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Gloucestershire local council election results: Conservatives forge ahead

By This is Gloucestershire  |  Posted: May 06, 2011

Gloucester City Council election results: Paul Geoffrey Toleman, centre right, celebrating winning the Westgate Ward at the Election Count at the Oxstalls Tennis Centre, Gloucester.

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​THE Conservatives have dramatically seized overall control of Gloucester City Council after a night of tension at the polls.

Conservatives are also celebrating after gaining overall control of Tewkesbury Borough Council after an impressive showing at the polls.

The party is today toasting an historic victory after securing a majority for the first time since 1988.

Councillors said they were “gobsmacked” at the outcome after the Liberal Democrats and Labour endured a torrid night.

The authority's leader vowed to “take the city to the next level” after one of the most dramatic election nights seen in Gloucester for years.

The Tories romped home with 41 per cent of the vote, winning six of the 11 seats on offer.

The city's Liberal Democrats fared the worst of three main parties, with only 24 per cent of the vote.

Nick Clegg's party lost two seats to the Conservatives, the vital wards of Westgate and Barnwood, and saw its share of the vote decline seven per cent.

After the final count of the night Councillor Jeremy Hilton, (Lib Dem, Kingsholm and Wotton), the group leader, angrily pointed the figure at Labour for what he called “a negative campaign”.

Labour also suffered a terrible night, losing the Barton seat to the Conservatives, where Sajid Patel made a shock breakthrough.

Despite the party getting 29 per cent of the vote, two per cent more than last year, it only succeededd in holding Matson and Moreland.

For the last seven years the Tories have ran the city council as a minority administration, but it now has 20 seats compared to nine from the Liberal Democrats and just seven from Labour.

The last seat to declare was Barnwood, where newcomer Tarren Randle triumphed by just 27 votes over the Liberal Democrat's Vidal Veronica.

The seat went to a recount because it was so close, and was declared shortly before 3am, leading to jubilant scenes inside Oxstalls Tennis Centre, with Miss Randle, a mum-of-two, crying tears of joy with her son Ashley Armstrong, 18.

She said: “I am absolutely gobsmacked, I just can't believe it. I am overwhelmed by this.”
As the results came in Tories punched the air with delight, hugging and shouting with delirium.

Councillor Paul James, leader of the city council, said: “On the backdrop of the difficult decisions we have had to make, I am delighted we have made these gains and got overall control.

“I always thought we had a good opportunity this year but have never taken it for granted."

Councillor Patel (Con, Barton and Tredworth) added: “I am ecstastic to have made the breakthrough, what a night."

Councillor Hilton, after the Lib Dems results, said: “I always thought it was going to be tough. Labour ran a spoiler campaign and tried to cause us damage, well I hope they are pleased with themselves because they've let the Tories back in.”

The only bright spot for the Liberal Democrats was taking Quedgeley Fieldcourt, where Anna Mozol produced the biggest shock of the night by defeating Tory cabinet member Martyn White.

She beat Mr White by 80 votes, despite the fact he was a member of the executive responsible for museums and culture.

She said: “I am so happy, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for me. I am shellshocked by this – I just didn't expect it at all.”
The Liberal Demlocrats also held Kingsholm and Wotton, where Councillor Sebastian Field kept his seat, and Hucclecote, where Councillor Declan Wilson also held firm.

Labour, which suffered an early blow during the night when stalwart Harjit Gill lost his Barton seat, kept Matson, where deputy group leader Kate Haigh was defending, and Moreland, where Matthew Gilson won after entering as a newcomer.

The Tories also held Longlevens, where Councillor Kathy Williams won with a massive 1,184 majority despite having to get around her ward with a walking crutch for the last six weeks due to a knee operation.

She said: “I am elated. I've increased my majority, which I didn't expect.”

The Greens, UKIP and Trade Unionists and Socialist Against the Cuts (TUSAC) parties all failed to make a breakthrough.

