and stop rating your own comments LordGagas, it reeks of desperation to clear your cookies and vote over and over and over again ;)

  • Sam_Davidson  |  August 11 2014, 5:57PM

    Michael Jordan killed his Wife?! What cloud are you living on LordGagas?! His only Wife 'Juanita Vanoy' is very much still alive (even though they are now divorced). Now you are just trolling! Michael Jackson made more of a contribution to humanity in his short 50 year existence, than you could achieve over ten lifetimes.

  • LordGagas  |  August 11 2014, 11:25AM

    KAY.. Its all to do with money in the States, Jordan got away with killing his wife in court because he had lots of money!

  • Kay_Powell  |  August 10 2014, 6:30PM

    LordGagas, you can't rest your case without explaining it. I don't know what you mean. I had to Google Michael Jordan to find out who he was - a retired basketball player. What was your point?

    |   -27
  • LordGagas  |  August 10 2014, 2:18PM

    Michael Jordan, I rest my case.

  • Sam_Davidson  |  August 10 2014, 11:41AM

    The link in my last post is broken, for the secret recording of Evan Chandler, type "Dave Schwartz Evan Chandler Tape Recording 1993" into YouTube.

  • Sam_Davidson  |  August 10 2014, 11:39AM

    LordGagas - Nope, with respect, you are wrong again. You cannot buy your way out a CRIMINAL trial. A CIVIL one yes, because the only penalty is a financial one, not custodial. The truth is, Michael Jackson was never required to attend a CRIMINAL trial in 1993 because THREE grand juries REJECTED the request to take it to trial, citing LACK of evidence. Not to mention the fact that Jordy refused to testify. Jordy's Father Evan Chandler DRUGGED his Son with Sodium Amytal in order to get him to 'confess' this alleged 'abuse' and pleaded with him to testify, but Jordy refused. Please also take a moment to educate yourself on the motive ... this secret video recording of Evan Chandler highlights what his intentions were: https://Error - Michael Jackson, in my opinion, has never abused any children (and I have more evidence to back this assertion up). He walked away a free man because Jordy and Gavin's parents were exposed for who they really are. Money-hungry opportunists.

  • LordGagas  |  August 10 2014, 7:47AM

    Sam_Davidson | You can in the USA

  • Layne8  |  August 10 2014, 12:27AM

    Sam: Right. Guess I wasn't clear. And, yep, dodgy.

  • Sam_Davidson  |  August 10 2014, 12:18AM

    Layne8 - One small correction, in 2005 Jackson WAS arrested and charged with 14 counts. However, after a 5 month trial, the jury found him not guilty on all 14 counts. They cited lack of evidence and ulterior (financial) motives. Having watched the entire trial from inside the courtroom, I left utterly convinced of his innocence. Interestingly, the evidence for extortion was overwhelming. Did you know that the accuser (Gavin Arvizo) and his Mother ran Google searches on Jackson's previous settlement BEFORE they contacted a laywer about this alleged abuse? The lawyer they contacted was Stan Katz (Jordy Chandler's lawyer and the one who brokered the settlement in the 1993 case). Dodgy? You bet!