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Man vs Weird: Simon Farnaby discovers a magnetic man

By The Citizen  |  Posted: May 12, 2014

Simon Farnaby in action

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Comedian Simon Farnaby launched his Man vs Weird journey on Channel 4 tonight meeting people who possess or claim to possess extraordinary powers.

Simon meets people who can apparently cut and burn themselves without feeling pain, as well as 'torture kings' and Shaolin masters who can drill into their own skulls apparently without injury.

He also encounters human magnets and people claiming to be able to withstand massive electric shocks along with miracle makers who perform incredible feats using just the power of their minds, from healing to levitation.

His journey starts in rural Croatia, where he meets internet child sensation Ivan, a nine-year-old boy who many claim has magnetic powers. Simon watches Ivan suspend an 18 kilo weight on his chest.

In Georgia Simon meets Etibar the 'Magnetic king', who sticks 44 spoons to his body.

In a village outside Belgrade Simon meets a man who claims he can store electricity in his body and withstand massive electric shocks.

Simon also explores telekinesis.

And in a grand hotel in Budapest, he meets magnetic legend Laszlo Harasztosi.

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And here is Ivan the 'magnetic boy'

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