Daryl Stanbury, who stood for UKIP in Kingsholm, said: “I still think it's reasonably positive for us, we did get increases in our vote in wards across the city.”
Conservatives are also celebrating after gaining overall control of Tewkesbury Borough Council after an impressive showing at the polls.
In Tewkesbury Borough the Tories won 24 of the 38 seats, putting the Liberal Democrats with whom they had previously shared power, firmly in their place.
A bad night for the Liberal Democrats was highlighted by their leader, and deputy leader of the council, Phil Taylor, losing his seat. He missed out in the Cleeve St Michael’s ward by just 12 votes, ironically to fellow Liberal Democrat candidate Hannah Healy.
That left his party with 11 seats, four fewer than at the start of the night.
But for the Tories it was almost all good news as they gained a total of five extra seats. Their one big disappointment was losing current borough mayor Elaine Hancox, who was ousted from her Tewkesbury Town with Mitton seat by the Tewkesbury Independents.
Councillor Robert Vines, leader of both the Conservatives and the whole council, held on to his Badgeworth seat and said: “I’m very pleased. To increase your number of seats is what it’s all about."
He said he felt the previous partnership between the Tories and Liberal Democrats had worked well and he hoped the new situation would not lead to a return to confrontational politics.
He said: “That’s not the way I like to operate. Operating in a much more grown up way in the last four years has given us lots of benefits.”
He added: “My big disappointment was losing Elaine Hancox. She was an absolutely top class councillor. I shall really miss her and her support.”
Former Liberal Democrat leader Phil Taylor, who had been on the council for four years, said: “I’m obviously disappointed with the result but, in the national context, we’ve got a very good Liberal Democrat councillor in Cleeve St Michael’s. I’m sure Hannah will do her utmost to address all people’s needs and concerns.”
Tewkesbury Independents still have two members on the council. Mike Sztymiak retained his Tewkesbury Town with Mitton seat and Philip Workman took advantage of Elaine Hancox’s fall from grace in the same ward.

In the Forest of Dean Labour made huge inroads into the Tory majority.
The Conservative’s 15-seat margin was slashed to just two as the Labour group picked up nine new seats.
It leaves the Conservatives on 19 seats, down from 23, Labour on 17 and 11 independent councillors.
Big name casualties included Tory cabinet member Denis Riley as well as fellow Conservatives Grace Bensted and and Alastair Fraser.

Conservatives lost their overall majority as Labour celebrated a four seat gain on Stroud District Council.
At today's Stratford Park Leisure Centre count, Tory seats dropped from 27 to 25 - meaning all the other groups put together have 26.
One of those 26 is former Stroud Labour MP David Drew, who gained Farmhill and Paganhill from the Tories.
Labour also turned Dursley red from blue, took Rodborough from the Liberal Democrats, and won the former independent Uplands ward.

In the Cotswolds, teenager Joe Harris helped lead the charge for the Liberal Democrats in the Cotswolds.
The 18-year-old – believed to be the country’s youngest elected district councillor – clinched his Cotswold District Council seat at Cirencester, Park, with fellow Lib Dem Lee Searles making it a double whammy.
Bucking the national trend, the fiercely campaigning Cotswolds Lib Dems more than doubled their seats from the previous five to 12.
The Independents also reaped a bumper crop with five seats, three gains from their previous two.
But despite significantly piercing the ruling Conservatives’ armour, the Tories still comfortably clung to a majority with 27 seats out of the 44 up for grabs.

Don't miss tomorrow's Echo and Citizen for a full round up.



BARRETT Emily (L) 917
RAVENHILL Norman (C)1,755
SPARKES Danny (UKIP) 247
Elected Norman Ravenhill (C hold)
Turnout 43 per cent


JORDAN Phil (Trade Unionists) 115
RANDLE Tarren (C) 1,086
SMITH Mike (UKIP) 209
VIDAL Veronica (LD) 1,059
WOODMAN Cilla (L) 718
Elected Tarren Randle (C gain)
Turnout 41 per cent

Barton and Tredworth

EWERS John (Trade Unionists) 190
GILL Harjit (L) 1,061
PANDOR Abduil (LD) 299
PATEL Sajid (C)1,229
Elected Sajid Patel (C gain)
Turnout 36 per cent


