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Gloucester shop slogan upsets shopper

By EchoLauraC  |  Posted: February 26, 2014

The slogan in Blue Inc which has upset some shoppers

A slogan in a clothing store’s window has upset some Gloucester shoppers.

Blue Inc has a new marketing campaign out with a sign stating ‘If you fall asleep you are fair game’.

One shopper, from Hucclecote said she was “absolutely appalled” by the branding, which she believes insinuates the rape of women is fine - if they are asleep.

She has even e-mailed the company to complain.

She said: “It's disgusting and should be removed immediately, before it upsets too many people.

“It's outrageous that any person in head office visual merchandising would create the idea of and use this 'slogan' to sell a product.

“With the many violent attacks that are carried out in this day, it could definitely twist the minds of even more young people to believe that sexual violence is, and I quote the slogan ‘fair’.”

But the company, which has 140 stores in the UK, including the outlet in the Eastgate Shopping Centre, has defended its slogan.

Philip Toomey, spokesman for the company, said it should be looked at in association with the picture in the background - a man asleep, while his friends play pranks on him.

He said: “It is about young lads playing pranks on each other - it is meant in a totally light hearted way.

“We have carried out research with a panel of our customers, which are 12 to 24 year old guys and girls and so we are confident that this would not upset our customers.

“We launched this campaign two weeks ago in our stores across the UK and also on social media and on our website.

“I sat on the panel and that thought never crossed my mind.

“The sentiment behind it is supposed to be fun and jokey between friends.

“This is the only complaint we have received on this. If there is a swell of dissatisfaction then we may look at it again.”

Jason Robinson, centre manager of the Eastgate Shopping Centre said: “We monitor everything that goes on display within the Eastgate Shopping Centre and are aware of the campaign in question.

“If we see anything problematic, such as something that could be taken out of context, then of course we react accordingly.

“With regards to the Blue Inc poster, we feel that this is a light hearted campaign surrounding pranks among friends and don’t feel it can be taken out of context.”

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