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Hayley's Comment: Is it ok to still go on holiday with your parents?

By The Citizen  |  Posted: August 09, 2014

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“THIS will probably be our last holiday together,” said mum six years ago.

There was some sadness in her words but also a hint of joy at the prospect of being able to enjoy a holiday without the kids.

Little did she know that the pleasures of family travel would last for several years to come.

Research has found that an increasing number of young adults are still going abroad with their parents. And I am one of them.

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A survey by LV= travel insurance found as many as 39 per cent of adults are relying on a family holiday as a way to travel in difficult economic times.

The average age of adults joining their parents on holiday is 30 and two in three of the parents questioned said they were not letting their children contribute a penny to the break.

I have spent summers backpacking on a budget around south east Asia, partying with friends in Europe and going on romantic getaways with boyfriends.

But for the past two years my brother and I have been tagging along with our parents.

A villa in the Algarve with a private pool, double room and a maid who will come in each morning to make my bed - well that's just something I would not be able to afford right now.

This year the bank of mum and dad paid for our accommodation while I paid for my flights as well as footing the bill for a couple of meals. I don't think that's too unreasonable.

Some of my fondest memories are of family holidays.

Whether it was camping in Cornwall or spending a week in France it didn’t matter where we were as long as we were all together.

Things haven't changed much since then.

Mum still insists that we lay all our clothes on the spare bed so that she can pack the cases, it is still a hassle to get everyone out of the door at 4am to catch a ridiculously early flight and I still argue with my brother over who has the best room.

But we are adults now and if we were going to go on holiday as adults, it was only fair that we acted like adults.

For example, we could no longer lie around expecting mum to cook and clear up after us.

That’s not to say I found it easy not to revert to mid-teen mood swings, throwing temper tantrums when we were dragged along to another vineyard, church or market.

In my early teens, nothing could have cramped my style more than the embarrassing presence of mum and dad in a karaoke bar.

But as young adults, my brother and I are now in this golden period where we actually get on with our parents and we are old enough to appreciate them.

Some people find it weird but I don't think there is anything wrong with going on holiday with your parents at this age.

Yes a cheap holiday abroad is great but the most important thing is spending quality time with the two people that we are all guilty of taking for granted.

I don't see much of my brother because he is away for most of the year at university, and although I live with my parents I am either at work, out with friends or at the gym.

Time together is precious so to spend a whole week as a family with no distractions was an absolute treat.

“This will probably be our last holiday together,” mum said again this year.... we’ll see.

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  • sircheltchat  |  August 09 2014, 10:29PM

    Its a shame that these trolls have nothing better to do than leave pointless comments on stories such as the above. They claim they don't want to read anymore of the above columns, yet they still seem to take the time to read them and even comment on them. The beauty of the internet 'paper' is that you don't have to read (or actually click on) stories that have no interest to oneself or are by journalists that you don't like, yet the likes of thomas1996 and nibnobs still find the time to click and comment on such stories.... shame they have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon. I for one actually find 'Hayley's Comments' very interesting and add a bit of humour to my weekend.... Oh and yes, I do still live at home with my parents.... and I holiday with them..... I dunno, maybe that just makes me Hayleys target market....

    |   15
  • KeyBored  |  August 09 2014, 8:52PM

    Lordgagas.. More like spare time on her hands and a load of clicking clearing cookies to vote....

    |   -2
  • thomas1996  |  August 09 2014, 5:37PM

    and what does this have to do with local news?

    |   -3
  • Kasparkent1  |  August 09 2014, 3:55PM

    Another gem Hayley. With your witty writing style and complete view of the world I'm glad you chose a career in journalism. Why on earth is local news so derided?

    |   -1
  • thomas1996  |  August 09 2014, 3:37PM

    MarkWallace, I guess you are Hayley's 'hardly seen' brother at euni. Now come on admit it....Hayley says she hardly sees you yet students at euni are off for about three months in the summer, so you clearly must be very skilled at avoiding her aren't you?

    |   -5
  • MarkWallace  |  August 09 2014, 1:46PM

    Oh lighten up you negative lot. Hayley's lighthearted Saturday articles are a great antidote to the day to day horrors in the world

    |   20
  • Apothegm_  |  August 09 2014, 11:36AM

    "I paid for my flights as well as footing the bill for a couple of meals. I don't think that's too unreasonable." So Mum and Dad paid for everything else? Can you think of any reason why your Mum said "This will probably be our last holiday together"? No? In your journalistic career to date, have you come across the word "freeloading"?

    |   -7
  • NibNobs  |  August 09 2014, 10:52AM

    Hayley, we can all hope that "this is your last column about you and your family" Go and report on something useful and interesting like reporting on how local young people your age are coping with the increasing costs of housing, high rents & the cost of living, yet wages are static. Remember we don't all live with mummy & daddy still.

    |   -8