HODDY James (L) 479
LOCK John (C)941
WILSON Declan (LB) 1,854
Elected Declan Wilson (LD hold)
Turnout 46 per cent

Kingsholm and Wotton

FIELD Sebastian (LD) 785
HITCHINGS David (L) 487
INGLEBY Jonathan (G) 108
STEVENS Matthew (C)481
Elected Sebastian Field (LD hold)
Turnout 36 per cent


Di Docksey (LD) 821
KING Danny (L) 695
WILIAMS Kathy (C)2,005
Elected Kathy Williams (C hold)
Turnout 47 per cent

Matson and Robinswood

ANDERTON Mike (LD) 181
BYCZOK Rebecca (C)885
HAIGH Kate (L) 1,335
Elected Kate Haigh (L hold)
Turnout 35 per cent


ACKROYD Lyn (C)990
GILSON Matthew (L) 1,243
POWER Stephen (LD) 154
SIDFORD Matthew (G) 214
Elected Matthew Gilson (L hold)
Turnout 36 per cent

Quedgeley Fieldcourt

BIRCHER Charley (G) 120
KIRBY Barry (L) 777
LLEWELLYN Deb (C)1,095
SOUTHGATE David (LD) 240
Elected Deb Llewellyn (C hold)
Turnout 32 per cent

Quedgeley Severn Vale

CHATTERTON Chris (L) 477
MOZOL Anna (LD) 750
WHITE Martyn (C)670
Elected Anna Mozol (LD gain)
Turnout 36 per cent


MILLS Garry (L) 342
TOLEMAN Paul (C)774
Elected Paul Toleman (C gain)
Turnout 36 per cent

Overall turnout 39 per cent

Tewkesbury Borough Council election results:-

Ashchurch with Walton Cardiff
CLUCAS, Cait (LD) 414
HESKETH John (C) 620
TUGWELL Adam (C) 567
Elected: John Hesketh, Adam Tugwell (C hold)


VINES, Robert (C) 606
WALL Stephen (LD) 196
Elected: Robert Vines (C hold)


BUXTON, Edward (C) 725
FUROLO Roland (C) 763
PEREZ Jude (LD) 1,142
PEREZ, Vince (LD) 1,028
TURBYFIELD Harry (C) 600
Elected: Jude Perez, Vince Perez, Maureen Rowcliffe-Quarry (LD hold)


Churchdown Brookfield
BISHOP, Richard (C) 572
CARTER David (L) 307
DHILLON Sarah (L) 230
EVANS Julie (C) 476
JONES Brian (I) 723
SMITH Richard (LD) 608
Elected: Gill Blackwell, Brian Jones (LD and I hold)


Churchdown St John’s
ANSLEY, Royston (L) 397
BERRY Kay (LD) 1,195
BOCKING Graham (C) 678
DHILLON Keir (L) 387
GRUBB Ian (C) 665
MAUND Janet (C) 666
RICKS Audrey (LD) 1,134
STOKES Pearl (LD) 1,210
TUSTIN Kelvin (L) 392
Elected: Kay Berry, Audrey Ricks, Pearl Stokes (LD hold)


Cleeve Grange
COLLINS, Charlotte (L) 84
HUGHES Paul (C) 265
Elected: Susan Hillier-Richardson (LD hold)


Cleeve St Michael’s
COLLINS, Laura (L) 188
EAST Bob (C) 682
HEALY Hannah (LD) 681
HEARN David (C) 440
TAYLOR Philip (LD) 669
WARE Thomas (L) 128
Elected: Bob East, Hannah Healy (C gain, LD hold)


Cleeve West
BIRD, Robert (C) 708
EMMERSON Stuart (L) 139
RICHMOND Peter (LD) 662
ROGERS Lissa (CORR) (L) 120
WHITTAKER Alan (C) 637
Elected: Robert Bird, Tony Mackinnon (C gain, LD hold)


Highnam with Haw Bridge
AWFORD, Philip (C) 1,280
DAVIES Derek (C) 1,187
ELSEY Thomas (L) 471
Elected: Philip Awford, Derek Davies (C hold)


