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Could Gloucester prison look like this?

By The Citizen  |  Posted: January 19, 2013

THE FUTURE? Jeff Roberts, of Roberts Limbrick architects has produced this mock-up of what Gloucester Prison could look like if it was converted into offices.

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THIS is what Gloucester prison could look like after the inmates have moved out.

Leading city architect Jeff Roberts has drawn up this image of how the wings which have housed prisoners for around two centuries could be transformed for the future.

The boss of upmarket hotel chain Malmaison has expressed an interest in converting the jail into a hotel but it won't close until the end of March and it's future is unclear.

Mr Roberts, a director of Roberts Limbrick Architects, said it should be possible to transform the building, parts of which are Grade II Listed.

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"We sought to produce an image that suggested how a listed building like this might be made very current and exciting without damaging the original fabric and without fixing on a specific use," he said.

"The building could be used as a hotel, headquarters offices, enterprise offices for start up businesses, or an educational facility.

"I imagine that there will be pressure in the current climate to sell it to the private sector for alternative uses.

"Because the site is a complex of different types and ages of building, I think there will be a mix of new uses.

"A developer will seek to get the highest value uses that will suit the existing buildings and site and that will work in this location. The key to making it work for a private developer will be cost and value."

The Ministry of Justice's snap announcement that the 321-inmate jail will close at the end of March took many by surprise. Since then city leaders have mulled over its future, with a hotel a favourite.

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  • jeno2011  |  January 26 2013, 10:43AM

    Hi Tishwash I don't intend to carry on this conversation, simply to say that if a criminal wants firearms he will get them; and if he's incarcerated in an American super-prison style environment, miles from home where visits aren't possible, this MAY lead to the creation of violent criminals. Now, as I have worked in a prison service and had close dealings with inmates - who already feel this way - I think I'm qualified to comment.....DON'T YOU?

  • tishwash  |  January 23 2013, 5:22PM

    I don't get you at all. You haven't said anything that I've said ? Either way make prisons tougher and that will likely result in less chances of reoffending as people won't want to go back. We don't have mass murders and that's mostly due to the ability to bear arms in the U.K. being vastly more limited than the U.S.

  • jeno2011  |  January 23 2013, 1:48PM

    That's part of what I said, you silly man.

  • tishwash  |  January 22 2013, 6:00PM

    "Well tishwash, they are so feared that we see mass murders twice a month: or is it that you don't have a TV, radio or a brain? Ah, it'sa a brain!" Nice way to turn into a child during your comments ? America's population is a lot larger than the U.K. so more likely to see problems over there than over here, plus mix in the fact guns are more readily available over there, so yeah think before you comment ?

  • tishwash  |  January 21 2013, 6:50PM

    @jeno2011 prisons in America are feared, and that stops the mass majority re-offending, and it opens up places for those who really ought to be in prison.

  • CTFCScout  |  January 20 2013, 8:04PM

    Jeno, Well as long as the released violent psychopath rapes/murders a pleb family, then Call Me Dave and his cronies will be sleeping soundly in their mansions at night.

    |   2
  • jeno2011  |  January 20 2013, 4:32PM

    Instead of an hotel at great cost, why not a habitable prison to reabilatate convicts and make society a better place to live? After all that was its intended fuction for over 200 years and it worked very well until the mean Governments of recent years cut spending. The place went down hill thereafter. They think they're saving money, but how much more will it cost society in the long run? American super prisons are evil places, rife with gang warfare, drugs and degradation that ultimately releases violent offenders back onto the streets who may not have been violent before.

    |   1
  • Walker100  |  January 20 2013, 4:07PM

    Could Gloucester prison look like this?...................No, is the very simple answer. The cell doors are narrow and set into thick brick walls. To open it up in the way this image represents would mean that the physical strength of the wall and floors would be too diminished, even with huge strengthening lintels.

  • CTFCScout  |  January 20 2013, 3:26PM

    Bishop, they won't because they are biased. TiG wants this to happen - it doesn't want the Prison Museum, nor office blocks, nor flats, nor for the land and car park behind the prison to become used as the new ground for Gloucester City. In their eyes it HAS to be a hotel.

    |   2
  • Glos_Lad34  |  January 19 2013, 1:01PM

    Forget about turning it into a hotel turn it into a prison museum like Dartmoor and who in the mind would go to a hotel that used to be a hotel for £300 a night.

    |   4