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Martin Kirby Column; Not Looking Good, Free Speech and Pub Art

By Kirbso  |  Posted: August 01, 2014

  • Stargazing - it doesn't look good for Ed

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Given the general dissatisfaction with the present coalition government, you'd expect Labour to be leaving the other parties standing when it comes to popularity but that doesn't seem to be happening. The biggest part of the problem is Labour leader Ed Miliband. Now I don't put a great deal of store by looks (with a fizzog like mine, you can't), but for me there are two types of 'looks'. One is physical features, such as whether someone has a large nose or crooked teeth but the other is far more important – looking the part.  I was never a member of the Tony Blair fan club but whatever else you think about Blair, it has to be said he looked like a bloke who could be the Prime Minister – a bloke other leaders would take seriously. Probably his training and experience as a Lawyer gave him the necessary confident attitude.Ed's difficulty is that he looks like a teenage geek who is permanently bewildered. Even when he knows he's being filmed and even when he knows what he's talking about, he still manages to look bewildered, if not lost and scared. It's easy to see why many people think that if Labour wins the next election, Ed will roll over and allow the big unions to control Britain again. Sorry Mr Miliband, but it's time to make way for a new model.
Whatever happened to freedom of speech in this country? It's reported that Olympic Champion Usain Bolt said he was "not really" having fun in Glasgow and that the Commonwealth Games were "a bit s**t" compared to the London Olympics. Howls of outrage followed and Mr Bolt has denied uttering any such thing. Whether he did or didn't actually say that is of no interest to me but his right to say it – if that is his opinion – interests me very much. I repeat, what happened to freedom of speech?For the record, I reckon the games are extremely s**t because I have no interest whatsoever in sport.
The mural on the side of The Brunswick pub in Park Road resembles a vision of Puzzle Wood seen through a haze of magic mushrooms but if that's what floats your boat (or in this case decorates your pub) fine. However, I find it odd that similar paintings elsewhere in the city are regarded as graffiti and removed. Many years ago, a bloke living in a house at the junction of Kingsholm Road and Skinner Street painted its gable end with a collage of pictures depicting various sports. After a while, he was told to paint over it because he didn't have planning permission. How times change.
BELLE OF THE BALL                     
 During last week's carnival procession, I noticed that Miss Gloucester, Juliette Crosby, was constantly being asked to have her photo taken with members of the crowd. When I realised that most of the requests were coming from young girls, I could understand why. They obviously thought she was Belle, from the 'Disney Princess' series!

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  • Councilwonk  |  August 04 2014, 4:27PM

    bg1980 - the piece starts "given the general dissatisfaction with the present government" and you claim its a tory political broadcast! Give it a rest...

  • bg1980  |  August 04 2014, 12:24PM

    wow didnt realise this paper had turned into a tory political broadcast

  • uk_socrates  |  August 02 2014, 10:43AM

    For once a good article. They should of selected David Miliband. (He was a lot better in front of TV cameras etc). Ed does seem to have 1 or 2 good ideas, but the delivery is always a bit awkward. It might be better if he just speaks through a spokesperson?

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  • IsitJimKerr  |  August 02 2014, 9:19AM

    Someone very articulately said that not only does he look and sound like Wallace, he's actually behaving like him too!!!

    |   6
  • jas37  |  August 01 2014, 11:24PM

    The Labour Party ended up with the wrong Milliband. His brother has just made a statement about the illegal Israeli actions in Gazza. Has Ed Milliband got the guts to speak the truth like his brother (or is he too afraid of upsetting the Americans?) or will he continue to tell naïve people exactly what they want to hear even though he's aware it makes no sense?

    |   -1
  • RoadWombat  |  August 01 2014, 9:29PM

    Milliband is "one of us". You have to be joking! He's just as much a member of the 'professional political class' as any of them, of a very privileged background in Primrose Hill and only sent to a comprehensive school because of his Marxist father's political views. He's as twisted as the rest.

    |   2
  • WallWalter  |  August 01 2014, 7:29PM

    Ed Milliband looks OK to me. I wish him well

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  • berted  |  August 01 2014, 5:46PM

    Milliband is "one of us". The present Prime Minister is an Eton educated toff and a direct descendent of William IV. By contrast Ed was educated in a "bog standard" comprehensive and got where he is by his own efforts and hard work. I am impressed by his evident compassion and directness. I couldn't care less about him "looking the part". What matters is his integrity and his commitment to getting a fair deal for ordinary folk.

    |   3
  • 8589brian  |  August 01 2014, 5:26PM

    Well I will vote Labour over Conservatives and Libdems at the drop of a hat regardless of Ed Milibands image, He wouldn't have sold the Royal mail or Privatize our NHS and that to me is totally unforgivable.

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  • Mudbox  |  August 01 2014, 3:04PM

    " looking the part" Now come on Kirby, this isn't a Hollywood movie...perhaps that is the level of maturity of our democracy.... looking the part...

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