ARUNA, Ibraheem (LD) 238
Elected: Marc Silverthorn (C gain)


Innsworth with Down Hatherley
FOX, Roger (C) 241
OCKELTON Paul (I) 137
WHELAN Bill (LD) 344
Elected: Bill Whelan (LD hold)


EVETTS, John (C) 656
CULLEN Patrick (LD) 271
Elected: John Evetts (C hold)


CARTER, Adele (C) 468
CROMWELL Barbara (I) 288
HURLEY John (L) 184
LEWIS Alan (L) 291
MACTIERNAN Elaine (C) 490
OUGHTON Dave (I) 398
Elected: Adele Carter, Elaine MacTiernan (C gain)


ATTWOOD, Jane (LD) 225
SURMAN Philip (C) 500
Elected: Philip Surman (C hold)


Tewkesbury Prior’s Park
CALWAY, Brian (C) 627
REYNOLDS Mike (L) 257
WARD Lloyd (L) 212
WOODROW Stephen (LD) 166
WRIGHT Claire (C) 582
Elected: Brian Calway, Claire Wright (C hold)

Tewkesbury Town with Mitton
CROMWELL, Kevin (C) 474
HANCOX Elaine (C) 593
POWELL Kenneth (I) 433
SZTYMIAK Mike (TI) 1,033
WORKMAN Philip (TI) 818
Elected: Mike Sztymiak, Philip Workman (TI gain)

ALLEN, Ron (C) 1,448
DAY Janet (C) 1,416
GUYLL Kevin (LD) 656
HALL Timothy (LD) 669
HILTON David (L) 433
HURLEY Lyn (L) 413
MASON James (C) 1,434
Elected: Ron Allen, Janet Day, James Mason (C hold)


Farmhill and Paganhill

DREW David (L) 538

CARR Harry (C) 304

Elected: David Drew (L gain)

Seven rejected ballot




BINNS Dorcas (C)1108

HEANEY Bill (G) 263

MOORE Joan (L and Co op) 270

WILLIAMs John (Ind) 354

Elected: Dorcas Binns (C hold)





BIRD Libby (C) 319

WALKER-SMITH Adrian (Lib Dem) 49

WHITESIDE Martin (G) 591

WILLIAMs Lesley (L) 143

Elected: Martin Whiteside (G hold)





BOOBYER Philip (L) 347

CARTIGNY Jackie (C) 1104

SMITH Paul (Lib Dem) 1211

Elected: Paul Smith (Lib Dem hold)




MANSELL William (C) 178


MARJORAM John (G) 551

Elected John Marjoram (Green hold)





BRIDGLAND Sylvia (Lib Dem) 190

OWEN Christopher (G) 235

REES Mark (L) 1237

ZIMMER Julie (C) 731

LAB hold


Cam East

CLIFTON Miranda (L) 779

TIPPER  Brian (C) 879

CON hold


Cam West

DENNEY Paul (L) 683

JONES Darren (Lib Dem) 301

MATT Patrick (C) 473

Labour hold



PERRY Malcolm (L and Co op) 155

READ Andy (Ind) 354

ROBINSON Ian (C) 210

Independent gain



DEAN Richard (G) 649

PETERS Liz *(C) 1302

TAYLOR David (Labour and Co op) 638

Con hold



HARDING Veronic (Lib Dem) 416

PATRICK Loraine (corr) (C) 679

WHEELER Geoff (L and Co op) 1026

YAGUD Miriam (g) 112

Labour gain



BLOMBERG Phil (G) 213

HEADLEY Christine (Lib Dem) 591

TRENTER Nigel (L) 617

SARCH Adam (C) 453

Labour gain


Slade (corr)

HULME Shela (corr) (L) 270

PICKERING Simon (G) 350

Green hold



BRINE Chris (L) 1346

HALL Lawrence (C) 789

SHERIDAN Clare (G) 314

Labour hold



LYONS Rachel (G) 137

MOORE Chris (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 45

SANDERS Roger (L) 488

SEAGER Tim (Ind) 156

Labour gain



JOB Julie (C) 190

LYDON Stephen (L) 279

SCOTT-CATO Molly (G) 417

Green hold


HORSFALL, Edward (C) 584

SKINNER, Frank (LD) 202


Elected Edward Horsfall (C hold)

