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Is this one of Gloucester's bravest girls?

By CitizenNews  |  Posted: August 23, 2014

Adelaide Yasmin Vorajee has faced more than 50 hospital trips and is still short of her third birthday. Dad Hussain said it wouldnt have been possible without the hardwork and skill of NHS staff.

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SHE may only be a few months short of her third birthday but Adelaide Yasmin Vorajee is already a strong contender for Gloucester’s bravest girl.

The two-year-old has undergone some 11 operations and faced more than 50 trips to the hospital since she was born six weeks’ premature with a catalogue of health conditions.

For her father Hussain Vorajee and Latvian mother her progress and fighting spirit is special and something that would not have been possible without the dedication of the NHS.

He and his young family are now gearing up for yet another hospital visit over Adelaide Yasmin’s spina bifida, which means she cannot walk.

“When you hear doctors telling you to prepare for funerals and asking if we wanted to have an abortion, it’s something that as a parent you just don’t want to hear,” said Hussain.

“You think ‘why me – why do we have to go through this’. But everything has a point and I praise God she has pulled through.”

Hussain said his daughter is loved at Bristol’s St Michael’s and Frenchay Hospital, which was closed in June, as well as Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, where she has also been treated.

He said: “With the help from hospitals in Bristol and Gloucester and friends and families, Yasmin has pulled through so far and it’s amazing. We will always miss Frenchay, it was very special.

“I’ve had private healthcare which I use but NHS is as good but for free.

“They do amazing work. To look after children is not easy but to look after a child with so many different issues makes it even harder.”

He added: “It’s also a learning curve for the specialist doctors in Bristol and Gloucester.

“They have learnt a lot from Yasmin as they worked on her issues and the 11 ops she has had so far.”

Hussain thanked the Ronald McDonald House Charitiescorr, which provided accommodation for his family when Adelaide Yasmin was being treated – for conditions including blindness in one eye and excess fluid pressure in the brain – at hospitals in Bristol.

He said: “Ronald McDonald were an unbelievably big help because it’s not easy having a child in that position, and to have to drive to Bristol and back every day would have made it worse. To see her progress in life is something special for us. She is amazing.

“She speaks Latvian, English Arabic and can recite verses of the Quran by heart.

“It shows people should stay away from abortion. I would not change anything in the world about my daughter.”

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