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Jeremy Kyle hits out at the system for building mum-of-11 a mini mansion

By Maryam_Qaiser  |  Posted: February 21, 2013

Jeremy Kyle

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Jeremy Kyle has hit back at the government system for the mum-of 11 Heather Frost getting a brand new house in Gloucester.

Heather Frost, from Innsworth Lane, is having a six bedroom house built for her big family.

Heather, 36, says she has struggled along for five years in two Churchdown houses knocked together for her.

She has claims it is a "nightmare" because she finds it difficult to keep an eye on the children between the two houses.

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Housing provider, Severn vale housing has brought a plot of land in Northway Lane, for £210,000 to build the house for the family, as well as 12 other houses.

The new build house will be eco-friendly to keep her bills down.

Jeremy has lashed out at the system, for building the house in his column in The Sun today.

He is livid that the Heather will be getting a brand new house, even though she has two "freebie houses".

He said: "Thanks to the generosity of the Great British taxpayer, the Frost family will be lavished with a no - expense - spared six bedroom eco home tailored to their every need.

"With all its mod cons, this mini-mansion would cost you or me £400,000. Heather gets it for free. Now that's what I call a touch for Frost.

"It's the system that's most to blame here, not her. On the one hand I don't blame Heather. She asked, she got. She shouldn't and wouldn't if a fairer system was in place but clearly it is not.

"I have always believed that benefits were there to help those most in need – not those who just fancy a leg-up in life, or one too many leg-overs with consequences they aren't prepared to pay for."

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  • PengiPete  |  February 22 2013, 1:36PM

    ...Nerva... Precisely - there is no change in the "cost" of this family to the "tax payer" in terms of child benefits and DWP payments as a result of this move. The only change is that Severn Vale are having SEVERAL new houses built and she will be moving into one of them. The property she is expected to move into is being specifically designed such that it can be used as one house or two house as required by Severn Vale at the time. The property she will move out of can remain as a connected one or be returned to being two separate houses. Once you get past the Kyle-style soundbites and headline chasing, the entire story comes down to someone moving house. Unfortunately, TiG and the Sun are cynically trying to push people's buttons to sell their newspapers. Banging on the the site costs £210,000 is absolutely ridiculous - Severn Vale are buying some land to build a NUMBER of new houses just as they do all of the time. The £400,000 "valuation" of the house is ridiculous - a house is "worth" what you can get for it IF you sell it and IF you can sell it. Even if that house could be sold and fetch £400,000 at some point, that money would go to Severn Vale - NOT to this family. The family is not being GIVEN the house - and the house will be worth more than the cost of the building it so it's not "dead money" or a "hand-out". I totally understand people being angry that someone can increase the size of their dependant family whilst being supported on state benefits and there are legitimate questions to be asked and answered about that but the house move itself is a complete irrelevance and the press are deliberately trying stir-up trouble with the way they are presenting the story. Bottom line - a family on benefits is moving from one property to another property - that's all it is. That part of the story will be exactly the same when a smaller family moves into one of the other new houses being built at Northway Lane but TiG and the daytime TV trash won't mention that because it won't get such an audience for them and their advertisers - it's simply not that big a story - unless the press try to make appear that it is. Severn Vale will have some one bedroom properties, a lot more two and three bedroom ones, a few four bedroom ones and one or two larger houses. What's wrong with that - it's exactly what you'll find on any housing estate? It's great that Severn Vale are forward thinking enough to have a house built that can be adapted to house two families or one large one without having to go to the expense and risks of "knocking through" at a later date. All credit to them - they've looked ahead and come up with a clever solution that will save money for all us in the longer term. And having six bedrooms does not make it a "mansion" - any more than a block of flats is a "palace".

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  • supernova1  |  February 22 2013, 10:56AM

    Nerva.......you are guilty of being disingenuous. As Bonkim2003 says, someone somewhere is paying for it, and the paper trail leads all the way back to US. It's so easy for people to say, it's OK, it hasn't cost the Council a penny. Yet they sold the land to the housing association, an asset they could have sold to a private contractor and spent the proceeds refurbishing schools, say. Also, this eco nonsense. We have read recently of peeps building houses so eco, that they need no leccy or gas, or even water. So I'm thinking from your comments, that these three services will not be hooked up, as eco is so 'sexy' as they are in 2013'! Face it, it's outrageous. I even heard some Polish colleagues laughing at the whole thing this morning!

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  • Hubert1841  |  February 22 2013, 9:48AM

    Mr. Kyle would be well advised to study his Phaedrus before attacking others less "fortunate" than his good self; "saepe intereunt aliis medtantes necem", or those who plot the destruction of others often destroy themselves.

    |   5
  • Bonkim2003  |  February 22 2013, 8:45AM

    Nerva - social housing is heavily subsidised by central and local government - and Tewkesbury could have just left her where she was and £400K would have built four or five social housing units for others on the housing list. Social housing allocations are also influenced by the local council as they are involved in setting the allocation guidelines. Regards Churchdown not being part of Gloucester - this is simply an administrative matter - If you look up the map of Gloucester - many parts form parts of other local authorities - soon part of West Gloucester will go the Forest of Dean Council - that does not mean they are not part of Greater Gloucester in reality.

    |   6
  • timnash1010  |  February 21 2013, 10:57PM

    whilst I agree with his sentiments,WHOactually listens to this self opinionated,bumptious Jeremy Kyle?

    |   2
  • tishwash  |  February 21 2013, 8:13PM

    "by AngelFrostThursday, February 21 2013, 10:02AM "Wen will you get the fact that she diddnt ask for the house?"" Really ? Pretty sure she did reading previous articles and knowing people that know her.

    |   1
  • Glos_Lad34  |  February 21 2013, 7:13PM

    Petition signed as well.

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  • Glos_Lad34  |  February 21 2013, 7:10PM

    I'm getting fed up with Heather Frost and her 11 kids in the news, I think it's getting boring like the Pistorius case in S. Africa.

    |   -3
  • Nerva  |  February 21 2013, 6:14PM

    A new home being built for Heather Frost "in Gloucester? One would have thought that the correspondent for the local paper would have the geographical knowledge to realise that Northway Lane is, in fact, in Tewkesbury. Now onto the wider issues and leaving aside the question of a family with 11 children). Sun columnist Jeremy Kyle, writing presumably from 'Murdoch Towers' in London, knows precious little about 'social housing'. The organisation building the special six-bedroom house (and 12 other 'affordable housing' properties on the site) - and then renting the properties - is a local housing association, Severn Vale Housing. It will be the banks who are putting-up the money for construction and not the taxpayers. As has been widely reported, this new six-bedroom house will be 'eco-friendly'. Are not all new homes built these days 'eco-friendly'? I can well remember ten years or more ago Gloucester City Council selected a housing association to build a large amount of houses to rent on and once occupied by council houses. And the selection was mainly made on the basis of the new properties would be 'eco-friendly' - and back then 'eco' considerations were not 'sexy' as they are in 2013! Remember, that when the new house is built for Ms. Frost and the family move, there will be two family homes in Churchdown/Innsworth for Severn Vale Housing to rent. The only direct cost to us taxpayers will continue to be housing benefit - my guess would be around £200/week, if 100% benefit is paid. As I have already mentioned, I am not addressing any 'morality' issues here. Just a few 'social housing' issues that have been mis-represented in the media.

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  • Sheba2010  |  February 21 2013, 4:17PM

    If (as per a previous article) Ms Frost approached the council 5 years ago to say th property wasn't suitable for her family why did she go on to have more children making it even less suitable?

    |   25