Turnout TBC




DARE, Barry (C) 489

KEAY-BRIGHT, Sarah (LD) 348


Elected Barry Dare (C hold)

Turnout TBC





POWELL, Vanessa (C) 367


Elected Paul Hodgkinson (LD hold)

Turnout TBC




HORNBY, Felicity (LD) 188

NICOLLE, Carolyn (C) 665


Elected Carolyn Nicolle (C hold)

Turnout TBC




BENDALL, David (UKIP) 96

BURGESS, Peter (LD) 153

PARSONS, Jim (C) 534


Elected Jim Parsons (C hold)

Turnout TBC




ANNETT, Mark (C) 1,588

JEPSON, Sue (C) 1,641

STOWE, Lynden (C) 1,662

THOMPSON, Clive (LD) 819


Elected Mark Annett (C hold), Sue Jepson (C, hold) and Lynden Stowe (C hold)




BROAD, David (C) 453

ROBSON, John (I) 393


Elected David Broad (C hold)

Turnout TBC




DERRINGTON, Richard (LD) 173

JEFFREY, Michelle (C) 638


Elected Michelle Jeffrey (C hold)

Turnout TBC




BROWN, Leslie (LD) 277

EDGE, Brian (I) 169

GIBBS, Barry (C) 834

GILES, Chris (LAB) 292

HICKS, Diana (C) 627

HIRST, Stephen (I) 905

LEAVER, Keith (C) 560

MARTIN, Peter (I) 467

MOSDELL, Shirley (LAB) 371

PAINTER, Kevin (LD) 577


QUADDY, Brecon (GREEN) 167



Elected Barry Gibbs (C hold), Diana Hicks (C gain) and Stephen Hirst (I hold)

Turnout TBC




ELLIS, Peter (LD) 200

PENMAN, David (C) 857

PHILLIPS, Merryl (C) 703

SMALLEY, Colin (I) 464

TURNER, Chris (I) 258


Elected Daivd Penman (C hold) and Merryl Phillips (C hold)

Turnout TBC




BRAIDWOOD, Peter (C) 598

BURGESS, John (C) 629

HUGHES, John (LD) 602

ROBBINS, Nigel (LD) 574


Elected Peter Burgess (C hold) and John Hughes (LD gain)

Turnout TBC




HELM, Matt (C) 520

HINCKS, Jenny (LD) 741

SELWYN, Gary (LD) 804

WHITE, Steven (C) 433


Elected Jenny Hincks (LD gain) and Gary Selwyn (LD gain)

Turnout TBC




ADAMS, Geoffrey (C) 568

CURRY, Tony (C) 509

HARRIS, Joe (LD) 735

SEARLES, Lee (LD) 769


Elected Joe Harris (LD gain) and Lee Searles (LD gain)

Turnout TBC




ANDERSON, John (C) 399

EASTERBROOK, Jon (Labour) 169

KERTON, Phil (C) 407

NASH, Deryck (LD) 682

RICKMAN, Margaret (LD) 561

STEPHENS, Robert ((UK Indp) 146


Elected Deryck Nas (LD hold)

Elected Margaret Rickman (LD hold).




BUCKLEY, Richard (C) 428

COLEMAN, Patrick (LD) 757

EYRE, Reg (Labour) 173

IRVING, Robert (Green) 182


PETERS, Dennis (C) 502


Elected Patrick Coleman (LD hold)

Elected Andy Lichnowski (LD gain)




BLAKE, Adrian (UK Ind) 41

EDWARDS, Jane (LD) 336

PARSONS, Nicholas (C) 490


Elected Nicholas Parsons (C hold).




DAVEY, Sean (LD) 387

LEWIS, Anna (LD) 231

MESSENGER, Xanthe (Green) 205

ROBERTS, Chris (C) 670

THEODOULOU, Raymond (C) 750

WARDLE, Mark (Ind) 711


Elected Raymond Theodoulou (C hold)

Elected Mark Wardle (Ind gain).




