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Horses rescued from rising flood waters in Maisemore

By The Citizen  |  Posted: January 02, 2014

  • Horses in Maisemore

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EMERGENCY action was taken in Maisemore today to remove five horses from danger as flood waters threatened to sweep the animals into the River Severn.

A Severn Bore tide came in at 9am, and looked likely to submerge a field where the horses have been tethered up since Christmas.

Worried campaigners had travelled up from West Sussex to check up on the horses after photos showing their plight were posted on Facebook.

Steve Potter, 40, who lives in Hartpury and blogs about the Severn Bore, said: “It was a close call as the horses had to be moved to higher ground as the water was rising.

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“The horses’ owner had around 20 minutes to move all five of them to dry ground. The police were there to close the road off and the fire service also turned up to help.

“There was one stallion who looked quite distressed and it looked as though he was about to panic as the water started to rise to around two feet.

“Luckily they were all taken away to safety, I don’t think they will be left there again.”

Up to ten horses there have been chained up since Christmas Day. But when confusion surrounding who was responsible for the animals’ welfare arose, concerned horse lovers took matters into their own hands.

Aleathea Hill took the long drive up from Arundle in West Sussex to intervene.

She said: “We were trying to get the horses out of there, I’m not going to sit back and watch them drown. They should not be in the state they are in. They are soaking wet with dirty rugs on their backs It is cruel, I would never put a horse in that situation.”

A flood warning has been in place for the River Severn at Sandhurst and Maisemore including Walham, since New Years Day.

With further heavy rain expected today and into the weekend, campaigners have urged the RSPCA to step in and take action.

Katya Mira, press officer for the RSPCA, said their inspectors have been carrying out regular checks on the horses and were happy they were being fed and watered regularly.

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  • daveofglos  |  January 09 2014, 8:10PM

    Why has this article not been amended to indicate it is a hoax? Does The Citizen actually believe it's true?

  • YInsidetheEA  |  January 03 2014, 7:17PM

    Inside the Environment Agency Whistleblower Blog: http://tinyurl.com/o6y5w5r

  • Cathryn0903  |  January 03 2014, 3:59PM

    Jamesgti the money has not been returned. Teresa in the US has confirmed she has not received the £100 she donated. Your girlfriend has told so many lies she doesn't 'to know the truth anymore. You wonder why people are upset when most of us that had suspected the truth from the start and dared to point out that rescuing horses at 3am was not right. That taking someone's horses with police and veterinarian authority is theft. At one point your girlfriend even messaged me saying that it's not theft if you take but don't intend to keep something!!! I think I will just go and not steal a nice Oakley lorry!! No matter what you say reference she never went to the area. She instigated everything by starting the group and instructing Kelly to go which obviously she never did either. As I said last night maybe she should get her self sorted before trying to sort out other peoples problems!!

  • Cheffie  |  January 03 2014, 2:33PM

    The claim that a 'lady' from an equine 'charity' travelled up from Sussex to rescue these horses was all part of an elaborate hoax, played out over a couple of days on Facebook. The person mentioned on this thread & in the news article gave a blow by blow account on line of how her 'team' rescued the horses, including informing people of horses being hit by a car, being put to sleep due to injury & various other scenario's . People from as far away as The USA donated money for feed, veterinary care etc & those who dared to question, despite being equine welfare volunteers, experienced horse owners & in some cases living a stone's throw away from the 'rescue site', were subjected to verbal abuse & ridicule. It has been claimed that all donations were refunded but people are stating that they have not been reimbursed & up until the early hours of this morning there was a new web site for this so called charity on line complete with an account of their brave rescue of these horses & a working donate by Paypal button. So, after being exposed, they put up a new site & still continue to invite people to donate money to help the horses from their fake rescue. How low can you go? There is an account of what actually went on via this link http://tinyurl.com/o9uyf5x and this page has more information, should anyone wish to read more in depth. https://http://tinyurl.com/qjbu6db No doubt I will be threatened yet again for speaking out against these people but I am angry that money that could have been put to better use by real animal charities has been squirreled away God knows where & people who donated may now think twice about giving money for animals in need again & at the end of the day the real losers in all of this are the horses.

  • Bigmouth1992  |  January 03 2014, 11:15AM

    By the way this is aleatheas boyfriend and he will try and threaten you haha give it a rest you tried threatening everyone on facebook last night and got kicked of good luck on here

  • Bigmouth1992  |  January 03 2014, 11:13AM

    Money was not returned to me ? Think someone is telling porkys or is being lied to

  • jamesgti  |  January 02 2014, 10:52PM

    And big mouth money was returned!

  • jamesgti  |  January 02 2014, 10:51PM

    This is faulse information you have here aleathea told you she never attended and told you kelly fitzgerald lied about the whole thing!

  • Bigmouth1992  |  January 02 2014, 9:16PM

    Please go on address fly grazing they will confirm this. I was one of the gloucester girls to go down and take photos to confirm the horses are fine and healthy . And im glad i did otherwise people would be donating money to a random person and probably wouldnt get it back

  • Bigmouth1992  |  January 02 2014, 5:03PM

    This was a hoax i live by these horses and was checking on a regular basis and bumped into owner . Tethering is part of a traveling community some people havent got a clue. You may not think its right but its not illegal and horses were well fed and watered