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Make Christmas a hit by providing everyone with the perfect place to sit

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: November 30, 2012

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The best way to keep everyone happy after the table's cleared at Christmas is to provide them with the perfect place to recline while they digest their dinner. If you're looking to update your flagging furniture, have a think about who your sofa will suit this festive season for a little extra inspiration.

The super-comfortable option for snoozing grandparents.

When Christmas dinner is over, the one thing that's guaranteed, after the obligatory argument over the remote, is that Nan or Granddad will fall fast asleep on the sofa for the rest of the evening. To keep the old folks comfortable you might want to go for reclining sofa which will allow them to really enjoy their seasonal siesta.

Keep kids out of trouble.

Getting some extra bean bags and cushions is a great way to free up valuable space on the sofa and keep kids from dumping their toys or, even worse, the contents of their selection boxes, all over the upholstery!

Parents will love a sofa that's easy to clean.

Long-lasting leather sofas are a great choice for the exhausted Mum and Dad who have spent the whole of December trying to get the house looking pristine. Easily wiped clean of stains and sticky marks, these superb sofas are easily tidied up when it's time to spring clean.

Accommodate the extended family in comfort.

If you have a massive family, and cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces all come out of the wood work as soon as Christmas is mentioned then you need some seating designed to suit a substantial crowd. Corner units are a great use of space so you've always got somewhere to fit the family.

Somewhere for the last-minute attendees to sleep.

There's always someone confirming they're turning up last minute or even worse, arriving completely unannounced, so be prepared when your blundering brother turns up on the doorstep expecting a spot to stay for the night. Invest in a sofa bed so you have somewhere to stick guests who invite themselves last-minute or if someone's had a few too many brandies to make it home!

So, by envisaging all the seasonal seating scenarios, you can easily establish your priorities when it comes to what you want in your perfect new sofa! From recliner sofas and chairs to fabric models and corner units, whatever you want from your next couch you can find it online or in a whole host of CSL sofa shops. Please visit the CSL site http://www.csl-sofas.co.uk/ or YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/cslsofa

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