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Gloucestershire weather: more warnings of severe weather and flooding to come

By The Citizen  |  Posted: February 09, 2014

A resident of Sandhurst Lane braves the journey home

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Strong wind and heavy showers over the weekend have not done the damage feared to Gloucestershire, and there have even been spells of sunshine.

But concern is growing in flood-prone areas around Gloucester, that with fields and road already underwater, further heavy rain and thousands of litres of water running off the Welsh hills might bring scenes like 2007.

Environment Agency manager Dave Throup tweeted:” Multiple peaks, today, Mon/Tue and Wed/Thu. Severn below Upton probably won't peak till end of week.”

In response to a Tweet from Karen King who runs a farm in Gloucester about whether it might reach 2007 levels, Mr Throup tweeted: “Not expecting 2007 but levels will be very high right through this week. Possibly not peaking till weekend.”

Earlier he tweeted: “Severn in Worcester now at highest level since July 2007 Still rising” showing that the river is approaching the levels that caused such devastation nearly seven years ago.

And although the county may get a day or two’s grace, there is more to come.

The weather forecast for Monday is for cloudy conditions, with the possibilities of a shower in the middle of the day. Warnings have been issued for icy driving conditions until 9am.

But a relatively dry day will be a short respite; Tuesday is set to see heavy showers interspersed with lighter spells of rain, and a yellow severe weather warning has been issued.

Those warnings have been repeated for Wednesday which may also be showery, and as temperatures drop in the early hours rain might turn to snow.

Gloucester UK weather forecast

There are no severe flood warnings for the area issued by the environment agency, but it has issued a flood warning for areas along the length of the Severn in Gloucestershire, from Tewkesbury to Gloucester. Warnings have also been issued for the Avon and the Wye.

Met Office severe weather warnings

Firefighters were on hand with a truck and a rescue boat in Sandhurst to provide reassurance and assistance to residents living on the flooded road, and Karen Doherty took full advantage.

Early this afternoon she was preparing to wade to the end of the lane through waste-high water to get to her job in Coventry Social Services. As she was about to set off the Gloucestershire Fire and rescue boat came along and she hitched a ride with the officers .

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  • littleoldlady  |  February 09 2014, 10:58PM

    Don't knock the EA. It's too easy a target; the problem here is the weather .We're not the Somerset levels, where previous misguided dredging, canalisation & heavily-subsidised field drainage have caused a problem that is actually reversible (but try telling that to a farmer!). We are a river catchment that gets its water from Wales. When the Severn etc flood, they do it on the fields where they've always flooded. Ironbridge in Shropshire? The pubs all have flood record markers on their walls. New Road Worcester? It's been flooding in the winter for ever. That's why the race course is flat racing & the cricket ground hasn't got any football pitches. I can remember travelling through Tewkesbury when I was a kid and EXPECTING to see all the land alongside the (embanked) A38 under water. Trouble is, we've built on the water meadows. And then you've got climate change. The weather will simply get worse & you can't blame the EA for that. They're doing their best, with massive c uts all round. The answer? Either build enormous embankments that ruin everyone's views, like they have in Holland (they're 60ft+ high) or l;earn to work with nature & stop expecting IT to serve US.

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  • Jamie225  |  February 09 2014, 8:39PM

    Inside the Environment Agency have been exposing the failings of the Environment Agency for going on a year now - others have been exposing these failings for much longer. http://tinyurl.com/o6y5w5r

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