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Gloucester mum's dream for bigger breasts being made reality by men around the world

By The Citizen  |  Posted: April 14, 2014

Angelina Barton

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FOR many women, choosing cosmetic surgery is a very private decision.

But thousands of cash-strapped ladies are using a website to talk to men in return for money towards their surgery.

Mother-of-two Angelina Barton, from Kingsway, is among them.

She spends four to eight hours every day chatting to men on the site.

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She has been using the site for four years in a bid to raise $6,980 to enlarge her breasts from a AA to DD cup.

“I have always been insecure about my breasts,” said Angelina, 34, who lives with her husband Clive and daughter Phoenix, nine.

“As a teenager I would go to bed and wish that I would wake up with bigger breasts. I have tried to save the money for implants but then the fridge breaks or the car has to go to the garage and the surgery becomes less of a priority. Having breast implants would give me the confidence I never had.”

Angelina talks to dozens of men a week and receives a dollar for every message she receives.

Men can also give one-off donations to girls of their choice.

“I have gained real friendships and use it as an outlet to socialise and talk about my problems,” said Angelina, who also has son Cheyenne, 17. “The men know everything about me.

“My husband understands.

“He loves me the way I am but he knows it is an issue for me.”

Angelina has raised $832 through the messaging system and $4,535 in one-off donations with one generous donor giving her $1,500.

Angelina said men often ask for more than just conversation and that some girls are able to quickly raise the money they need by obliging.

“That’s not what it is about for me,” she said. “I am one of the longest members on the site but some girls raise the money within months by doing more for donations.

“This surgery means the world to me.”

Angelina needs just over $1,600 to reach her target.

Once the money is raised she will go to a clinic of her choice for the surgery.


WOMEN create a profile with photos detailing why they want a breast augmentation and why they can’t afford it.

Men, called ‘benefactors’ then buy ‘chat credits’ which allow them to talk to girls through private messages or face-to-face via webcams.

The women accumulate a dollar in their accounts for every message they receive.

Benefactors also have the option to make larger donations to women of their choice.


Breast implant surgery is the most common type of cosmetic surgery carried out on women in the UK and the average cost is between £4,000 and £5,000.

Two types of breast implants are commonly used - silicone gel implants, available as a liquid, a gel or a solid form similar to plastic, and saline (sterile salt water) implants.

After the incision, the implant is positioned between the breast tissue and chest muscle, or behind the chest muscle.

Once the implants are in place, the incision is stitched and covered with a dressing.

Following surgery, areas of the breasts will feel more or less sensitive than before.

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  • NotThis  |  April 15 2014, 11:13PM

    Just the sort of person I'd prefer moved back to the forest where they belong.

  • tomvonforest  |  April 15 2014, 3:46PM

    I advise people to hit the 'report' button and report this as spam - I have!

  • MentalBeaver  |  April 15 2014, 2:34PM

    This story is two weeks too late.

  • IsitJimKerr  |  April 15 2014, 12:01PM

    How very, very sad.

  • Kay_Powell  |  April 14 2014, 10:54PM

    What an excellent use for the front page of our local newspaper. I just want to say well done, chaps. BTW, just above the comment box at this very moment is one of those recommended external sites - "Top 10 Worst Plastic Surgery Botch-Ups". Ironic , or what?

    |   -23
  • Aletheia  |  April 14 2014, 10:34PM

    If there is one thing that is an extremely unattractive quality in women it is their enormous vanity.

  • Mudbox  |  April 14 2014, 10:26AM

    I can see why the Tories wanted to remove housing benefit from the under 25s now....

  • SmlngAssassin  |  April 14 2014, 10:21AM

    Who else realised immediately that this was the same scam report that often appears in the comments section - I thought I'd leave it a few hrs before posting this though as I thought most wouldn't. Bit worry for the citizen though that their site is getting hacked, although given this is a well used format used by several media I'd have thought they could solve it. To be fair, the scammers have used the same poor editorial technique as the citizen.

  • rednef1  |  April 14 2014, 9:54AM

    Perhaps you could contact me to explain why my comments have been removed twice! This a disgrace and you should expect to be criticised for this shameful advertising.

  • rednef1  |  April 14 2014, 9:51AM

    This is disgraceful. The Citizen giving a headline to what amounts to prostitution. What's really worrying is the number of vulnerable females who are now aware of this "opportunity".