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Gloucester Rugby: Rob Cook - We must come out firing against Munster

By The Citizen  |  Posted: January 07, 2014

Rob Cook insists Gloucester must hit theground running against Munster

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ROB Cook has urged Gloucester to put aside the pain of Saturday’s loss to Saracens and come out firing against Munster.

The Cherry and Whites are still seething following their hammering at the hands of league leaders Saracens.

But while the full-back admits the performance was hugely disappointing he insists Gloucester cannot let the black cloud hang over them and must focus on their European day of destiny with Munster.

Cook said: “Nothing went to plan and fair play to Saracens, they kept the ball in the right areas and every time they got into the 22 they came away with points.

“Their kick chase is one of the best we have come up against, they put a lot of pressure on the person catching the ball, had good line speed in defence and we didn’t deal with it.

“If you look at the last four games, they were massive games and while we let ourselves down in the second game against Edinburgh we picked up wins against Worcester and Irish to give ourselves a bit of breathing space.

“We had a massive opportunity against Saracens and we blew it. They were very professional and have a lot of confidence and it shows.

“But we just have to pull ourselves together and work hard this week. It’s another massive opportunity for us and we will be all guns blazing.”

Gloucester sit second in Pool Six, five points adrift of the Irish province ahead of Saturday’s clash at Kingsholm.

A victory would level affairs ahead of the final round trip to Perpignan, while a defeat would end the Cherry and Whites hopes of reaching the Heineken Cup knockout stages.

Nigel Davies’ men have been chronically short of confidence and have won just four competitive fixtures on their home patch this season.

But Cook insists there is no reason why Gloucester cannot upset the odds to keep their European hopes alive.

He added: “We have two massive opportunities and just have to go out and show what we can do.

“They’re a very good side but hopefully Kingsholm will be rocking and we can give them a good show. If we can get a win we’re right up there in Europe.

“We have Perpignan away in the final game and you just never know what French teams will be like at that stage of the season. We’re confident and I don’t see why we can’t win.

“We know Munster are a physical side but we know we can match it and will give it a really good go. We need to get momentum, confidence and to start playing rugby.”

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  • StanFromGIaws  |  January 09 2014, 12:10AM

    Laugh at the clueless Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn hating multi-identity RENT-A-QUOTE troll, Walker100b. In trying to pretend to be a Gloucester Rugby supporter (he most definitely isn't) he spouted his nonsense about Lorenzo Cittadini being on his way to Gloucester, trying to make out that he had an inside line into the club. What a total loser Walker100b is!

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  • sean_bulling  |  January 09 2014, 12:08AM

    Laugh at the brain-dead Gloucester Rugby hating multi-ID RENT-A-QUOTE troll Walker100b who can't make up his simple mind as to whether to pretend to be a Gloucester Rugby supporter or not. The fact is, he is a clueless idiot who knows absolutely nothing about Gloucester Rugby or rugby union. In fact, he knows so little about anything that it comes as no surprise that his daily routine includes a visit to the job centre.

    |   9
  • Siglaws  |  January 09 2014, 12:05AM

    Harden has proved time and time again, why he is the number one tight head at Gloucester and why the sad lonely old Gloucester Rugby hating multi-ID RENT-A-QUOTE troll Walker100b aka gloslover-not/dumbanddumber20/dopey-lerone, is so clueless about any aspect of rugby union.

    |   9
  • Sandy622  |  January 08 2014, 11:42PM

    Harden is the number 1 tight head at Gloucester Rugby. If the sad lonely old mad and multi-ID RENT-A-QUOTE troll Walker100b aka gloslover-not/dumbanddumber20/dopey-lerone, ever gets to a Gloucester Rugby game he could see that for himself but he never goes to any games because the matron at his home never lets him out, so he spends all his lonely hours on the net trolling. He doesn't even support Gloucester anyway.

    |   9
  • Roon77  |  January 08 2014, 11:39PM

    I love the way, week after week, that Rupҽrt Hardҽn plants a great big dollop of egg on the face of the the multi-ID RENT-A-QUOTE troll Walker100b/Django-d/gloslover-not/dumbanddumber20/dopey-lerone/bikeshed etc. (whichever one he thinks he is today). The troll wouldn't know a decent tight-head if he was slapped around the head by one, though he would enjoy the experience immensely.

    |   9
  • Conran_Selby  |  January 08 2014, 11:37PM

    A troll is a troll and the multi-ID RENT-A-QUOTE troll Walker100b, who also posts his dull nonsense under the identities of gloslover-not/dumbanddumber20/dopey-lerone, is a clueless Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn hating troll who has no idea where Kingsholm is because he doesn't even support Gloucester Rugby, He has no idea about rugby union either as he loves watching wendyball.

    |   9
  • StanFromGIaws  |  January 08 2014, 11:34PM

    Laugh at the clueless Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn multi-ID RENT-A-QUOTE troll Walker100b. He wouldn't know his ȧrse from his elbow. Harden is a superb player and rightly Gloucester Rugby's first choice in the No. 3 shirt.

    |   9
  • sean_bulling  |  January 08 2014, 11:30PM

    Laughing at the clueless Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn hating RENT-A-QUOTE multi-troll Walker100b aka gloslover-not/dopey-lerone/bikeshed/dumbanddumber20 pretending that he knows anything about rugby or that he is remotely interested in Gloucester Rugby. He is getting so upset because his "partner" has sprung a leak and Halfords isn't open so that he can get a puncture repair kit. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    |   9
  • Sandy622  |  January 08 2014, 11:28PM

    The useless Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn hating RENT-A-QUOTE multi-troll Walker100b aka dopey-lerone/dumbanddumber20 is upset because he has been found out using another of his Gloucester Rugby hating troll identities. Now he is on his big-baby anti-Rupҽrt Hardҽn mega-rant just because Harden has proved him so wrong time after time with his brilliant displays of tight head rugby.

    |   9
  • Siglaws  |  January 08 2014, 11:26PM

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Laugh at the useless Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn hating RENT-A-QUOTE multi-troll Walker100b aka shedheadNEVER aka gloslover-not or DumbAndDumber20 or dopey_lerone if he prefers. He is soooo upset that he has been found out with his latest identity. He knows absolutely nothing about rugby union, sat in his sad home for sad lonely old men.

    |   9