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GL1 personal trainer Matthew Cornwall, 28, rebuilding life after heroin and crack cocaine conviction

By The Citizen  |  Posted: March 27, 2014

Matthew Cornwall

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A FITNESS trainer caught with heroin and crack cocaine after a police chase has been landed with a £3,000 bill by a judge.

Matthew Cornwall, 28, was fined £2,000 with a further £1,000 costs following his conviction by a jury last month on charges of possessing the drugs,

Imposing the fine Judge Jamie Tabor QC said he believed Cornwall was actually involved in drug dealing in Tewkesbury at the time of his arrest.

But he said Cornwall had not been charged with that or convicted of it so he had to deal with him purely for possession.

Cornwall, formerly of Laburnum Road, Gloucester, but now living in Quedgeley, works at the gym at GL1 and has set up his own business as a personal trainer, Gloucester Crown Court was told.

At Cornwall's trial Judge Tabor criticised the Crown Prosecution Service for not charging him and two other men with conspiracy to supply drugs

Cornwall had been arrested when police pursued his car through Tewkesbury after an off duty officer suspected drug dealing was being done in the vehicle.

But the prosecution decided only to charge Cornwall with simple possession of heroin and crack cocaine found on the driver's seat when the car was stopped.

Cornwall denied possession of £160 worth of crack cocaine and £60 worth of heroin on February 15 last year.

"He is extremely lucky that he and the others were not charged with conspiracy to supply," said Judge Tabor.

The jury heard how off duty policeman Mike Ahearn was parking his car in East Street Tewkesbury that afternoon when a Vauxhall Astra parked immediately behind him,

The officer could see in his mirror that £20 notes were being passed by one man in the car to another - and a brown envelope was handed over.

Pc Ahearn was sure he was witnessing a drug transaction so he called police and patrol cars turned up. The Astra drove away and was signalled to stop but did not do so and there was then a short chase.

Pc Ahearn assisted with the chase in his own vehicle and the Astra was stopped in Chance street and the three occupants were arrested.

During the chase Cornwall was seen to be putting something under his bottom on his driver's seat.

Stephen Thomas, defending, handed the court a letter from Cornwall. He said it showed that Cornwall was now a lot more mature than he had been a year ago.

He also pointed out Cornwall has not been in trouble since last February and is proud that he is now building his own personal training business.

Told that Cornwall had given a lift to two old school friends on the day of the offence and did not know what they were up to the judge retorted "I don't believe that. I think he knew precisely what they were doing."

Mr Thomas said Cornwall, who has a four-year-old daughter, moved in with his partner in Quedgeley last year and had a lot going for him.

Imposing the fines, Judge Tabor said "I don't want to see you again."

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  • pimodel  |  March 28 2014, 10:15AM

    BTW, what I was suggesting that if there were BAME jurors they would know not all black Folk are drug dealers and not judge by their appears.

  • pimodel  |  March 28 2014, 10:14AM

    BTW, what I was suggesting that if there were BAME jurors they would know not all black Folk are drug dealers and not judge by their appears.

    |   2
  • pimodel  |  March 28 2014, 10:07AM

    Citon, why is my comment racist? I agree a criminal is a criminal whatever the background. However, we are talking about equality, if people are from different back grounds then there is the lack of understanding and the stereo typing. E.g. stop and search, all Black Males labelled as drug dealers if the have a nice car, a group of Black people standing on a corner the wider community get scarred. So, if you have 12 white jurors who have never mixed with the BAME community they will go off the stereo typing and Myths that is put out there. I know I have been a jurors and it bordered on racism what was said in deliberation because of that very lack of understanding. So to sum up no matter what the charge if you are black or white if you should get six months or a fine then make sure it the same no matter what the colour. You will find that statistics show this is not the case especially in Gloucestershire.

    |   2
  • citon  |  March 28 2014, 7:06AM

    That I consider racist. A criminal is a criminal, black, white, green or blue with yellow stripes. Or are you suggesting that all black folk are drug dealers and so would be more sympathetic to his crimes?

    |   8
  • pimodel  |  March 27 2014, 11:10PM

    As per usual people who don't know the full story having a lot to say. There were three then there was one. All white police Um!! All white court in this day and age um!! What about being judged by your peers???? And they say this is a multi cultural city.

    |   -5
  • Patman14  |  March 27 2014, 9:38PM

    what a joke this country is!!.he's obviously involved in supply, even the judge says so, and the police don't charge him with it!! And a 3 grand fine which will most likely easily be paid through his illegal proceeds. bet the guys running scared now!! And we're now to believe he's a changed man, yeah right!!..... COMPLETE JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    |   7
  • GlosAnarchy  |  March 27 2014, 10:36AM

    citon have to agree with you on that one, QwertyOS Yep it will now be reported on a basic Disclosure and Barring Service search BUT it will be up to GL1 to request a new check as they have no expiry and are only valid when issued!

    |   -22
  • QwertyOS  |  March 27 2014, 9:36AM

    Is this the same person who throw a wobbler at Quedgeley Tesco`s last week and threatened his partner over the phone because she would not give him a lift. Personal trainer? would you let him in your home? Can we take it he is no longer working at GL1 because of his conviction and subsequent CRB invalidation?

    |   9
  • citon  |  March 27 2014, 9:02AM

    Not been in trouble or not been caught?

    |   7