FOWLES, David (C) 525

HARWOOD, John (LD) 144

STEEL, Alex (Ind) 228


Elected David Fowles (C hold).




CARTER, Sandra (C) 932

COAKLEY, Sue (Ind) 781

PALMER, Alex (C) 726

STOKES, Jerry (Ind) 502

VOLLER, Neil (Green) 222


Elected Sandra Carter (C hold)

Elected Sue Coakley (Ind gain)




BASS, Nigel   (LD) 136

DUTTON, Robert (C) 796

HOOPER, Rod (Ind) 776

HORNE, Christopher (C) 536

TRICE-ROLPH, Gus (Ind) 220


Elected Robert Dutton (C hold).

Elected Rod Hooper (Ind gain).




HILL, Meriln (Lab) 65

TOPPLE, Carole (C) 497

WATTS, Laura (LD) 240


Elected Carole Topple (C hold)




BIRCH, John (C)  591

KNIGHT, Jenny (UK Ind) 100

WILLIS, Mike (LD) 204


Elected John Birch (C hold).




BENNETT, Clive (C) 1,030

EVEMY, Mike (LD) 1,018

ESMOND, Jenkins (LD) 1,110

LAYTON, Juliet (LD) 1,058

MESSENGER, Peter (C) 684

SNOW, Adrian (C) 766


Elected Esmond Jenkins (LD hold)

Elected Clive Bennett (C hold)

Elected Juliet Layton (LD gain)




HANCOCK, Chris (I) 427

MCLAUCHLAN, Darren (LD) 70

PEZET, Mike (C) 313


Elected Chris Hancock (I gain)

Turnout TBC




CROSBIE-DAWSON, Venetia (C) 602

WATSON, Christine (LD) 189


Elected Venetia Crosbie-Dawson (C hold)

Turnout TBC




CRAWLEY, Roberta (LD) 212

HUGHES, Robin (C) 577


Elected Robin Hughes (C hold)

Turnout TBC




COLLIER, Dominic (C) 727

POLLOCK, Alan (LAB) 144


Elected Dominic Collier (C hold)

Turnout TBC




JEFFERY, Sheila (C) 884

LANGFORD, Hazel (LD) 347

WILKINS, Len 868


Elected Sheila Jeffery (C, hold)

Elected Len Wilkins (C, hold)


