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Legal Practitioner calls for Improved Professionalism

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: February 01, 2013

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John Spencer has underlined ‘ethical lapses’ in finance, government and the media, particularly the latter, in his quest to maintain fair public access to justice.

As Director of Spencers Personal Injury Solicitors in Derbyshire, John’s practice serves injured people including some with very severe injuries; he has recently spoken out against certain plans from the government, which are likely to make it much more difficult to obtain compensation.

In doing so, Spencer has also raised awareness about an equally worrying matter for him - ethics in Britain’s most high-profile sectors.

Writing in a letter to The Times newspaper, John elucidated how solid laws against the likes of phone hacking were widely and frequently disregarded...by professional journalists. The content of this letter was orientated around the Leveson Report and within it, Spencer suggested that ignorance to ethical or law-abiding behaviour in this country is not largely to poor enforcement, but to an entire culture that too often prioritises monetary gain over duty.

He also mentioned the MP expenses scandal, as well as an issue which has long-plagued the legal sector and every mobile phone in the world - spam text messaging. His point here was that the claims management companies, solicitors and others who fuel such an irritating practice are also acting unethically.

For further insight on spam texts and advice on how to handle them, see this infographic created by Spencers Solicitors.

On a more positive note, Spencer recently Tweeted a nod towards one of Britain’s major banks, who have adopted a new code of conduct to roll out in 2013 - reiterating his point that ‘in every sphere, we must return to the importance of sound ethical standards’.

Poor Ethics in ‘Every Sphere’

In John’s personal blog, he contextualises his point on a nationwide acceptance of unprincipled behaviour, by zooming in on football’s Luis Suarez. This centre-forward has a catalogue of controversy to his name in the sport - one of the most recent cases involved Suarez handling the ball before scoring a winning goal.

Spencer is not targeting the striker in his blog but more the pundits who openly suggested that the player had no obligation to admit to foul-play. The personal injury solicitor regrettably parallels this accepted un-sportsmanship with the UK’s passivity to crooked behaviour in other non-footballing areas e.g. journalism, politics and finance.

Legal heavyweights like Spencer have reached their statuses in the sector by fulfilling a duty to the public. These are exactly the type of professionals people need to speak to when enquiring about no win no fee compensation.

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