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Gridlock after man dies and woman injured in two M5 motorway crashes

By CitizenNews  |  Posted: July 26, 2012

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A man has died in a crash on the M5 this morning and a 70-year-old woman was seriously injured in a separate accident.

It meant drivers on the motorway have been left traffic chaos after the two serious accidents closed the motorway.

The M5 was closed northbound this morning between 4.30am and 10am after a man died in a crash between junctions 13 (Stroud) and 12 (Gloucester). 

A blue Peugeot 406 hit the central reservation. The male driver, the only occupant of the car, was pronounced dead at the scene.

It was then closed again in both directions for half an hour between 11.50am and 12.20pm between junctions 11 (Golden Valley) and 11a (Gloucester north/A417)  to allow an air ambulance to land following the serious accident involving a woman pensioner.

Gloucestershire Police said the 70-year-old woman was injured around 11.30am on the northbound exit at junction 11. The road has re-opened now but one lane northbound remains closed.

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In a separate incident, two lanes were closed northbound between Michaelwood Services and Junction 13 at 11am. That was due to broken down lorry in lane two around 11am. Both lanes are now open but traffic remained "extremely heavy" police confirmed.

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  • Sarahh8609  |  July 27 2012, 12:04AM

    I think some of the remarks about "length of time" are really disturbing! On Friday just gone a woman named Barbra died in a collision with a van I was stuck there for over three hours, I was in a rush but waiting three hours is nothing at all when someone has died and there family is suffering the rest of their lives without that person. I think people should be grateful when stuck in traffic after an accident that it isn't them in the accident. Have some heart someone has died so what if u have to wait around and ur plans are messed up least ur still leaving with ur life! Another victim to the m5 it's scary that's three crashes and two dead within 7 days my heart and thoughts go to this mans family I hope you found some closure in the investigation the police carried out and I hope the woman driver recovers and again my heart and thought to last Fridays crash in which bc died. People need to be less caught up in their own lives and have a thought for others the police and services are trying to do their job no matter how long it takes it needs to be done so stop moaning about traffic, so what if it's unconvient for u don't drive then use different means of transport but next time ur stuck in traffic u should think about the effect the accident will have on the persons family. Unfortunately the m5 is my weekend route and for one I can tell u after what I seen last week and after this report I'm a petrified to drive along it again.life is precious

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  • bonzaharris1  |  July 26 2012, 8:55PM

    Matt1006, I am sure that some car drivers think that lorry drivers are like the AA and should give way to them. They have right of way just as well as anyone else. My husband is an artic driver and had some woman blasting her horn and flashing her lights because he would not move all 45' of his trailer and vehicle over to what would have been the wrong lane for him, all because she was in the wrong lane. She expected him to move for her unbelievable, he didn't her hard luck.

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  • Matt1006  |  July 26 2012, 8:40PM

    Ah, so the prat in the car trying the stupid late overtake thought the truck driver was in the wrong? Well, there's a surprise. The moron pulling the dangerous manoeuvre is never in the wrong, are they? It's always the responsible driver's fault for getting in the way...!!! Sounds like a right arrogant pillock. Yep, expect the insurance claim was a work of fiction - so potentially fraud committed, as well as reckless driving. One driving offence often leads to others.....

    |   4
  • bonzaharris1  |  July 26 2012, 8:21PM

    Matt 1006, not sure what happened with his insurers, but he followed the driver back to the yard, he was hopping mad. He cut no ice with the driver, and the company just exchanged insurance details. Would have loved to see copy of his insurance claim, straight out of grimms fairytales I expect !!

  • Matt1006  |  July 26 2012, 7:07PM

    bonzaharris1 - proof, if any was needed, of the existence of karma. Wonder what the freshly peeled open car driver had to say to the police, and his insurers / company fleet manager (if it was a company car)? Hope he was at least charged with reckless driving. A few more cases of karma being served up on idiot drivers wouldn't go amiss - such as the moron driving the red Transit van on the A40 at Ross at 5.25 this evening - used the coned-off lane to jump the queue waiting to enter the Wilton roundabout, and then undertook and cut up an artic once on the roundabout. Idiot shouldn't be allowed to be in control of his own breathing, never mind a couple of tons of mechanized potential lethal weapon.

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  • safeandnice  |  July 26 2012, 6:13PM

    Right I am never commenting again about how long it takes. I stil condolences for those affected At roadworks the highway code now recommends merging in turn if its safe, queue in both lanes. no squabbling or rushing to beat someone else and merge when you get there 134 You should follow the signs and road markings and get into the lane as directed. In congested road conditions do not change lanes unnecessarily. Merging in turn is recommended but only if safe and appropriate when vehicles are travelling at a very low speed, e.g. when approaching road works or a road traffic incident. It is not recommended at high speed.

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  • bonzaharris1  |  July 26 2012, 5:19PM

    Matt1006, some years ago when I worked for a haulage company, one of our lorries was coming down waterwells bypass. The road was coned off into one lane by the lights, and of course there were signs to let everyone know well in advance. One such lane hogger thought if he put his toe down he could overtake 45' of trailer plus unit. Unfortunately he didn't as it was far too late for that, and the side of his car was opened like a bean can by the wheel nuts of the artics trailer as it narrowed off into one lane. Some do get their just desserts.

    |   8
  • safeandnice  |  July 26 2012, 4:25PM

    lol I think 'Ive been misquoted there. I didnt say they should not do a proper job or say anything about 2 hoots or dragging people off to the hard shoulder Why say something I didnt say then tell me off for saying it? Of course they should do a proper job with due respect as quickly as they can. It's a balance so put useful parties on call if necessary.

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  • Matt1006  |  July 26 2012, 4:06PM

    pcoolone - it's not just me then who gets infuriated by such ignorant / arrogant / sometimes downright dangerous drivers. My daily commute takes me along the M50 towards Ross, and then down the A40. Currently through 4 separate sets of roadworks, where for each the carriageway reduces from two lanes to one. Each has ample warning signs, with lane closure ahead signs starting at 800 yards. Every day I see examples of late cut-ins by arrogant drivers thinking they can run in lane two (usually well in excess of the stated reduced speed limit) right up until the cones start to close off the lane, and that the rest of the traffic will miraculously part to let them in as & when they run out of road. Heavy braking often results, both by the lane two hoggers, and those in lane one who then get cut up. It's no wonder there is so much apparent road-rage, when you see the standard of some drivers on the roads. I'll bet many of those being a pain on the roads are reliant on having a valid licence for their jobs - shame a few more of them don't lose their licences. There is never a traffic cop around when you see an example of somebody who deserves a few more points on their licence (or a trip to court, and a ban). Shame they don't consider this more when they encounter lane closures (be they for accident clear-ups / investigations, or roadworks), and therefore pull into lane one nice & early, rather than annoying other drivers who have acted with more thought and consideration. Still, when the road is closed completely, the lane two (or three, on the M5) hoggers are going nowhere fast, just like everybody else. Bet it makes them really angry, that they are being prevented from tanking up "their" lane at 90+mph. Tough. Maybe whilst sat in the queue - particularly when it's due to an accident - they might like to reflect that they aren't involved in the crash that has closed the road. They might be involved in the next one.....

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  • pcoolone  |  July 26 2012, 3:39PM

    gobsmacked this morning to see vehicals leaving it until last minuite to get into lane just to gain a few spaces ahead even though the matrix clearly indicated two lanes closed well in advance

    |   3