AWRE ward

EDWARDS, Brian (Con): 293 elected

HOYLAND, Beki (Green): 288

Turnout: 42 per cent




FRASER, Moira (Con): 354

GLASTONBURY, Terry (Con): 592 elected

THOMAS, Brian (Lab): 405

WINSHIP, Marion (Ind): 552 elected

Turnout: 47 per cent




EASTON, David (Con): 222

STEWART, Helen (Lab): 273 elected

Turnout: 40 per cent




EAST, Dave (Ind): 532 elected

FREEMAN, Aaron (Con): 254

HERCOCK, Ned (Lab): 70

Turnout: 59 per cent




CORDON, Jan (Con): 404

EVANS, Bill (Lab): 408 elected

HIETT, Paul (Lab): 481 elected


SUMNERS, Avril (Con): 323

Turnout: 43 per cent




BURROW, Cherry Anne (Lab): 90

CONNELL, Jim (Con): 467 elected

REES, Michael (Ind): 320

Turnout: 56 per cent 




SMART, Marrilyn (Con): elected unopposed




JONES, Brian (Con): 333 elected

LAWRENCE, Patricia (Lab): 112

WOOD, Alan (Ind): 322

Turnout: 55 per cent




COBORN, Max (Lab): 661 elected

HORNE, Donald (Con): 257

MARTIN, Di (Lab): 601 elected

SMART, Liz (Con): 253

Turnout: 36 per cent




BEARD, Frank (Lab): 781 elected

DAVIES, Colin (Lib Dem): 213

MASON, Terry (Con): 278

McMILLAN, Stephen (Con) 310

MORGAN, Graham (Lab) 823 elected

PLUMMER, Andrew (Con): 260

STERRY, Lynn (Lab): 683 elected

SUTTON, Hedley John (Ind): 297

Turnout: 38 per cent




ALLAWAY-MARTIN, Carole (Con): 400 elected

BENSTED, Grace (Con): 310

ELSMORE, Clive (Ind): 370 elected

PHELPS, Rich (Lab): 294

VENNER, Bart (Lab): 349

Turnout: 40 per cent




BAYNHAM, Frank (Lab): 738 elected

BIRD, Marie (Con): 474

EDEY, Maria (Ind): 525 elected

LUSTY, Heather (Lib Dem): 332

MARKHAM, Joanna (Con): 405

McMAHON, Paul (Lab): 574 elected

RILEY, Denis (Con): 496

Turnout: 37 per cent



BURFORD Philip (Ind) 466 elected

BENNION Robin (Con) 356

Turnout: 61 per cent



MOLYNEUX Patrick (Con) 497 elected

LARKHAM Robin (Green) 289

Turnout: 56 per cent



QUAILE Martin (Con) 537 elected

O’NEILL Bernie (Lab) 470 elected

DALZIEL Heather (Lib Dem) 450

PRITCHARD Rowland (Lab) 440

O’CARROLL David (Con) 429

DEFRAINE Will (Lib Dem) 252



GARDINER Andrew (Ind) 964 elected

HOGAN Bruce (Lab) 797 elected

THOMSON David (Lab) 720 elected

GUYTON Colin (UKIP) 542

MCMILLAN Helen (Con) 383

GITTOS Frieda (Con) 330

PLUMMER Pamela (Con) 312

Turnout: 46 per cent



BEVAN James (Con) 636 elected

OSBORNE Bill (Lab) 496 elected

HOBMAN Val (Lab) 488 elected

COOKSLEY David (Con) 438

BIDDLE Derek (Ind) 350


HOBBS Malcolm (Con) 257

HARRIS Carol (Ind) 245

JONES Adrian (Green) 219

GREENWOOD James (Green) 218



DAVIS Judy (Con) 258 elected

PREEST Alan (Ind) 251

WILLIAMS Frank (Lab) 222



WHITBURN Ian (Ind) 543 elected

FRASER Jackie (Lab) 536 elected

ROBINSON Brian (Con) elected

HENCHLEY Sue (Lib Dem) 446

STERRY Roger (Lab) 419

MARTIN Zia (Lab) 399

MCMILLAN Lara (Con) 333

STOKES Sara (Lib Dem) 261



GOOCH Julia (Ind) 491 elected

LAWTON Len (Con) 479 elected

WOOD Edward (Ind) 318

HICKLING Gill (Lab) 280

READ David (Con) 205



THOMAS Arthur (Ind) 531 elected

HALE Terry (Con) 515 elected

BENSTED Katy (Con) 422

WHEELER David (Lib Dem) 286

PARRY-HEARN Anna (Lab) 250

HAILE Eric (Ind) 239

PARRY-HEARN Steven (Lab) 230

GRIFFITHS Marie (Lib Dem) 213


 Newnham and Westbury


STEPHENS Norman (I) 790

EDWARDS Diana (C) 606


FORD Glyn (L)  256

THORNTON Verity (C) 196

LOWE Deighton (L) 171     


Elected: Norman Stephens and Diana Edward (C and I hold)



Oxenhall and Newent North East


YEATES Roger (C) 525

LAPINGTON Annie (L) 150


Elected: Roger Yeates





PUGH Don (L) 643

EVANS Frankie (C) 493

SAUNDERS Phil (Green) 445

LAWTON Julia (C) 391

ABURROW Keith (I) 386


Elected Don Pugh and Frankie Evans

Turnout: 50 per cent




EDE Peter (C) 587

HOGAN Denise (L) 147


Elected: Peter Ede





HORNE Jane (C) 639

ROYALL Janet (L) 191


Elected: Jane Horne




BIRCH Roy (LD) 923

KIRKPATRICK Gabriella (I) 905

DAVIES Gethyn (C) 869

FRASER Alastair (C) 805

BENSTED Alan (C) 711


Elected: Roy Birch, Gabriella Kirkpatrick, Gethyn Davies





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    Talon, Gloucester Yes, you are right and I totally agreed with you. All are seat Hunger, when they come into Power, they forget US.

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    Talon, Gloucester  |  May 08 2011, 12:16PM

    To Geoffrey Salter, Quedgeley. "Panorama"....If you have faith in your accusations. I would also recommend bringing the other two together along with mine and We will tackle them together..

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    Talon, Gloucester  |  May 08 2011, 12:06PM

    Richard Graham has done nothing, even at his meet the public sessions he doesn't do anything. He's weak.. The liberals got a kicking because they sided with the wrong party and was punished for it. Gloucester will suffer badly at the hands of the Conservatives. Only recently, they have made room within the council for Chris Oldershaw from GURHC (at a high salary) whilst they were sacking others and reducing public services. The poor will get poorer and the rich will get richer through the back door of their policies and The Citizen will back them because Ian Mean is a staunch Tory supporter who belongs to the same rotary club as they do.

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    Rachael C Louise, Gloucester  |  May 07 2011, 2:28PM

    Andrew, cheltenhamagainstcuts.wordpress.com, Cheltenham With interest alone at £squillions per day (I've run out of fingers and toes to count on!) the only solution is to reign in the spending. That unfortunately is on the extra 750,000 extra public sector jobs Liebour 'created' and contracts given to the private sector, which will impact there.

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    Tony, Glos  |  May 07 2011, 11:10AM

    Jimmy, the details are available on a rather interesting site called 'Rotten Borough': http://www.rottenborough.org.uk/index.html Mr Salter's experience is probably not uncommon, when council employees are under-trained and over-worked, and therefore inclined to cut corners. We may never know the whole story, but when someone is prepared to go public with a grievance, it probably helps to keep the council on their toes (and, sadly, spendng even more tax-payer's money with internal enquiries so they have to let more people go, putting more pressure on the less experienced, and therefore cheaper staff remaining).

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    Jimmy, glos  |  May 07 2011, 10:04AM

    Geoffrey Salter, Quedgeley What is this scandal you speak of?

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    Geoffrey Salter, Quedgeley  |  May 07 2011, 7:34AM

    Let us hope that the local councillors will respond to those citizens who have elected them. For the past 15 months I have been asking our county councillors - all of them not just cllr Hall and Rice to investigate a series of lies that have emanated from staff in Shire Hall. The councillors received a false briefing from Chris Cooke and have been advised by the Director of Law to ignore me - it is the fear of the truth coming out into the public domain that has compelled council staff to lie to the councillors who pander to their request yet ignore the truth. The MP also failed to get involved so I have been left with a substantial dossier of evidence and no-one will act so will the conservative city councillors be as remiss as our county councillors. The dossier is available for anyone to see and I am aware of 2 more cases like mine - so what is going on, what is the point of electing people if they totally ignore the electorate.

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    Jimmy, glos  |  May 07 2011, 12:19AM

    Thanks Tony. You seem to be on a similar level. Good point as well. To be fair PCS makes a few good points at some alternatives to the cuts. They actually bothered to make a booklet, unlike the Labour Party which should of brought out its own alternative booklet, rather than just attacking the government, and saying cuts are bad, more air-time should have been given to a serious look at some of the alternative ways of reducing the debt. Maybe some TV debates would have been handy? http://cheltenhamagainstcuts.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/there-is-an-alternative-the-case-against-cuts-in-public-spending.PDF

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    Jimmy, glos  |  May 06 2011, 11:44PM

    Mr.T Feel free to debate. Which points do you not agree with then?...

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    Tony, Glos  |  May 06 2011, 11:42PM

    I think Jimmy makes a lot of sense, Mr T. He says, 'These cuts are not ideological.' Most people who say otherwise don't seem to realise that opposition to cuts can be just as ideological, so it's not an argument that carries much weight. Labour *does* recognise the need for cuts, but as Jimmy also says, they're hovering over the same areas as the Tories. We're arguing over deckchairs instead of lowering the lifeboats, and to mix metaphors, the barbarians are at the gate.